Past, Present, and Future: Living Beyond Second-Cause Time

So often people say that time is an illusion. That's not really true. They've gone too far. Time is meant to be first cause...a convenience. Sadly, people have made time into second cause. Second-cause thinking always manifests as an illusion.

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Initiation Isn’t Like Anything Else 

Occultists Hijacked the Language of the Initiates I often say on my blog that the occultists in power hijacked the language of initiation. What do I mean by that? Initiates…

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Moving from Bravery to Courage

People often view courage and bravery as the same. But they are very different. Courage is at the top of the triangle. Bravery is at the bottom opposite fear.

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The Three Steps

A few months ago, I brought up the Three-Steps for letting go on Facebook, and several people asked if I'd explain the Steps in a free article. The Three Steps…

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Luce: The Movie (and Clones) The Luce Official Trailer The movie “Luce” was released in 2019.  I saw it at a San Diego film festival event.  I wrote this article right after I saw…

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Our Life As A Story

I spent this weekend at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  I saw films I liked, one or two that were lousy, but one film was incredible.  It was called “Working…

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