The Third Eye and the Illusion: Healing Mental Blindness


Pythagorean Triangle Process

We become confused when an authority takes a bottom of the triangle concept and moves it to the top or vice versa.

By Cathy Eck

 You might want to read the Third Eye and the Triangle Process first since it explains the above diagram.


Control Our Mind; Control Our Sight

You might wonder how we lost our natural third eye sight?  The false self wants power over the True Self.  In Jesus’ terms, the True Self was the Father within.  The false self was Satan.  Initiates knew that the top of the triangle related to truth; either side of the bottom of the triangle was false.  False was not inherently bad unless you added judgment.

If I want to control you, I take one side of the bottom of the triangle and add judgment, making it right or good.  If you don’t fit my criteria for good or obey my laws, you’re labeled bad or wrong in my world.  No one wants to be bad or wrong, so we don’t discriminate, we simply blindly obey authority figures.  When we accept an authority’s false judgments or beliefs into our own mind, we cover up our truth or our third eye sight.

We don’t do this naturally.  Two year olds are known for a lack of obedience to authority.  But if you punish them enough, they will learn to obey.  This is the key; we learn to obey.  We are not born obedient.


How the Fashion World Controls our Minds

Let’s start with a simple example.  The fashion world wants women to follow the trends and buy their clothes.  So beauty (a top of the triangle concept) gets redefined as whatever they say it is — tall, excessively thin, big mouth, high cheek bones, etc.  In truth, beauty is within the eye of the beholder, and everything is beautiful when see with third eye or unified vision.

Pretty, however, has an opposite — ugly.  So the fashion world carefully promotes their definition of pretty and makes their definition of ugly bad until every woman feels bad about themselves and sees the models as superior and elite.  Now they have us captive; we are hypnotized to obey their rules of beauty.  We might not like it, but we buy the products and we take notice; we do what we can to look like the models so we can be called beautiful.  But you see, even if we do meet their criteria, we’re still not happy.  Because our True Self values beauty, not pretty.

Now if we look at our triangle, one side of the bottom of the triangle (pretty) is being treated as the top of the triangle (beauty).  It knocks beauty off the top, so no matter what we do, we can’t feel beautiful.

If you have read anything about this, you know that the current fashion world definition of beauty is really ugly.  They didn’t like the fact that voluptuous models got the attention, not the clothing.


How Religion Hijacked Our Third Eye

Religion invented good and evil.  Our True Self is good.  It can’t be anything but good, and it has no opposite.  So religion redefined good to fit their criteria; and that automatically created the opponent of good, or evil.

People who try to follow the prescribed definition of good wonder why they never feel free or true joy because they are stuck at the bottom of the triangle trying so hard to avoid evil.  Those who behave from the true natural state of goodness are called disobedient or disrespectful because they don’t honor the false good rules.

By creating artificial definitions of pure concepts that are natural to every one, we fall from the third eye, unified perspective, to the false dualistic perspective.  People then try to wake up the third eye or create third eye practices in the east; or in the west, they pray or suffer or hope.  But the problem is not that the third eye is asleep or defective.  It is that we are looking out of our natural dual vision, and our vision has been hijacked.

Our natural two-eyed vision isn’t bad; duality without judgment is pure creative potential.  It is as if the whole triangle lights up.  It is judgment, such as good and evil, that blocks the third eye vision.


Even the Symbol of the Third Eye was Hijacked

Back of US Dollar Bill; Great Seal of the US

The Great Seal of America displays the third eye. Some say it is the Eye of Providence or God watching over us. Others proclaim it is the Eye of Big Brother.


Even the third eye symbol has been hijacked.  The initiates saw it like Jesus did; a symbol of pure vision.  But later it became the sign of false authority, the rule makers, and those who watch to see if we are naughty or nice.  The false self loves to pretend it is the True Self, and it has become damn good at it.


A Cooperative and True World

When we look through our third eye, we see a cooperative world.  If you long for such a world, your heart is trying to convince you to let go of the world you see.  It isn’t easy. Our minds have been trained to believe what we see.  But, the truth is that we see what we believe.

