The Triangle Process

The powerful and amazing triangle process

The triangle is the perfect metaphor for understanding the difference between the truth and the false illusory world.

By Cathy Eck

The Hidden Side of Pythagoras

People often tell me that the triangle process (above) is the best thing that I share, but I can’t take the credit for it.  I give it all to Pythagoras.

I discovered the triangle process a long time ago when I was studying Pythagoras.  He was much more than a mathematician.  He was initiated into many mystery schools and eventually started his own.  His understanding of numbers and geometry was far beyond their utility.  He had what I refer to as the mental perspective of life.  He saw through the eyes of the True Self.

There’s a quote attributed to Pythagoras that goes something like this:  “Find two sides of a triangle, and you can solve any problem.”  Now most people think that he was talking about solving a geometry problem, and I did too at first.  But after studying and contemplating Pythagoras for a very long time, I saw a different perspective within his wise words.  I saw the triangle process.

Pythagoras also said this:  “If there be light, then there is darkness; if cold, heat; if height, depth; if solid, fluid; if hard, soft; if rough, smooth; if calm, tempest; if prosperity, adversity; if life, death.”   He also said that we must win our soul back from good and evil.  This was the purpose of the mystery schools — to win back your True Self from the illusory world of good and evil.

Let Thine Eye Be Single

Reading quotes by Pythagoras is much like reading quotes of Jesus.  Their perspective was nearly identical; they simply expressed themselves in different ways.  Jesus said, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” (Matthew 6:22).  He was talking about seeing from the perspective of unity or the top of the triangle.  This was an ancient mystery school teaching.  When one reached the top of the pyramid, it was said that they could see like gods.  This same concept is represented on the back of the American dollar bill; the Founding Fathers understood the power of the single or so-called third eye.  It was a metaphor; it wasn’t a real thing.  Of course, the occultists love to try to hijack such perfect metaphors by turning them into their symbols.

Pyramid, Eye of Horus, on the back of the dollar bill

The single eye caps the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, also called the Eye of Horus or Eye of Providence.

The Single Eye

On any topic, we can view our situation from dual eyes or from the single eye.  Many associate the single eye with intuition; that wasn’t the original meaning.  Intuition can be dual; where true single-eyed sight is always unified, more like inspiration.

The bottom of the triangle symbolizes duality.  Originally, duality was simply for creative purposes.  You can see these black words because they are on a white page.  Neither the white page nor the black words are evil or bad.  They’re creative raw materials.  This was called first-cause duality.

Good and evil, win and lose, dominance and submission, rich and poor, pretty and ugly, etc., were all later inventions.  These dual pairs contained judgment; judgment is what causes us to lose our single-eye sight, to fall.  This was referred to as second-cause duality.  We feel incomplete when we accept only one half of duality; we end up with a magnetic relationship with the other half.

The secret of the initiates was that you had to let go of the good and the evil to rise to the top.  Otherwise, your mind stayed stuck in the illusory world.  Religions then made this stickiness into karma, the fall, reincarnation, purgatory, or hell, which were all poor explanations for why holding a belief in good and evil made your life miserable.

If we let go of our duality-based point of view at the bottom of the triangle, we float to the top naturally.  But we have to let go of the good and the evil side, the right and the wrong side.  Then we look through the single eye at the top of the triangle, and we see the true world.

After letting go, we might view the world as beautiful; before we saw a world where things were either pretty or ugly.  After letting go, we hold a perspective of unconditional love; before, we saw conditional love or hate.  We can live in abundance or waver between rich and poor.  We can relate to each other in a win-win manner or in win-lose ways.

What lives at the top of the triangle has no opposite.   Our True Self has that point of view.  When we drop our false perspective, the True Self is what remains.

Third eye on statue

The third eye was said to live between the eyebrows at the top of an eye triangle.  Again it was a metaphor for the single eye.

Projection from the Bottom

Fear is the fuel that keeps the bottom of the triangle (the illusion) alive.  When we withhold the fuel, the fire of the illusion dies out.

We know we’re at the top of the triangle when our sight is pure, and we no longer create opponents to battle or needy people to save.  We have to recognize that the ideas at the bottom of the triangle were created by man’s false mind.  They’re not the truth.  The truth has no opposition.

That which is dual and divided with judgment is simply false; and false has no power except that which we  give it.  When we recognize that beliefs are false within our own mind, they begin to lose power.  When we absolutely know they are false (as Jesus and Pythagoras did), they disappear from our vision.  Our eye becomes single.

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15 thoughts on “The Triangle Process

  1. Linda Murray-Figueroa says:

    Hi Cathy,
    This is the best explanation of the 3rd eye I have heard.
    Pythagoras’ wisdom “find two sides of a triangle and you can solve any problem” applied to the tree of good and evil and the tree of life, and applied to our two eyes and our third eye, is brilliant.
    This is rocket fuel for blasting through deep seeded beliefs and gliding (letting go) into clarity, love, and truth.
    Thank you for sharing. Thank you. Thank you.
    Love and appreciation,

  2. Poni says:

    I was born with a perfectly even triangle of freckles in the center of my forehead, exactly like a third eye. I’ve had a deeper understanding of everything as far as I can remember. I’m not sure what it could mean. I’m full of questions, and answers both. I’d love to speak to anyone about it that is knowledgeable on such things..

