Taking Your Power Back By Playing a Game

Breaking through the wall

By Cathy Eck


FYI:  This is an advanced post that might not make sense if you’re new to letting go.

Stuck in Someone’s Beliefs

My blog readers aren’t heads of government, religions, or corporations.  They’re creative people who feel stuck in belief systems that were imposed upon them by others.  They often feel locked in a feminine role.

The majority of leaders and authority figures (even family leaders) see enemies and problems to be fixed in the people who play feminine roles beneath them.  They don’t realize that the problems and enemies they see actually exist ONLY in their own mind.  They speak as if the illusion that their mind created is real and true; it is for them.  We all see what we believe.  The false masculine thinks that its beliefs are God’s laws.  It rewards and punishes accordingly.

Our problems began when we believed our first false masculine leader or parent.  We began to see what they said we should see.  Life on earth has been this way for thousands of years.  It will change when we stop believing what others claim to see or know — when everyone admits that the Emperor is buck naked.

Here’s a game to help you escape the feminine role.  It’s challenging, and it’s designed to show you what to let go, to improve your discrimination, and to flip your mind back into the mental, True Self perspective.  Ultimately, we want letting go to become like driving — it’s mostly automatic.


The Game

See yourself in front of an audience consisting of difficult people from your life — people who judge you or want to control or fix you.  They can be people you know, authority figures, or imaginary people.  You can even invite God.  Let them speak one at a time.  Allow them to say what’s wrong with you or what you need to believe or be to please them.

I want you to see that what they say is their projection and their own level confusion.  Often they are looking only at what you are doing and judging their own beliefs about it.  Sometimes they don’t even see you.  Here’s an example:  One audience member looks at you and says, “You’re lazy.  You haven’t done anything lately.”  From the physical perspective, they’re right.  You’ve been doing lots of inner work.  But you aren’t allowed to tell them off, defend yourself, or react in this game.

First, you must recognize that they’re speaking from their physical perspective — the beliefs that form their illusion.   Notice how their comment feels to you.  You probably feel emotion; remember, the emotion means that what they said was FALSE.  If you take that emotion in and defend it, you enter their illusion.  You’re powerless because their illusion is a foreign land for you.  If you simply let go of their comment because it’s FALSE, your mind stays clear and free.

Take it slow.  You might feel lots of emotion regarding their comment.  You want to drain it all by witnessing it and remembering why you felt the emotion.  Don’t label the emotion anger, fear, or rage.  That just makes it real.  The emotion is simply saying that what they said was false.  That’s all!

You’ve been letting go a lot lately; and it’s true that you’re not doing much physical work.  But are you lazy?  Mentally, no.  In fact, mentally speaking, they’re lazy.  They haven’t let go of anything.  This is what frees you.  You see that they’re judging you from their physically oriented illusion.  They’re projecting their unwanted defect of mental laziness on you by confusing levels.  A person living from the mental perspective looks like an enemy to someone in the physically oriented illusion.  In the illusion, it’s all about what they see!

We all start life at the mental perspective; and as we accept physical perspective projections from others, we fall into their illusion.  By recognizing the error of the people who cast their stones upon us, we reverse our OWN fall.  Their fall is their problem.  Once you’re clear, you’ll have the words to explain yourself to them.  Or you’ll feel comfortable not responding at all.


Explain Yourself!

When we’re living from the mental point of view, we’re often asked by people in the illusion to explain ourselves.  People in the physical perspective don’t understand the mental perspective.  Often the only answer we have is that we did what felt right.  By untangling these two perspectives in your mind, you move out of right-wrong.  You no longer accept their projected judgment.  Their more limited physical perspective will only affect them if you let their beliefs go from your mind.

The trick to winning this game is to remember that what they say is what’s on their mind.  You must realize that neither their conviction, emotional projection, nor authority make their words true in the mental perspective.

Don’t go into their mind.   Keep watching your mind.  See what arises next.  In some instances, you’ll notice judgments toward them in your mind; and ideally, you’ll let them go even if they deserve the judgment.  If you let your judgments toward them go, you might just get to the True Self perspective and feel unconditional love for them.  You just see life from different perspective than they do.  Understanding cleans up that gap.  You’ll see them as powerless and lost — they’re in the fallen world.  You might want to help them, but you won’t want to fix them.  People fix others because they are afraid of them.  We help others because we care.

Your audience members can leave for two reasons:  1) They admit that they don’t want to let go; that’s fine but they must leave your mind (not necessarily your life).   2) They get it, and they let go.  They no longer belong in your audience of difficult people.  Your job is to clean out the entire audience.  That’s how you win the game.

8 thoughts on “Taking Your Power Back By Playing a Game

  1. Ryan says:

    I’ve read a few of your articles and am trying to piece together an understanding of your philosophy. If judging others only produces negative responses in them, and exerting control over others simply perpetuates a Master-slave mentality, how do parents best guide their children to become responsible, good adults? Especially as a father; my childhood is littered with male role models who spanked or yelled or intimidated their way to victory with their children. How can fathers avoid this and still create respect with their kids? How do we not appear weak or challengeable? How can we foster choice and freedom in them without giving them free reign over their actions, so to speak? Thanks for your insights.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Ryan,
      Well there is a lot more to read. The goal of a man was to be what was called a true masculine which was not a physical description, but a mental one. The best way to understand this would be to read the posts on roles. I think there is one on the True masculine. But the main issue is people are trained to see children as born defective and needing to be tamed and that’s just false. But children tend to give us what we believe, which is called projection. You’ll see posts on that too. Hope that gets you started. It’s not a short answer, which is why I wrote so much. Every post has a little more of the puzzle. Cathy

  2. Yana Kahn says:

    I stumbled on here from http://gatewaytogold.com/signs-of-spiritual-awakening/. I can say that I have a supportive family when it comes to true spiritual awakening (whether we take advantage of it depends on the person). I chose to stop serving ‘the man’ at least for a while and find myself. It has been two (2) years.. and I am close to removing the audiences from my life. There are others out there.. but I keep my circle small so as not to have a large audience. I think if we are true to ourselves we would not need guidance.. rather an affirmation/ just a little nudge that .. hey … we are not crazy.. we are not wrong… we are on the right track.

  3. john says:

    I have no audience and haven’t really for a long time now. Just discarding excess baggage as I see fit so to speak. I’m happier than I have ever been but still have plenty of stuff to sort. I love my existence and the gentleness of my natural flow, its speaks to me in the garden, in my quite moments and meditation. I’m finally coming to see what I’ve known all along……….for that I am so grateful and I give thanks every single day. Thank you Cathy, your words are beautiful and clear 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Hi John,
      You are certainly not my typical reader as most of my readers have big audiences. Sadly, most people have been criticized a lot, and they took in those criticisms as valid. I look forward to having no audience at all. I still have a few people in the world that I’m not sure I would feel comfortable being completely candid with (people in high levels of power mostly)…hopefully, they won’t read my blog until I am completely comfortable and they no longer exist in my audience as judges. LOL. Cathy

  4. Phil Schumacher says:

    I’ve got a big audience! Time to see who leaves and stays!

    • Cathy says:

      If you stay with it, everyone should be gone. But don’t be impatient. That can take a long time. Most of us have big audiences. You work on it a little at a time. Cathy

  5. stephanie says:

    Thank you

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