Mental Healing Using the Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect Explained

By Cathy Eck

The Law of Cause and Effect Was Lost

My work is usually the last resort for people.  When traditional problem solving methods don’t work, the ideas of the ancient world start to look attractive.  In truth, it should be the other way around.  The ancient teachings should the first resort because we have nothing to lose by trying them.

Humans have been tragically programmed to fix the effect of problems.  The law of cause and effect has been buried in the sands of time. I first discovered the law of cause and effect as an entrepreneur designing computer systems.  The diagram above demonstrates the typical flow of information through the computer.  It seemed obvious to me that fixing a computer system required repairing the input first and the processes second.  It seemed utterly stupid to fix the effects.  Yet company after company wasted unbelievable sums of money fixing effects.  When I appeared and fixed the input, people acted like I just walked on water; I saved them huge sums of money.  I simply applied the law of cause and effect.


Healing with the Law of Cause and Effect

Let’s apply the law of cause and effect to repairing our bodies.  Lets say that a woman has a serious rash on her arm.  A doctor would prescribe something to fix the rash, a cream or pill; medicine fixes the effect.  The doctor might ask, “How did you get the rash?”  The information they obtain might lead to a better diagnosis or a more natural cure.

Asking how supplies a physical cause, but the law of cause and effect demands that we find the mental cause.  The ancients said that in the law of cause and effect, all is mental.

The law of cause and effect works best with why questions.  “Why did you get the rash?”  This question leads our subject backward in time.  Her first answers might be superficial like, “I needed to weed the garden.”  If she lets the superficial answers go without ruminating about them, she will find a deeper layer.  “I needed to get out of the house.  I wanted to find peace of mind.”  And if she goes deeper, she finds:  “I need to get out of this marriage.  My skin crawls when I’m with my husband.”  Now some might say that she’s found the cause.  Our subject needs to leave her marriage.  We’ve moved from effect to the program or action (the center of our diagram above), but we are not yet at the mental cause.


Following the Why

So we keep going and shift the question, “Why does he make your skin crawl?”  This is the perfect shifting question because of the reference to skin.  “He looks at me like all he wants is sex.  He acts like I’m there to serve him.”  The conversation is still about him and what he does, so we need another why question to turn the corner and get back to the real cause, which is always in our own mind.  We are not milking the law of cause and effect for all it is worth until we are at our own mental cause.

“Why does his look bother you?”  “I feel like my only value is to please him. I feel unloved for who I am.  I can’t say no.  I can’t get him to understand how I feel.”  The answers point to a superficial relationship, a perfect metaphor.  A skin rash has a superficial appearance of something much deeper.

Now that she has found a mental cause, she can look for why she has those beliefs.  They all feel bad; so none of them are true.  She can ask, “Why do I feel unloved for who I am?  Why can’t I say no?”  She might remember a past memory, or another belief might pop up.  The key is to keep asking why like a treasure hunter looking for the chest of gold.  You know you’ve found the gold when you see how you created the situation, and you realize that it was all an illusion, a mental construct.


Don’t Wallow in the Answers 

The reason people don’t find the cause is that they get emotionally caught up in the answers.  They stop the hunt too soon.  We must remember that the emotions we feel remind us that we are following a chain of lies.  When we think false beliefs or thoughts, we get emotions.  As we let go of the beliefs, the emotions dissolve.  When we let go of the cause, the emotions will completely disappear because  they are no longer necessary.

If our subject blames her husband, she won’t go any deeper.  She will never find the cause.  She’ll want to talk about her victim status and about her husband’s asinine behavior.  She must we willing to let go at each level and keep following the chain of beliefs.

When she finds the mental cause, she must let it go too.  If it is truly the cause of the relationship issue and the skin rash, then all the problems in that chain will start to repair themselves.  Her husband might change, or he might ask for an amicable divorce.  Her body’s natural healing mechanism will kick in, and her rash will start to disappear.  She might notice that she finally feels loved and heard.  The results will be that which is best for all concerned.  Letting go puts us back on our true path.

In the ancient world, this was true healing. It was permanent healing that never needed to be repeated.  Best of all, anyone can do it.  It works for all sorts of problems.  It costs nothing.  According to the ancients, when you use the law of cause and effect, nothing is incurable or impossible.


