Letting Go of Dreams, Visions, Nightmares, and Even Memories

Using Dreams to Let Go

By Cathy Eck


I’d recommend reading my earlier article on Dreams and Nightmares first.


Dreams, Visions, Nightmares, and Memories

In this post, I’ll walk you through a short example of finding the causal beliefs within your dreams, visions, nightmares, and memories.  The example I’m using was a clear vision that I had about twenty years ago during a reflexology session.  During that time, I was lost, depressed, my body ached all the time, and I was always exhausted — common symptoms for being trapped in another person’s illusion.  I feared going to a doctor, so I went to healers.  I needed and wanted someone to tell me how to let go.  But I wasn’t finding anyone.

As the reflexologist pushed on my feet, I suddenly smelled something like sulfur.  It was so strong that my eyes watered.  I mentioned this to the reflexologist, and she said, “It must be a message for you.  I don’t smell anything.”  Then she said, “I’m pushing on your heart area now…might be something about love.”  She told me to relax and see what popped into my mind, which was good advice.

I saw a young girl standing before a Nazi guard.  The girl was wearing a cute, ruffled blue dress and patent leather shoes.  Since my mom dressed me that way, I immediately identified with that character.

She was being led to the gas chamber.  That was the smell.   The little girl looked at the guard.  She smiled at him and said, “I still love you.”  I felt such peace and softness in my body; I felt unconditional love for this guard.  The guard pushed her into the gas chamber, and she died.  I was crying at this point — kind of wallowing in my sadness and victimhood.

She said I was releasing a past life, but I knew that I wasn’t letting go; I could see that my mind had already started to make conclusions about this vision like love isn’t enough.  I could see that we both wanted to turn my vision into a reason why I was powerless to change my life.  I was trying so hard to not allow that to happen.  I kept searching for a way to free myself from the vision.  But I didn’t know how to do that for many years.


The Cure

This vision was produced from my mind based on where I was at that time.  I eventually realized that the causal belief was that unconditional love was worthless currency on earth — it was not enough to make things right.  That was truly how I felt about my life.

Looking from the eyes of the guard, I could see another huge causal belief.  We have to obey authority — to do as we’re told.  Then I flipped back to the character of the girl.  I truly believed that authority was much more powerful than love.  Of course, these are common beliefs in the illusion — beliefs we all need to let go to be free.

After I discovered how to let go of beliefs, I could see that the belief, “Love is not enough” isn’t true.  I could see that the belief, authority has more power than love” was also a lie.  I could see that the whole damn vision was the product of my beliefs.  Do you see why it’s not helpful to call it a past life?  We don’t need to make it true.  Our past experiences are just the effect of the beliefs we held in mind at that time; they might be real, but they aren’t true.  When we live from truth, we won’t need to let go of beliefs anymore.

The vision showed me where my mind was at that time.  It showed me the beliefs that kept me trapped in an illusion.  To get free, I didn’t need to analyze the details or interpret symbols; it was all very straight forward.

Was I once this child killed in a Nazi concentration camp?  Who knows?  What’s key in that vision are the beliefs that would have caused me to be in such a situation.  After clearing those beliefs, I allowed the vision to replay from my current mental state.  I saw the girl look at the guard and say her words of love.  I felt the same purity.  He looked at her with a scowl and told her to go to the side of the gas chamber and wait for him.  He was still an obedient authority, but it didn’t matter.  I didn’t need to morph him into a saint.  She had the power because she had the real love.  I’d finally seen this vision from the perspective of the True Self.

Let me emphasize…I didn’t put love or positive thinking on top of my erroneous beliefs.  I simply let the beliefs go… they’re false.  The vision no longer bothered me; it existed like a dream…the illusion that it was.



The reflexologist helped me focus on my body; she triggered the place where the belief was stored.   But her helpfulness ended when she saw the vision as a reason for the way things were.  People often feel satisfied when they find the reason.  Sadly, most people don’t realize they can let go.  They sing “Let It Go” but don’t know how.  We can’t help another let go of their beliefs until we let go ourselves.

When we take any memory, vision, nightmare, or dream and see the causal beliefs that created it, notice our emotional feedback, and let those beliefs go completely, we experience something amazing — freedom.  The scene changes; we learn that without those beliefs, we could never have had those dreams, nor could we experience such a reality.  I find that amazing.  As we clean up our memories and nightmares in this way, we start to see a different world.  We feel safe without needing everyone else to behave or let go.  We realize that other people’s illusions would only affect their life if we didn’t believe them.

8 thoughts on “Letting Go of Dreams, Visions, Nightmares, and Even Memories

  1. Tina says:

    Okay, I think I’ve just seen something. This post is about dreams, not reality, but you did say we couldn’t experience it in reality either without beliefs. Anyway, I think it’s more important for me to wonder why I have ptsd and need social housing, rather than asking why the physical reality I have now is asking me for compliance. I have to go back further, to the beliefs that brought me to this point in my life, where I need to ask authority for what I could have got for myself if I was healthy. That’s where I can work on letting go of beliefs. 🙂 Sorry for rambling. I will read more and post less.

    • Cathy says:

      Yep Tina, you do see it. People don’t find this site who don’t already know this. So realize that.

