Unlocking Heaven’s Gate: The Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools

Esoteric Wisdom of Finding Heaven on Earth | Cathy Eck

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Unlocking Heaven’s Gate

Unlocking Heaven’s Gate is about accepting a new point of view of life that is really an old point of view.  Prior to the invention of religion and government, people saw life through different eyes.  Heaven on Earth was reality; it was normal. Anything less than paradise was an error to be corrected. The old perspective was lost to the masses, but it was kept alive and passed on through the ancient mystery schools.


Where did Heaven on Earth Go?

Heaven on earth (or Eden) was replaced with the notion that suffering is normal; and that false perspective, called the illusion, continues today.  Disease, depression, hatred, war, and suffering of all kinds are the product of this purposeful change in perspective designed to give all the power to the elite and disempower the masses.

This book and the free on-line classroom that accompanies it will show you how to board the train back to Eden where you can fulfill your heart’s desires, live free of mental and emotional anguish, and express your unique gifts and talents.  It is not about positive thinking, visualization, or strange postures and practices.  It is about letting go of the wrong perspective because you were born with the right one.  When you get rid of all the lies that you’ve believed, you are simply left with the truth.  You live from your True Self for eternity.

Sounds simple.  But don’t think it is an easy ride.  You see, our minds have been highly brainwashed with so many false ideas; so you have to be willing to apply what I share.  This journey back to Eden has been known throughout time as the path of the initiate.  It was said that one entered the mystery schools as a mortal and exited as a God.


Life as a Mystery School Initiate

The ancient mystery school masters taught initiates how to properly use the law of cause and effect. They also taught them how to use duality for creative, win-win purposes. Most important, they taught initiates how to drop disempowering beliefs and how to free their minds.  They taught them how to live from the place of complete unconditional love and compassion.

If you have struggled with obsessive thinking, stress, emotional turmoil, health issues, depression or sadness, relationship problems, or any seemingly unresolvable problem, then you have beliefs stuck in your mind that are blocking your progress.  But you probably don’t realize you have them.  Most of our beliefs seem normal because everyone else has them.  Normal is what makes you deteriorate, makes you sick, makes you fail, and makes you suffer.

This information is not about being positive or putting some nice whipped cream on your mental manure and calling it a sundae.  It is about removing the manure completely.  Positive thinking, visualization, and most new age practices only ease our pain or cover it up; they push the manure down deeper into our unconscious.  Mental techniques put beliefs on top of our beliefs, taking us further from our True Self.  The suppressed manure eventually rises to the surface, and those who have mentally raised themselves up often fall hard and fast.

The initiates didn’t use the mind to raise themselves up.  They taught that freedom was about going down into the unconscious and face it head on, not rising above it or running away from it.  They also didn’t hide their emotions or try to get rid of them.  They used their emotions to guide them and help them discriminate.


Downloading the Free Book

To get started on your journey back to the truth, click this link and get your completely free copy of Unlocking Heaven’s Gate.  You won’t even have to give me your email address.  You can share this link with anyone you feel might want this information.

Once you download this book, Go to the page entitled “This Book is Unique.”  At the bottom of that page, you will find a link to the Mini Messenger Book website and an identification number.  Follow the link, create a personal login, and enjoy the additional classroom material.  I don’t do anything with your login information.  It is a requirement of the Mini Messenger Book Company.  But don’t worry; they don’t sell your information or use it to market to you.  Bear in mind that this course was created about six years ago.  Sometimes it is working and sometimes it isn’t. The company is not reliable. Please don’t contact me if the link doesn’t work. I don’t even have contact information with the company.

I’ve discovered much more since.  All of my new discoveries or clarifications I’ve post to my blogs. More will be coming out in future books that I’ll announce on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you would like a physical copy of this little pocket-book, you can order one or more copies through Paypal.  Contact me with the number of copies you would like and your Paypal address, and I will send you an invoice.  The books are $5 for one book, $15 for ten books, and $25 for twenty-five books.  Shipping and handling is included for anywhere in the US.  All proceeds are used to continue my research and spread this message. I very, very much appreciate your support.


This is Not a Quick Fix

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not a quick fix.  The ancient initiates absorbed themselves in the techniques and ideas that I share.  They worked very hard to change their perspective, and reclaim their True Self.

I spent over two decades studying these people, their texts, and their practices to understand how they thought, how they lived, and what they did to free their mind.  I share all of their secrets with you; but if you want the results, you will have to do the work.

Embracing this new perspective is in some ways like riding a bike, you have to find it within.  Another can support you until you find your balance, but ultimately they can’t ride the bike for you.  So feel free to email me as you go through the program with any questions.  I’ll do my best to get you up and riding more quickly.

I know that this little book and course sound very strange to many people.  Initiates have always been fringe dwellers of sorts.  It is my hope that by sharing this information freely that it will spread and one day become the new normal.

Thank you for your support, and let me know if I can make your journey easier.  This might be the hardest journey you will ever take, but it is worth it.  And one thing I know, everyone will eventually walk this path because it is the final path, the one that leads back to the place we started, Eden, where we were FREE.


PS:  This book has nothing to do with the Heaven’s Gate cult in San Diego.  After I finished it, someone told me that they didn’t want to know about the Heaven’s Gate cult.  I picked the name because it fit my purpose and intention.  The Heaven’s Gate cult was a bunch of crazy people who definitely did not have the truth.


Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on https://nolabelsnolies.com and http://gatewaytogold.com.