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About the Category Labeled “Comments”

I have hundreds of real questions and comments from the original version of the Gold Circle along with my responses. I thought that many of them would be useful to people who are just getting started with initiation. Bear in mind that my replies were designed to expose false and to disrupt the commenter’s false thinking. They signed up for the Gold Circle in order to get free; so I was kind but often quite direct. I wasn’t there to soothe their wounds. I was pushing everyone toward freedom.

In the comments, I’ve not used anyone’s name. Often I changed their first name or used their handle in order to protect their identity. But I didn’t want to use initials or something vague like “questioner” because I want you to realize that these were real people. I want you to be able to stand in their shoes and let go with them. It’s nice to have company on the path of initiation.

When we do not use our minds as designed, we get whatever we pay attention to. At some point, I told everyone in the Gold Circle to check out the comments because they might find them valuable. Prior to mentioning that, I got an occasional spam comment. I’d always delete it, and so no one noticed them. But then, one spam comment caught someone’s eye before I deleted it. They commented on it, and others noticed it. In fact, it became a conversation; and then, we got more and more spam comments. This was a demonstration of false manifesting. One of the biggest lessons of initiation is that the illusion appears very real, but it’s false.

People love the idea of visualization and saying affirmations when they think about manifesting their desires, but once our mind is programmed to manifest in that way, it does that for everything…even spam comments. In truth, thought was not meant to be used for manifestation. Our mind works perfectly and effortlessly when we live from inspiration. Thinking is a very slow and laborious way of fulfilling our desires. It’s part of the fake God’s curse of hard work.

Thinking and speaking were meant to be first-cause communication, like “Do you want to go to dinner?” Would like ice in your drink?” Like everything within the illusion, new ways of using one’s mind start out good; but at some point, they always turn out badly. Then someone comes up with another illusory way to use our minds. We all keep adding to our minds, so they keep becoming more complex. Only letting go takes us back to the simple, natural, and true way of using our minds. 

If you see or hear something, and it doesn’t feel good, it’s being created from beliefs, which include rules, second-cause knowledge, and memories. Your thought is contributing to that situation. That’s why you felt emotion. Now people can say, “But Cathy. I don’t have a website, you do.” Yes, that’s a physical fact. But if a comment on my website bothered you, that tells you something about your mind. You need to look at why that comment bothered you. Look at what you were thinking when you read that comment. Generally, you were either judging that commenter; or you feared that the commenter’s cooties could jump into your mind. Just let go of whatever you were thinking or read.

Gateway to gold is a microcosm of the macrocosm that we call life. Everything I write on No Labels No Lies and Gateway to Gold offers you a chance to let go before you encounter similar problems or suffering in your life. It’s much easier to let go regarding a spam comment than your mother’s annoying habits. If we let go when someone says or writes something that bothers us, we make it possible for us to avoid such a problem in the future; and we make it easier for the person who is stuck to get free. Letting go is ALWAYS win win for all. 

Initiation is like nothing you’ve ever done before; so you can’t bring other techniques or practices into initiation and be successful. Everything from your past that was fueling and sustaining the illusion must be eliminated from your mind in order for you to get completely free. Of course, you get to decide how free you want to be. You alway have free will. But if you don’t let go, you don’t get to blame me or the people who wrote the comments for your emotions.

We have to remind ourselves during initiation that the word belief has the word lie in it for a reason. All beliefs are second cause; so is most knowledge. Also, most labels are second-cause; and therefore, they’re lies too. We need first-cause labels like milk, dog, or chair. Those labels are useful for communication. We don’t need second-cause labels like ugly, sinner, moral, or enlightened. If we label a chair “ugly,” we’ve moved into second cause. Judging anything takes us deeper into the illusion. We can have preferences about anything, but judgments are never true. If we don’t like a chair, we should get rid of it or not buy it. We don’t need to tell others that they should not like the chair.

With everything I write, I push you to let go; but I cannot let go for you. I cannot fix your mind, and neither can anyone else. The purpose of everyone’s life IS initiation; it’s the choice to return our mind to what it was initially before we fell into the illusion. Initiation is an individual game; and we all want it that way. In the end, we want to say, “Damn I did this myself.  I am the master of my mind.  I am a creator.” At that point, I’ll just be a fond memory…a really good friend and ally who gave you whatever you needed (but not necessarily what you thought you wanted at times) to get free.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.