      Also realize that PTSD is a label, and all labels are man-made words and all of them are false. So let that label go. From now on just notice that you have emotions in your body. And the emotions are because whatever you are thinking right now in this moment is false. Or if you are playing a scene over and over again, like a veteran often does, they would have to realize that they made an error in choice that got them into the military or that particular situation within the military. In this situation, the True Self doesn’t see an enemy, or the false self killed based on orders when the True Self can’t imagine killing or hating anymore. This creates a constant emotional flood that must be taken back to the cause. That is what causes the scene to play again and again. The mind is asking you to correct the choice you made, and that means giving up the benefits that you might get from that choice too. That’s why the question I ask most is what aren’t you willing to give up? That is what keeps people from freedom. But to take it further. Let’s say that you did have a horrible experience. Most of us have. But if you back into the thoughts before that and find the thought that caused you to make that choice and get in that situation, and you let it go. You’ll find that all the emotion goes away. The mind appears to hold on to the past, but it is really holding on to the beliefs that you’ve accepted until you let them go. When you let that belief go, you become a person who could never have made that choice; the initiates called this being reborn and religion took the word and fucked it up royally. And your mind is free of it all. I don’t know anything about your situation. But I’d go back to whatever the situation was that got you to be labeled what you call PTSD. I’d follow that emotion, what I call witnessing it (lots of help for that on this site…search emotions). When you witness an emotion, you hear beliefs. And all the beliefs you hear are false or if they were reality, they were a false reality that wasn’t meant to be part of your life. You have to recognize that your mind is holding on instead of letting go, and that can take some practice. Be patient with it. You are taking your mind from a dark place to a place of complete freedom. It doesn’t happen overnight. And because you do it, no one can take it from you. The experience that causes the emotion only got into your life because of beliefs you were taught were true. Let go of the beliefs. This can take time…days, months, years. But it is permanent. You will feel at peace if you take this all the way. For now, I’d appreciate the public assistance as it gives you time to free your mind. So I’d work on that. Then it will be easier to work on authority. Love, Cathy

  2. Tina says:

    This is a hard one for me and will take more reading, or more understanding on my part. We don’t have to obey authority? That’s not my experience right now. To get from homelessness to being allocated social housing I am having to only show ‘feminine’, as in ‘be sick enough to qualify, show us proof of your deservingness by humility and begging’. I do believe the authority is the one with the flat (apartment) and I have to play by their rules. I can hold unconditional love, but they hold all the physical, material cards.

    • Cathy says:

      The important thing is to never just take what I’ve said as fact because what I’ve written is based on years of letting go myself. I couldn’t imagine that authority didn’t have power when I started. Now it feels strange when a thought comes up that authority does have power. We have to let go of the beliefs that cause us to put ourselves below authority. And often we perceive that there are benefits like you mentioned that keep us below others.

      The most seductive example is to put ourselves below a judgmental God in order to get to a place that was fabricated in the minds of men who were great writers. That is how they such most people in. Once we obey a false authority, we’ll obey any false authority that promises to take care of us. But they don’t take care of us. They strip us of our power to take care of ourselves. So to get out of the authority trap is a long road. You take it one belief at a time. You might find my audio program on http://gatewaytogold.com helpful. It’s old but it starts at the basics. It is on the home page in the section called “Unlocking Heaven’s Gate.” Follow the instructions to get to the audio. Love, Cathy

    • Tina says:

      Cathy, thank you so much for your helpful responses. I can see that this should be possible, although it does feel a long way off and a lot of work away. I feel that this information is hugely important and wish everyone could find it who needs it. I was brought up by an atheist, so religion was no problem. but my abusive father held the place of that judgemental God, and I’ve put other men in that place since. I realise I’ve been searching for some authority figure I could trust (ha!) ever since, and even trying to find a religion I could stomach, rather than trusting in my own abilities and power. I’ll go look for the audio. Thanks again.

      • Cathy says:

        Your welcome Tina. That’s an insight worth a million bucks. You’ve been looking outside for what is inside. Your True Self is what you’ve been seeking. As you let go of what others taught you, and you remember that perfect relationship within, you won’t need a religion or a man in your life. That’s not to say, you won’t have relationships. But the man will have to earn the role as a true masculine. You won’t be hanging out with dicks. Be glad you didn’t find a religion you could stomach. It would have trapped you. Love, Cathy

        • Tina says:

          In case someone else comes along and reads the comments, I have to say that the audio you’ve provided is amazing and I recommend it to others. I’ve listened to 2 chapters twice already and I know I’ll have to go back and make notes. So much information in there.

          How we fool ourselves! I’m laughing at the bit about compassion. How wonderful I think I am with my empathy/sympathy! But that just keeps people stuck in their false beliefs about themselves. How KIND I think I am when I shed a tear for someone, haha! Ew. My internal parent (general) thinks being nice is the ‘The Law’.

          The media right now is manipulating and yanking on emotional strings so much, I can hardly stand it. Keeping us emoting and without knowing what that is actually telling us: what a con. Ah, I could ramble on but I mustn’t. It’s just surprising to see the possibilities here.

          No need to reply, Cathy. I’d just love everyone who reads this to give the audio a go.

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