  3. basket jordan homme

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let…

    • Cathy says:

      Yes that is fine. You may quote anything from this site. Credit and sources are certainly appreciated. Thank you for asking. Cathy

  4. Chuck says:

    You are right in what you say however you are still speaking metaphorically, about the third eye, but it is quite literal. The pineal gland is the third eye, the only singular part of your brain, “where you soul meets your body” -Descartes. I believe that when you can fully see through your third eye, to your (our) true nature, what you see is literally pure light, which is what Jesus, and many other well famous religious figures speak about. Thus the universal consciousness that we are fragments is connected to our physical selfs thru our third eye, or pineal gland. It is our rational brain, the brain that makes us judge and rationalize everything in the physical plane, further away from our true being and separates us from each other. I fully believe what you say is true, it can just be taken further and more literally.

    Side not, the eye of horus is the egyptian hyroglyth that represents the third eye, literally, it is a picture of the inner part of the brain where the pineal gland is in the center. The eye of providence however is what is on the back of the bill and that is an illuminati symbol that stands for control and power, but that is a whole other topic, that basically is the exact opposite of what you are talking about.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Chuck,
      What you are saying is, of course, the common knowledge. I’m very familiar with it all. But knowledge doesn’t do anyone any good. This website is about freeing our mind, not stuffing it with more knowledge pure and simple. But let me explain something that will save you a million years of trying to figure things out. The ancients wrote in metaphor at the mental level of thinking. The characters, locations, experiences were all metaphors for what was going on in their mind. It is hard to write about what is really taking place in our mind, and quite frankly, its boring. I know this because when you see their writing this way, you see it works for everyone. It is inclusive. You see through the eyes of Jesus and all the others who saw like him. People today quote Jesus, but they don’t see through his eyes.

      All problems today are caused by people taking ancient texts literally at the physical level of thinking. What I do on this site, is take people to that mental level so they can see. And what you see with the third eye was very well exemplified by Jesus. Light was a metaphor. You see like the sun which gives light and warmth to everyone unconditionally — the natural source of light. You see with compassion and caring. When you look through the dual eyes and see with the physical literal perspective, you get stuck in knowledge. You serve no purpose because knowledge has no life. And you never get to the True Self. That is the mistake of every religion. To know what the pineal does is worthless; to let go of the beliefs that cause us not to use it properly is priceless. Thank you for writing. You gave me a chance to explain something very important. Love, Cathy

  5. marlio says:

    last month my husband and I saw a staionary lit triangle, right above our fence that you could see through, which went away when the sun came up. We still don’t know what it was. But for days afterwards, I saw all lights outside and stars in the skys as individual triangles. After two or three days my sight went back to normal. Does this mean anything???

    • Cathy says:

      That must have been a cool sight. I don’t know what it would be, but I think it is quite relevant that you found your way to my article. I don’t advertise so when
      people find my articles, they are usually meant for them. Pythagoras felt the triangle was most meaningful. He said, “Find two sides of the triangle and you know the
      other side.” He wasn’t talking about geometry, he was talking about finding if something was true or false. So I’d say that the truth is trying to find you and is
      telling you to look at the triangles. I use that process all the time, and it is invaluable.

      Otherwise, the triangle throughout time has meant the trinity, but it wasn’t always the Christian trinity. Usually it was God, Goddess, and child, and each of us are the
      children of the God and Goddess in their myths. Hope that helps, Cathy

  6. So, extending your metaphor as this is only the second page I’ve looked at (trying to make sense of the first)…
    Imagine two binary opposites being the end corners of a projected triangle from unity. All the flavours between those two anchors are expressed along that base line of the triangle. White connects to black through a line or region of the grey gradient.
    The world is made up of an infinite number of such opposites and all the variations in-between that lie along that triangles bases. If you spin a triangle you inscribe a cone. The tip of the cone would still be unity. But now imagine that every pixel or part of that cone was not carved out by a single spinning triangle but by an infinite number of triangles slightly offset from each other. If they were infinite in number then they could be infinitely thin and still fill all the space needed to create that cone.

    Thus a cone could represent reality. The infinite complexity described by an infinite collection of different binary pairs that include midpoint gradients, but are still anchored in and projected from a unity. Perhaps a unity that is spreading its components out so it can see itself for what it truly is.

