The Evolution of Projection and How We Escape Its Grip

alchemical marriage

By Cathy Eck 


Understanding Projection

Many people today feel as though they’re stuck in someone’s illusory projection.  They’re more aware of their thoughts, and their life doesn’t seem congruent with their thinking.  This was what set me on this path two decades ago.  We recognize that someone or something else is producing our reality — but who or what?

People attribute this phenomenon to God, aliens, or evil spirits.  But they’re wrong; you discover this as you let go.  The beliefs that keep our lives small and powerless come from other humans — our past and current authority figures — our trusted family and friends.

While a strong masculine mind can change intentions and beliefs and get results quickly.  One with a more receptive, feminine mind attempts the same change of mind without results.    This is why so many people needlessly suffer in the world today.  They’ve given their minds to gurus, friends, doctors, parents, and political, religious, or social leaders in exchange for false beliefs.  They don’t know how to escape.


The Mind’s Original Design

The first humans lived in paradise because the masculine and feminine within their own mind worked together as one unit.  The masculine aspect set intentions, created logical organization, and held memories or beliefs.  The feminine part received wisdom, ideas, and inspiration.  Each person’s mind was a separate container that worked like a well-oiled creation machine.

But then, life got more complex as humans became aware of others and wanted to co-create.  They formed tribes and groups; they chose leaders.  Roles were invented.  Men stepped into the masculine roles and women into the feminine.  Men set intentions, rules (or beliefs), and provided leadership.  Women received the wisdom and inspiration to fulfill those intentions.  Together they were a dynamic pair.

But later on, men started setting intentions that weren’t from their True Self (not win-win).  Men wanted power, which required other men to submit to them.  Men now played feminine roles, like slave or warrior.

The divine feminine couldn’t offer wisdom to the false masculine for the purpose of enslaving another or fighting a war.  Thus the wise, creative Goddess within became silent and was replaced by the emotional bitch or witch who wanted the masculine authorities to let go of their false desires, beliefs, and intentions.

Belief systems were created by false authorities to serve their selfish intentions.  When people in feminine roles rebelled or emoted their disapproval, they were branded heretics, traitors, or just plain evil.  In time, people came to see the illusion as the truth and paradise was sent into the clouds.

Emotions got in the way of false authority; so they became socially unacceptable.  People learned to suppress their emotions in order to survive.  The masculine got further and further out of control without the feminine to tame it.


Projection From the False Masculine

We’re designed to project our minds into the world for creative purposes.  But projection creates hell on earth when it comes from a false masculine.  The false masculine projects beliefs onto others and calls them right or true.  Fear, deception, reward and punishment, and manipulation are all ways of tricking people into submission so they will ignore the truth and obey a false ruler’s illusion.

Our innocent feminine mind is naturally trusting and receptive — it doesn’t expect someone to lie.  Humans trusted false authority out of innocence, goodness, and fear.  We started accepting beliefs that our inner Goddess never would have accepted.  These beliefs weren’t win-win, generated emotion, and didn’t inspire feminine creativity and wisdom.  Once accepted the beliefs got stuck in our minds since we didn’t know how to let them go.  We were trapped in someone else’s projected illusion.  Our thoughts became worthless.

We internalized false authority.  It often appears as a kindly good voice, our conscious, or a guardian spirit.  It can appear to be a calling.  But it’s the false masculine or Satan of the apocalypse; he exists in our mind until we let him go.  He’s the composite false voice of all the authority figures that we’ve believed in the past.  He tells us what to do, how to behave, and what is true.  Everything he says is a lie.  We know deep inside that he’s lying because when he speaks we feel the Goddess emote.  But we’re afraid to challenge him because we believe he has the power to harm us.  We fear he might be right.

He guards the gateway to our freedom.  It feels like we have no power over him, but that is the biggest lie of all.  He’s just a mental illusion that we project into our world.


Resurrecting the Goddess

The good-evil illusion has gone on for thousands of years because we silenced our inner Goddess.  When our Goddess emoted showing us that our God was false, we silenced her to please authorities.  Now we must resurrect her and allow her to lead us to freedom.  We must feel her emotional energy again.

We must get honest and take responsibility for the thoughts and beliefs in our minds — we did borrow them from others.  When the Goddess says that a belief is false, we must trust her and let the belief go.  We must let go of authorities and experts that we follow blindly.  We must stop making others superior to us and start trusting our own inspiration.

Eventually, we reclaim our minds, our power, and our lives — no one can project their beliefs on us ever again because our Goddess sees, hears, and feels right through them.  She signals us when we need to let go.

We return to living from our True Self.  We now have a God-like masculine mind that thinks only thoughts that work for everyone; our Goddess is wise and creative once again.  We have come full circle and are born again.  This was called the alchemical marriage.  It is the key to paradise — the gateway to gold.




Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on and