Living Outside the Box: Freedom

Getting outside the box

By Cathy Eck



Getting freedom is about living life outside the box that others call truth or reality.  Some people just accept the box, and they never give it another thought.  They even seem to enjoy life in the box.  But some of us don’t enjoy the box at all.  We want out.  So we try to physically remove ourselves from the box.  That doesn’t get us to freedom.

Some move to the country and buy lots of land.  They get off the grid, dump their phones and computers, and live with nature.

Others make lots of money.  They believe, “Money buys freedom.”  Their bank balance causes them to feel worthy.  They can go anywhere anytime by boat, plane, or driver.  They can buy drugs and plastic surgery to keep their mind calm and their body looking young.  They can eat expensive foods prepared by world-class chefs and work out with the best trainers and equipment so they can restrict their body from revealing their beliefs without feeling the lack that us normal folks feel.

Then there are the ones that falsely set themselves aside religiously.  They’re part of a group of chosen people.  They’re going to heaven; we won’t be with them.

Others separate themselves from the status quo with education or knowledge.  They become an expert.

We all want freedom from problems and people who want to control us.  We hide from those that drive us crazy.

We try to get free by changing or upgrading things in our physical world or setting boundaries.  But we aren’t really getting freedom that way; we’re only getting a little relief from the effects of our beliefs.  Running away to an island doesn’t free us.  Fixing effects will never get us freedom.  But don’t get me wrong.  Freedom isn’t about smiling from your prison cell either.

Most people want freedom, but they have a physical perspective so they try to get freedom by fixing their physical reality.  Their physical reality is simply the effects of their beliefs.  Until they eliminate their beliefs, freedom is impossible; life will prove that to them.   The reclusive will be annoyed by a bear who becomes a constant nuisance.  The rich person will find his money can’t buy him happiness.  The religious will wait their whole life for their chosen moment, and it will never happen.  The special diet and exercise will stop working one day.  The educated will find that their knowledge is false.  The crazy friends will come back in different bodies.


The Mental Perspective

True freedom is a perspective.  Freedom comes from within.  If our mind is free, our body and life will reflect that freedom.  The outer world becomes the effect of our free inner world.  When our mind becomes pure, we have no effects that need fixing anymore.

When we let go of our beliefs (our false self), we naturally move into the mental perspective.  We can see both sides of duality from this perspective.  So we want to have win-win interactions with others.  We become truly enlightened and free as our True Self.  Our false desires fade away.  We become like we were initially, at birth.

What we try to fix in the physical perspective is probably our biggest trap.  The one who runs away and hides in nature has a fear of people.  Relationship beliefs will keep them stuck even if their only relationship is that bear.

The billionaire’s trap is money.  For him or her to get free, they might have to lose it all.  It’s too easy for them to fix effects with money.  That’s why Jesus said that it was pretty damn hard for the rich person to get to heaven.

If we want to fix our body, then that’s our trap.  We have to stop the madness and start letting go.

If knowledge is our trap, we’ll keep seeking more and more knowledge only to find it’s all worthless currency.

The religious and spiritual get impatient waiting for their savior to come or the comet to destroy the earth.  They keep looking outside so they never discover their real savior inside.  They believe prophets when they have the best prophet inside — their True Self.  Shit, they’re the ones they are waiting for.

We can push away the entire world of people, but the crazies will still find us.  We all want to hide from those we perceive as powerful.  Let them come, but let go while you’re with them; you’ll diffuse their power.  They’ll probably leave you alone after that.  We ultimately have to recognize that the people with the most beliefs and emotions are actually powerless.  When we get that, they can’t hurt us anymore.  The one with the least beliefs has the most natural power; that’s why we were forced to submit as small children.  Our parents felt powerless around us when we reflected their beliefs.


Perspective Change

Freedom is a perspective change that happens from within once we discriminate using our emotions, let go of beliefs because they have an emotional warning that says they aren’t true, let go of listening to other’s knowledge, and let go of obeying or fearing false authority.  Slowly, we find that our perspective shifts from the physical view of the world to the mental view of the world.  We have the big picture.  We see clearly, and we know what path or direction to go in any moment.  We aren’t avoiding life; we’re really living life.  We’re creative.  We know everything we need to know.  We live where we want to live, and other false selves don’t bother us.  They’re probably afraid of us.  We do what we want to do with whomever we want to do it with.  The world even seems to support us in being who we are.

Oddly, we don’t feel special; we actually feel normal.  We have power, but not power over others.  We simply feel like our Self.  We feel free.

7 thoughts on “Living Outside the Box: Freedom

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Cathy, I had to laugh about how “the crazies will still find us”. I used to have a dire problem wtih crazies. I felt sorry for them and that I had a responsibility to be available to them in some way–and in the same moment I resented their very EYEBALLS for looking at me. Once I figured out that fhe feeling sorry was a big red flag I mostly stopped being “nice” to the crazies…and then they departed presumably for juicier hunting grounds.

