The False Masculine Trick: The Punishing God

False masculine

By Cathy Eck


Adam and Eve

The key myth that pervades western religious thinking is Adam and Eve.  After their little apple incident, they were punished.  We’re erroneously left with the impression that Eve was completely to blame.  Poor victim Adam got dragged down with her.  We accept that God has the right to reward and punish them forever.  Welcome to the illusion!

The story appears to be about men and women, our ancestors.  After a talk on a cruise ship, a man told me that he traced his entire ancestry back to Adam and Eve.  He gave me a copy.  He was Mormon; he’ll believe anything.  He also told me that his friend was chosen to sacrifice himself for the Mormons; he died shortly after.  He thought his friend was special.  I would’ve labeled him gullible.

Like this man, we get tricked into believing illusions — stories that make God into a supernatural he-man.  He has a man cave extraordinaire in the clouds with a golden throne; he sits around all fucking day judging, punishing, cursing, and envying his crappy little minions.  People became afraid of this God because he told leaders to kill their enemy.  Their emotions should have told them their leader was lying, but we all make the same error when terrorized.  We get psychologically reversed to obey false Gods and false leaders.  We think they’re powerful when in truth they’re very weak; that’s why they’re lying.  Dah!

In time, Adam and Eve’s story became so incredibly powerful and widely accepted that no one questioned it.  We look at the world and see people hating, judging, and punishing in the name of God; we don’t realize that religious beliefs are the cause because we think religion has the truth (at least our religion does).  When people worship a false God of hate, judgment, and reward and punishment, they become that.  Then they cover what they’ve become with a mask.

You might say, “Holy shit, this false God guy actually sounds like my parents.”   We tend to construct our false God in the image and likeness of our parents.  Mom and dad are both masculine roles to children.  Moses did this too.  He projected his false God out on his followers, but his God was really his mom and dad inside of his own mind.  People become the same sort of authority they learned from as children.  Bullies have already been bullied.

If we realize that our parent’s judgments, ridiculous disciplinary measures, and lack of trust in our True Self was false, we let ourselves off the hook.  We don’t say our parents did the best they could.  We recognize that they were tricked; we no longer believe them.  We no longer accept their judgment or punishment.  We’re no longer limited by their false thinking.  Their imaginary role in our life loses its false power.


Masculine and Feminine 

Adam and Eve isn’t about a man and woman.  It’s a story about roles.  This story replaced the original purpose of our false self, which was to hold information and short-term beliefs necessary for creation.  Now our false self holds the template for false roles that support a blindly obedient society where the majority function as slaves in support of few elite.

We now accept that the masculine role has the right to judge, punish, curse, and envy without the natural punishment of feeling emotions.  We feel no emotion when we think, say, or do something false once we hold false beliefs as the truth.

This created the psychological reversal extraordinaire that causes people to believe religion (it isn’t a gene).  A normal person, without this reversal, would feel emotion when they judge, suicidal when they punish or curse, and sad when they envy another.  They’d avoid the false masculine role because it’s too damn emotionally painful.  But avoiding the masculine causes us to get stuck in the feminine role with no way out — the double bind (catch 22).  It sucks.  The illusion offers no exit to freedom.  It doesn’t hold the possibility of the True Self because the True Self is the natural blend of the masculine and feminine (God and Goddess).

As people let go, they no longer believe authority figures.  They view them as false, not powerful.  They realize that feeling emotion (honoring their feminine) when a leader speaks means the leader is speaking false; they don’t obey them.  Eventually, they boot out religion’s false God and Moses; they can’t worship false leadership.

They move naturally into the masculine role.  But, they must catch their own false God within, or they will become the false masculine they hated.  Most people have an inner false masculine who’s very accomplished at projection.  We don’t realize when we’re in the false masculine role because we feel relief from leaving the feminine role.  We think we’re our True Self.  We’re not!

This is why it’s so hard for people to get free.  The false masculine feels a lot better than the oppressed feminine role; but it isn’t freedom.  It’s what creates teachers, preachers, inspirational speakers, and gurus.  They believe that if everyone thought like them, the world would be perfect.  The True Self wants everyone to be themselves.  The True Self doesn’t want followers.  The psychological reversal of the false masculine causes us not to feel emotions when judging, rewarding and punishing, or envying others.  The false masculine thinks it’s right when it’s false.  In fact, the false masculine hates the True Self because truth exposes it.  The truth sets us free of the false masculine!

