Letting Go Is NOT Hard

Don't believe other people

By Cathy Eck


Letting Go is So Hard!

I hear these words all the time, and they just aren’t true.  But there’s a good reason for the words.   People who are happy, successful, joyous, and healthy (True Self qualities) let go with ease.  They hear something that doesn’t feel right, and they don’t give it a second thought.  They do it so naturally that they can’t even explain what they do.  Things come easy to them because their minds aren’t filled with beliefs.  If we’re stuck in the illusion in victimhood, these people look lucky, like cheaters, or even evil.  But they often aren’t.  They just don’t have many beliefs.

We must let go of the belief: “Letting go is hard.”  Holding on to it makes it so.  As we let go, beliefs show up in our mind that are there only to keep us from letting go — like s security system.  This is one of them.  If we believe them, we’re stuck.

It probably took many generations of conditioning for people to believe that something that felt bad could be true.  I remember the first time my mother told me that candy was bad for me.  I sat for days pondering how something that tasted good could be bad.  It made no sense at all.  But I heard it from an authority, and I felt I must believe it; then I saw proof of it everywhere.  That’s how the illusion sucks us in — one belief at a time.


Mechanics of Discriminating

The false self is like a computer.  A computer has a big memory, and it’s logical.  But it can’t feel emotion.  The computer accepts everything it receives, even viruses (unless we write a virus protection program); and it stores that information until deleted by an operator or another program.  A computer’s discrimination occurs at the operator or programmer level.  Our True Self should be the operator of our false self computer mind.  Our false self is all masculine with no feminine; it follows memory and logic and ignores emotions.  It even has programs that cause us to ignore our True Self or disobey it.  Some minds are trained to believe that their True Self is evil.  

The false self has no “letting go” program installed.  It’s a hoarder and thinks it needs to save everything for future reference.  So I teach people how to write a program in their mind that programs the false mind to let go of itself.  (This is why I had to own a technology company earlier in my life.)  As we destroy the false programs, the True Self returns to power; then we don’t need the letting go program anymore so we drop it.  We go back to doing what comes naturally.  But this time, we understand the role of emotions.  

When someone says candy is bad, and their words don’t feel good, we ignore them.  They haven’t said anything about candy.  They’ve simply said, “I’m a computer repeating what I memorized in the illusion.  I think my knowledge is superior to your wisdom.  I’m only here to make your life as crappy as possible.”  Then we eat whatever we want safely.



Often we realize we’ve gotten off track, and we start to seek answers.  We read books, do classes, and ask psychics for readings.  But were getting more information from outside of us.  Even if someone outside of us tells us the absolute truth, it can never become wisdom for us.  If our false self memorizes truth, it’s just more data in the computer.  We’ll repeat it to others pretty much as we’ve heard it.

As we let go, however, something different happens.  We see our OWN truth, and it resonates and harmonizes with what others who speak truthfully have said.  But it’s our unique point of view.  It’s then that we find our place in the world because we’re no longer a computer.


False Gods

If you listen to anyone else over your Self, you’ve made them your false God.  You won’t be able to let go until you remove your handler from your life and mind.  If people I mentor have put someone above them, it feels like the handler is trying to hold on to them.  They let go when talking to me, and then the handler comes back in and confuses them with their bullshit, fears, and threats.  Often the handler tells them I’m evil or hurting them.  They can’t see that letting go can’t hurt anyone.  We hurt people by giving them beliefs, not taking beliefs out.  But false power always claims that we’re hurting them when we take our power back.

If the person I’m supporting lets go of their handler, letting go gets much easier.  They’re no longer fighting a false God.  If we’ve given our mind and power to anyone, they won’t support us in letting go.  That doesn’t mean we have to let everyone go.  Just people who insist we follow them blindly.

If you’ve seen shows about people who break free of cults, you see the letting go process being acted out in the physical experience.  The cult leader tries all kinds of tricks to pull them back.  He tells them that the outsiders are evil.  He says they will go to hell, or they will be poor and homeless.  He tells them the cult makes them special and is the only way to heaven.  Other followers beg the person to stay.  But occasionally, some person manifests the balls to escape.

They break free.  They ditch their uniform, cut their hair, drink, and have sex; and holy shit, they don’t see Satan. They get jobs and pay their bills; and buy homes.  It was all a lie designed to keep them suck in the cult — the illusion.  Then they go back and tell the others, but no one believes them because their still stuck in the mind of the cult.  The free person looks evil to them.




Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on http://nolabelsnolies.com and http://gatewaytogold.com.