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15 thoughts on “Mental Healing Using the Law of Cause and Effect

  1. Blaze says:

    So, I believe in everything above no doubt about it. Makes perfect sense.

    How we program new beliefs then? We just let it go and the problems dissappear and the problem heals? How long does that take?

    • Cathy says:

      I’ve not found a belief I wanted yet. You don’t need to program beliefs. That’s what those positive thinking people do. Every time you put a belief in your mind, you get the opposite too. So beliefs are very unattractive.

      It takes as long as it takes to clean out your mind. I’ve been letting go in this way for eight years. I’m not done yet but it’s pretty damn good. I just want to take it all the way. Cathy

      • Blaze says:

        Cleaning your mind out of what? Thoughts?

        What do I do for dizzyness? You say chakras don’t exist, but the dizzyness is my head. I have no idea why I’m dizzy and lightheaded though. So, how would someone address that problem?

        Your teachings seem kind of similar to, Eckhart Tolle’s a little. If you don’t know of him, he teaches presence, stillness, no thoughts, no identification with the ego mind.

        • Cathy says:

          Treat dizziness or any symptom as emotion. I know Eckhart Tolle, we aren’t at all alike. He’s typical eastern. He lets go of emotions not beliefs. Then he projects on others. I don’t think much of him. You see the difference as you let go. If you want to let go faster, drop every teaching from the east you’ve ever heard. They are all false and cause emotions and body symptoms. You’ll see the emotion if your mind is set on freedom, not enlightenment or spirituality. Cathy

          • Blaze says:

            How do I know what the emotion tied to dizzyness is? I was just laying down and got out of bed. Then, I felt like I was about to pass out. I thought maybe its scattered thinking but I have no idea.

            How do you release any emotion? Especially if you don’t know why its happening. I still have no clue why I was dizzy whether its from an emotion or not, which it is. What do you do if you don’t the cause?

          • Cathy says:

            Hi Blaze,
            I’ve answered all of this on my blogs. I just don’t have time to give everyone personal responses. But everything you need is on the blog. Many have followed what I wrote and used it successfully. But you have to read much more. Most instruction is on nolabelsnolies. Cathy

          • Blaze says:

            well, to me its not making sense really. i know putting thoughts into your mind makes them into reality. i released 225lbs this way. maybe you dont believe in the law of attraction. no offense, but you have years worth of blog entries. i dont know what month or year blog post you answer my questions in. maybe you dont have the answers. after all, you said you’ve been doing this for 8 years and still arent finished. so, it must not be groundbreaking. well best of luck. thanks anyways.

          • Cathy says:

            If you bought nine books, the amount of info I’ve provided free of charge, would you write to the author with your problems and ask which chapter to read. I actually did answer a few of your questions. That’s more than they do. But I can’t be your constant research rat. Each blog has a search box at the top. Every post handles different issues and topics. I give it as a gift so it doesn’t take as long for other people. I had to uncover all the mind tricks.

            Positive thinking and law of attraction fix the problem you are focused on while you do them. Then when you quit focusing, that problem returns or another appears. That’s why you have the problems you listed on your earlier emails.

            Letting go is designed for those who want to find themselves, their True Self, not manifest desires that aren’t earned internally.

            You said you hate everyone in another email. I don’t hate anyone. Can’t imagine how horrible that must be. But it’s hurting you because you are even hating me and all I did was give you very precious info for free. I’m not for everyone. I don’t try to be. There’s no benefit to me in doing this. It’s just the right thing to do. But do what feels right for you. Everyone deserves a happy life. But we have to get our mind straight and pure to get it. Love Cathy

          • Blaze says:

            I’ve already healed myself of a ton of issues in the past 4 years and I no longer focus on those problems yet they havent returned as you said they would if I stopped focusing on them.

            I’ve had rage all of my life since I was sexually abused as a child. Now I resent life, god (if there is one) and all the pain in my body.

            If positive thinking and the law of attraction can’t heal me. Then, nothing can.

            I get it. You can’t be a research rat unless you’re getting paid to be I’m sure just like many other “spiritual” teachers out there.