    If each corner is exclusively made up of purity then it is impossible for a being exclusively in any of the 3 corners from having enough contrast to see anything – to comprehend anything. Dark on dark or light on light doesn’t tell you much. If you take even the slightest part of the gradient as your “everything” then as far as you were concerned your gradient would be complete. A black and dark grey spectrum would consist of the darkest and brightest contrast imaginable (to someone with no experience of anything beyond). It is this contrast that lets us know anything. You can’t understand light without dark, or fast without slow. Any part of our existence that never changes would go unnoticed. If our temperature never varied we would not be able to comprehend body temperature. If there was no vibration and thus sound was absent from our universe than we could not comprehend music. It is for this reason that a unity would project itself as if through a prism to be able to see variation (unity is inherently boring even if it is a worthy goal). Some religions or faiths see a Divine being as having been bored with Its flawless perfection which equals a sensory deprivation tank of nothingness (or sameness – same thing in a way) and thus reality was created so that this being could know itself. Some suggest that divinity created us to help in this self knowing and exploration of all the infinite combinations of not just each binary opposite but between all the different positions in that cone. It’s not just a out exploring the 92% good position on the good evil spectrum, but the 92% good, while simultaneously being 12% greedy, and being tanned some of the time, and being 42 to 77% creative while experiencing the slide from mostly undependable to dependable. Meanwhile the rest of the universe through time is filling in all the other blanks that your dynamic exploration has left untouched.
    So while that might explain reality I hope, I agree that the climb towards unity sounds like a good goal even if I’d never want to fully achieve it. Nothing can exist as true good or true evil. Pure good would mean that even your bodies natural defences would cringe at destroying pathogens or at the loss of plant life to fuel your vegan body. Pure evil similarly would destroy itself. Thus balance must be maintained. I imagine that the closer to unity the easier it is to see out of the illusion of which you speak.

    This is just what this one page sparked in resonance with some of the things I’ve considered in my existence. It seems now to be fairly long, it i hope some parts of it help you or your readers with your own resonances and journeys.

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your comment. I want to reply because you bring up an important point.

      What you are saying is a good explanation of how consciousness manifests. At the same time, it is important to realize that I’m not trying to tell people what I know or what is true. I’m showing them how to get to what they know. That is really important. My wisdom won’t ever be grander than theirs. I’m showing people how to discriminate so they know what is true and what is false in their own mind. It isn’t an intellectual skill. If people let go of their own false self, they will see pyramids or cones or worm holes, whatever is right for them. I see that stuff too, but that doesn’t help people find themselves. There are as many ways to perceive the truth as their are people. But what is rarely talked about, the focus of this site, is how does average Joe find his truth. First Joe needs to let go of the notion of good and evil and win and lose (that is what I show as the bottom of the triangle). People who are really stuck aren’t less conscious or less wise, they have the same wisdom inside. They just can’t access that wisdom because they’re stuck at the bottom of the triangle in false.

      We created duality for the purpose of the creative process — that is pure. You see these black words because this is white page. That is easy. We all know that. If we were all pure minded, the bottom of the triangle would be perfect, all creative. But not many people live that way…they can talk it but they can’t do it. So my analogy is to show them how to do it because that is what counts. That is what will heal their body and fix their problems. I’m practical. My point is that the perspective of good and evil moves us into second cause creation. It is not pure creation anymore. It is an illusion. And if it is an illusion, then it isn’t real. Therefore, you don’t have to stay stuck in it or live in someone else’s shadow. So the purpose of the triangle process is to easily help people see where they have judgment so they can let it go. If one sees all beauty, they can use black and white and make a beautiful painting; black and white is still a projection, but a very harmless one. If one sees only pretty and ugly by other people’s standards (bottom of the triangle), they are in the illusion. Now their judgment will get in the way. They will try to be pretty and avoid ugly and get themselves into a miserable state of mind. It is simple, I know. But that is why it works.

      When people let go of judgment, they see their True Self and they let it lead they way. They don’t get bored, they get creative. They express themselves and are free. When we tell people how to think or how something really looks, it tends to confuse them. They get locked in their left brain and can’t get out. The triangle process works because life just isn’t that complex. When you let go, you see how simple it is; and you realize that everyone can see that because they were born with the truth inside.

      • Happy to have run upon this, I usually start reading one thing and end up somewhere else but all are inter-related, but I appreciate the indept explainations of concepts as such, I plan on reading alot from this source, just subscribed so please keep it coming.

      • I’ve been unknowingly practicing this method for a while now, but it was more complex for me. When I would examine my thoughts there was always be a polar opposite. I would then recede to a thought that had no opposite it was the thought binding the positive and negative together becoming one. At the same, I would observe my feelings, the frequency my chakras pulsate, etc. In less than a year I have been projecting. I don’t know if I see what I’m thinking, but I see what is not physically there. There in the form of pictures. For example last night I saw the eye of providence. The all seeing eye within a triangle. What does it mean for my third eye to me show this? Is the third eye the unity between the positive and negative? Or is this the freemasons watching me from thereal humble aboad? Lol I don’t know exactly what to think on the matter.

        • Cathy says:

          Hi Roman,
          Thank you for your comment. I can’t really say why you are seeing what you are seeing. You are probably seeing things that you’ve come to believe, maybe from different teachers or things you’ve read. My advice is always to let it be simple because it is. It is so simple that we often think we are doing it wrong. Also, with any vision if it doesn’t make sense, let it go. You can’t let go of the truth. And what happens is your mind becomes more clear and pure. Then everything just makes sense. Best wishes, Cathy

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