We’re not all clones in the true world. We have different focuses, different ways of expressing ourselves, and different talents and gifts.  But we don’t conflict at the top of the triangle.  We use duality to create: we don’t use it to dominate or control.  We cooperate.

It is unlikely that us normal folks can win over the few who have mastered the duality game, nor would we want to develop their skill.  But we can let go of the entire game by purifying our mind as Pythagoras and others suggested.  We can reject the bottom of the triangle thoughts; and slowly move to the top where all things are possible.

5 thoughts on “The Third Eye and the Illusion: Healing Mental Blindness

  1. glass spigot says:

    glass spigot…

    I just finish your blog and I find it amusing. Write some more in same manner. I would really like to read your next post….

    • Donovan says:

      I have been on this spiritual journey of sorts. As a child, I always held the thought “We are just dreaming.” As I got older, I feel as though my mind’s been polluted by darkness. Like, at first, I sought only enlightenment. Then, I started questioning EVERYTHING. Everything. Such as Christianity. Satanism. And even New Age doctrines of Enlightenment. I feel as though they are all real, yet at the same time, I’m lost and confused as to how I should think. I say “Should” because I feel I am living my life for someone other than myself. I’ve had thoughts that, Satan is the Creator of Humans, and that God is the Creator of the Cosmos. Thoughts, such as, yes, Hell does exist, and when you go there, it is Eternal Punishment. I have had thoughts that say, yes, Heaven is all around you, you need only but perceive what Heaven really, truly is. I Am so lost. I feel dazed at this. I want clarity. I am brand new to this site. But, at the same time, I feel as though my Soul has brought me here. I came here, because I looked up, as my fearful thoughts tend to take me, questions like “Is the triangle good or evil? If I place myself in it mentally, and keep all sides equal and not one lopsided, am I to find my Self, to live with perfection, so to speak? Or, am I trapping myself into Satan’s plot to be His forever. I Am scared. Yet, I Am not. I feel alive, but stagnant, like an oasis that doesn’t know it is one.

      What are you thoughts in regards to this? I hope to hear a reply.

      Love Donovan

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Donovan,
        You are expressing something very common. You realize that you understood inherently the truth as a child. Life made sense for awhile, but then it didn’t make sense anymore. Everyone you encountered had a belief system. Some of them sounded like your truth (or at least a little) and some didn’t sound like your truth at all. But you were told that you had to listen to them or believe them. And that is how we all fall. We confuse beliefs and truth. As you read more and more of the site, and the other site, you’ll start to see that you knew the truth all along. And what is confusing to you is why so many other people speak about things that are harmful and make no sense at all.

        So there is no Satan. Satan was invented to be the opposite of the false God that comes to life in Genesis II of the Bible. You can read more about this in my two Santa posts on gatewaytogold. He was invented by man, and you did have that thought. Genesis I God was the creator who is real and true, but not a person — it’s a consciousness that we all have within us. We are creators of our life, and most of us suck at it.

        Most people see life from a place of duality — right and wrong, good and evil, God and Satan, and that isn’t the true world. That’s the illusion. You kind of noticed this because the illusion is real, but not true. So we can let the illusion go. We can’t let go of the truth. And what I teach you on this site is how to let go of the illusion so you are left with what you came with initially (hence we call it initiation), your truth. And life goes back to making sense once again.

        Letting go is crucial. So many people teach us to just accept another belief system or to put truth in our mind over top of the false; those things don’t work. The false bleeds out on to your life. It makes you look like a phoney. So we you let go of what is false, you naturally become more congruent inside. You just become yourself. It isn’t easy to let the illusion go; and that is why I write so much. But everything you need to know is on these two sites. I continue to write, but now I’m just saying things in different ways to reach new people or to make something more transparent from a different angle. Love, Cathy

        • Donovan says:

          Thank you. Your words make me not only smile – Joy – but also create a new shift, once again. I will continue to read on. I have been seeking your words a long time, and have reached them. This brings everything to light. Thank you.

          Love Donovan

          • Cathy says:

            You are so welcome. That’s why I write, so people know that their thoughts might be uncommon; but they aren’t crazy. Love, Cathy

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