            Also, one can’t buy 9 books when in poverty. Letting go sounds quite confusing. I don’t understand your teachings. I witness a belief that doesn’t mean I’m not still in a rage. lol. That doesn’t mean my nervous system is being healed of it. I find your teachings very confusing. Anyways, dont bother replying. This is pointless. Best of luck.

  2. Tina says:

    Hi Cathy, I’ve only just found your work and I’m trying to work through it in some sort of order as I have ptsd and get easily overwhelmed. I’ve come late to the party though and would just ask you to keep it all up there (I’ve visited both sites, don’t have social media) for the foreseeable future, to give me a chance to work with it. Just want to say thanks for what you’ve made available to all of us.

  3. Niks says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I have had rashes and asked myself why I got them before. When one disappeared I thought I’d cracked it but then 3 more showed up so I asked myself again. I’m struggling with emotion in sharing this though I felt clear before I typing the comment.

    Why did I get the rashes?

    Because I’m irritated a lot by the people I live with.

    I feel powerless to everything they say like I have to believe it whether they are directing it at me or not because they become emotional and I can’t stand it I just want to scream at them.

    Even when I remember my emotions are advising me to let go and ignore them they become more irritated that I’m not listening to them/ignoring them and they conclude that I don’t care; a projection which I have been accepting. My emotions rage and I start judging them that they’re projecting and I reason with myself to soothe my emotions. Like putting cream on a rash. ha!

    Really, I’m ignoring the emotions. I’m distracting my mind with knowledge instead of going deeper to find the cause and acknowledging the falseness of the encounters within my relationships and the relationships themselves.

    I believe I’ll never have a true relationship with someone else when the only thing I need is a true relationship with myself.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Niks,
      Thanks for writing. What you bring up is problematic for everyone. The first trick is that we have to really remember that when another person is displaying emotions, those emotions are related to their thinking, even if they are saying it is about us. And this is huge. This takes practice. I often recommend that people review earlier conversations in their mind, and remember what the person said to them. And just keep reminding yourself that they are thinking false things which is causing their emotions.

      Then you have to do the same thing with your mind. You have to stay in your mind. It is common to want to get into the other person’s mind or pay so much attention to them. But that takes you out of the game. So just stay in your mind, and if you go into judgment or feel their words enter your mind, you recognize that it’s false and let it go. Tricky to do. It takes a lot of practice for everyone. Even people I mentor need reminders on these issues. They are tough.

      And yes skin can often be because someone has gotten under our skin, and they are irritating us. But the trick is to let go of thinking about them. That helps a lot. Love, Cathy

      • Niks says:

        Hey Cathy,

        I love the tips you give for reminders. I really appreciate the clarification.

        I’m struggling with witnessing the thoughts that come. I know the trick is to let all of them go but they feel superficial as if I don’t believe a lot of them and like my mind is trying to throw in everything it can think of to avoid the actual thought that it doesn’t want to trigger any more emotion. Like I don’t wanna be found out.

        I’m in the process of offering some of my belongings for sale and when people have asked if I will lower the price I feel emotion about it thinking I have to do it or my items won’t sell and then people around me say this is how the world works. I feel ‘psychologically reversed’ (at least I think I am) when it comes to this area. Haggling has always felt emotional to me, the same way ‘bending the truth’ for CV’s/applications has always felt.

        I feel wrong for thinking that I should be able to reduce the cost and it will be win-win but then I didn’t choose that price to begin with but I feel bad for saying no. The quote/belief ‘mean what you say and say what you mean’ comes to mind and I feel conflicted anyway. Are these the two sides of the bottom of the triangle?

        Love Niks xoox

        • Cathy says:

          First witnessing is like that. You get crap first. Then you get what I call guardian comments like “this doesn’t work.” Then you get deeper. You kind of have to just stay with it. It’s a bit like bike riding.

          Yes you’ve probably found some bottom of the triangle. Remember that win win means you also win. It’s easy to think win win is you losing. Haggling isn’t really win win since most people are trying to get the deal. Just let go of any thoughts that cause you emotion about you or them. Then you usually find the middle. Love Cathy

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