When we understand this, we understand Jesus words on the cross, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  The false masculine has no idea it’s projecting.  On the cross means stuck in the feminine role; some people spend their entire life on the cross as martyrs or victims.  The false God loves a good sacrifice; it’s his entertainment while he smokes his cigar, drinks his brew, and counts his money on his golden throne.

8 thoughts on “The False Masculine Trick: The Punishing God

  1. Malcolm says:

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    Malcolm franks’

    • Cathy says:

      Well Malcolm I don’t know what that has to do with my blog other than Mr. Escangopriest is a great example of a con artist (false masculine) and you are a very gullible person who so believes him that you think that love spell got her back. Hopefully, your wife is a wise woman and one day she will realize that it took a skanky priest to make her husband into a man. You won’t be manful anymore. Cathy

  2. Gidgie says:

    “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  
    This one has been a big struggle for me. When I hear that “they know not” part, it brings me back to being at daycare surrounded by babies doing stuff that pissed me off, only to be shut up with the response, “they don’t know any better”. That phrase always pissed me off. I thought, “so what!? It doesn’t make their actions any less wrong! That drooly little brat threw a toy at my head and it fucking hurt!”

    Aside from judging the baby as a “brat” and “wrong”, I think what really pissed me off was how they were excused for their behavior. I was punished for doing things that people didn’t like. I wasn’t let off the hook, so why the hell should I let anyone else off!? I was simply holding people to the standards that I was held to.

    I’ve caught myself a few times criticizing others for their illusions. Phil’s comment about seeing flaws in others that are actually within one’s self hit home for me. Just the other day, I was trying to figure out why I find crying babies so annoying.

    Then I remembered how my dad treated me when I cried. He’d say things like “I’ll give you something to cry about!” (You already did, asshole…) or “what are you crying for!?”, as if I was just crying for no reason. Or my personal favorite, “stop sniffling!” It was ridiculous how something as little as sniffling bothered him. Then it hit me.

    He always treated me like I was the bad person for crying. The way he treated me when I cried taught me that I had no good reason for crying, I was annoying for crying, and deserved more punishment for crying. Basically, I wasn’t raised to respond positively to emotions.

    • Cathy says:

      Ah Gidget, makes so much sense. We don’t realize how we become those who shaped our mind. Now you know what to let go and I know you will. Love Cathy

  3. Stephanie Butler says:

    yeah, very timely article I was just thinking of these things, especially the cultural template that is the Adam and Eve genesis story. I think one sign of false masculine is endlessly trying to persuade people of your point of view. I notice this on this message board that I post on, where people will argue for hours about some esoteric point – in their minds they’re both right and trying to “save” the other person or something. sometimes I get stuck in this cycle but then I step back and realize that I am projecting my version of this person and their argument. that we actually agree on the same belief, we’re just standing on opposite sides of it, and if I let go of this belief I really don’t feel the need to argue anymore. and it almost seems rude to try and tell someone how to think or what to feel, even if its not what I think or what I feel.

    • Cathy says:

      For sure Stephanie. You can really see that one in the world, especially in politics where people will argue something forever. The whole saving idea comes from religion, in many ways. As we let go, we realize that another person’s beliefs affect them, not us. At least that is how this world was designed. So they can think whatever they want. It is the belief that another’s beliefs affect us that causes that to happen. Thanks for commenting. Love, Cathy

  4. Phil says:

    I spent most of my life thinking that man cave up in the heavens would be so damn awesome…not to mention so comfortable in those big comfy clouds. I think that detail right there gave it away for me; was I in a cartoon? Comfy clouds?!

    Ever since starting this journey, its been a battle to get out of that feminine role and just like you said it, I felt so free when I got out of it. Little did I know, I tried to battle with other people telling them what to see and that life didn’t have to be so tough…yeah, that sucked as well – especially when someone tricked me back into believing something false.

    Like you said, getting to freedom is so damn tough because once we hit that false masculine we really do feel free. I’ve had the best practice to watch this…I’ve been watching old TV series and shows and watch what I think of each person. I listen to them and hear myself say things like ‘they just don’t get it’ or ‘they are so angry’….feeling no emotion. Then I turn it on myself. If I see this in people, it is in myself. I ask myself why I am angry or why I don’t get it and now I’m truly freeing myself.

    Crazy to think the process really is about living as a triangle. Can’t just clean up one bottom corner before you can be at the top – nope, gotta clean up the whole thing! Thanks for the awesome article as always!

    Love Phil

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for your comment Phil. Yes it is hard to describe how the false masculine trips us up until we’ve been there. Love, Cathy

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