    The very biggest freedom I can imagine in my life is to free myself from whatever beliefs operate to cause me to end up doing clerical jobs.. Being trapped in clerical work rattles me to the bone and causes anguish etc. Like nothing else it causes anguish. I have some creative work (this is what I want) that has not paid the rent yet and I’ve returned to temping. One week and I’m ready to hurl myself out the ground floor window and head for the hills. In your experience what kind of belief causes the repeated situation of ending up in jobs that you hate and even feel ashamed about?

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Mary,
      Don’t hurl yourself just yet. What you speak of is very common. There are many reasons. You can look at beliefs about hard work. Often we don’t think we should be paid for work we enjoy. Also, we have to let go of old ways we’ve made money. You see we believe we can make money like we did in the past. But new areas often have doubt. As you let go, it changes. But this one can take time if you have lots of work beliefs, and most of us do. Thanks for writing. Love, Cathy

      • Mary says:

        Thanks, Cathy. I know so many talented people who must have deadly beliefs about earning money. It is awful to see and awful to be in that group. Many years ago I worked at a concession stand at a big fair–I was on a roll being funny and I was killing one guy from Japan who was sitting at the counter. He kept yelling, “You smart! You going to make money!” I remember to this day the physical “NO I WON’T” I felt in my torso.

        When I decided to give my dream of my own brand of creativity a real shot it seemed to hold promise for an immediate $$ success (I got on TV and a rich investor gave me the modest amount of money I asked for as well negotiating a contract with a giant retailer) my best friend said, “are you going to be a millionaire?” I felt a muted “yes” in my torso. And then everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And now I’m back in the temp pool. It’s embarrassing too because people at the office I’m in recognized me and wondered out loud why I’m doing menial tasks as a temp when I am a talented creative who was exposed to millions of people!

        I believe I won’t make money and so I somehow energetically sabotaged a rare opportunity? This is deeply fucked up.

        • Cathy says:

          Yes you are clearly hearing your own beliefs and just believing him. I find that this is often connected to people getting involved in New Age or eastern crap. It keeps our old psychological reversals strong. We start to believe everything that Our mind says without discrimination.

          My prescription is always the same. Stop doing all the eastern and New Age things, and start listening to your mind. When it says something that is not taking you toward abundance, it’s lying. Let it go. Do not believe it even if it’s a great report of your reality or a logical reason. It should feel bad unless you are still really psychologically reversed. But if you just keep rejecting the crappy words, your emotions will start to line up again and you’ll be on your way. But I’m not joking when I say get away from all New Age and self-help type things. They keep the reversal in tact and make it almost impossible for the person to distinguish between their true self and false self voice.

          You obviously have talent that other people recognize. If you mute that nasty ass voice in your mind, by no longer believing it, and letting it go, you’ll find your abundance comes to you.

          And let me add one other thing. Abundance doesn’t always look like millions or billions of dollars. It looks more like you have everything you need and want whenever you need and want it. So don’t be confused by false self wealth. You might find your actually closer than you think. Love, Cathy

  2. Phil says:

    You know it’s funny because I could picture myself running to my little island when you said people go to their islands because they fear people. The funny part is even in the nature being away from people, I’d still see the bear being annoying – reflecting the same people who did things that I ran from. In my mind, i thought the bear and deer would be peaceful…but they were just as annoying…i couldn’t escape my mind.

    Now that I look within and clear out the mind, I actually see the bear and deer how I always wanted to in the first place…and even in a more beautiful way than I would have thought. I certainly still have mental cleaning to do still, but I’m noticing the changes from sweeping up my own beliefs and dumping them in the garbage.

    The best part is any problem I could ever have be it religion, money, knowledge or bears – I love being able to see that the solution comes from my own self instead of a Guru with ‘the answers’. I used to think you were like a Guru or something, but what I realize is you don’t tell me to fix anything. You don’t manipulate or force me to read any of this and yet I just keep asking questions. Is this what a Guru does? No, a Guru says what to do while everyone listens. This was a trick.

    I hope you keep putting out articles and blogs and more and more people find this stuff and ask more questions like me. At first, it felt like you were trying to get me to believe something…but what I really see is it was up to me to ask questions and I could leave at anytime. I think I saw deep down there is something more than what we are taught to believe. And you say it in a way that connects to me better than anyone else has ever said. Thank you for not being a Guru and instead a person who just speaks truthfully and honestly. At the end of the day I guess we all just get to choose what we want to believe!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Phil,
      You bring up a really good point. I’m really just documenting my own escape. I’m a travel guide and I sometimes have the answer because I already walked on the path and figured out which road to take. But people often think I’m selling a belief system until they realize that I really am telling them to let go of all of their beliefs including the belief that you can let go — eventually they won’t even need that one. I’d just like to have some free friends. That’s all. As we let go, the illusion doesn’t even bother us. It’s crazy! Love, Cathy

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Mary,
        Don’t hurl yourself just yet. What you speak of is very common. There are many reasons. You can look at beliefs about hard work. Often we don’t think we should be paid for work we enjoy. Also, we have to let go of old ways we’ve made money. You see we believe we can make money like we did in the past. But new areas often have doubt. As you let go, it changes. But this one can take time if you have lots of work beliefs, and most of us do. Thanks for writing. Love, Cathy

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