Buying Freedom or Earning Freedom

Freedom is earned, not bought

By Cathy Eck


Most people associate freedom with wealth or power.  There’s good reason for that.  The most joked about interpretation of the Golden Rule in the illusion is:  “Those with the gold make the rules.”


Buying Freedom

Recently, I saw a show on the History Channel about Billionaires.  They briefly addressed their mindset.  They said they have serious God complexes, and they believe they’re doing God’s work even if they’re robbing others blind or killing them.  They have a particular view of the world that they believe is true; and that view has them winning and most of us losing.

The show described this condition in several comical ways:  “Billionaires see themselves as the anointed landlords of the earth.  They see themselves as divinely appointed.  The world would stop spinning on its axis if they failed to exist.”

The show explained that billionaires look philanthropic and generous, but they have a motive with every dollar they spend.  Their charity is fixing what is wrong in their perspective of reality.  In other words, they’re fixing their own projection to perfect their OWN illusion.

The show even admitted that billionaires don’t want us vermin around; they’re now looking into a plan to build an exclusive floating island so they won’t belong to any country, won’t pay taxes, and will (in their mind) have achieved ultimate freedom.  But they’re living a lie; that’s not freedom.


Gaining Followers

Another illusory way to gain power and rule the world is to gain permanent followers for your perspective.  Religions, cults, and gurus create power for their beliefs through followers.   Luke Rhinehart wrote a book in the 70’s called “the Book of est.”  It described the mindset of est founder and leader, Werner Erhard.  Erhard borrowed ideas from eastern gurus and the infamous cult leader, L. Ron Hubbard.

“The est organization is not democratic (most American business organizations are not) but rather is authoritarian in the way that baffles many and antagonizes others. Warner Erhard expects staff members to be dedicated to serving est–which, because he and est are one and the same, mean serving him. Late in the fourth day of the training, the trainer explains that Werner is in essence a power source serving masses of people, and individual staff members supply Warner with additional power. The power flows up from graduates and staff, through Warner, out into the world. This is a perfectly reasonable way to explain the essentially Eastern phenomenon of a powerful being (usually a guru or spiritual teacher) attracting other powerful beings who nevertheless choose to channel their power through the leader” (Rhinehart, pg. 264-65).  


This is the way of the false god.  We’re so used to our reality being this way that we fall for the trick again and again.

Government authority uses a similar trick.  We send our power up to them believing they’ll take care of us.  People today are noticing that they aren’t doing a very good job of taking care of anyone but themselves.

Notice the flow of energy goes from the followers to the leaders.  This screams false leader; he will assure you that he has your back.  But the true leader operates from unconditional love; his/her energy flows like the sun to those below them in feminine roles.  True leaders constantly examine their projections and correct their own minds.  Lao Tzu said it best, A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”


Earned Freedom

The freedom that we gain from letting go is earned freedom; it’s real and indestructible.  Just as it takes time and effort to become a billionaire or grow millions of followers, letting go takes time and effort.  But here’s the difference.  The billionaire and the cult leader must retain their superior masculine position.  They must constantly lobby for top dog if they want their beliefs and rules to control everyone’s experience.  They consciously or unconsciously realize that they have no power in the feminine role.  They’ll do whatever it takes to stay in the masculine role — steal, kill, torture, silence.  They’re doing the “false god’s” work.

Letting go moves us into the realm of the True Self, beyond roles, which is ultimately more powerful than any religious leader, guru, government official, or billionaire.  We really do control our life because their beliefs aren’t in our mind anymore.   We can’t experience what we don’t believe.  The false gods aren’t our enemies; they’re powerless.  They’re own false self is the vermin they want to eliminate.

If we don’t let go of their rules and beliefs in our mind, we’ll fall under their control.  This is why we’ve had great men and women who took risks, but ended up in prison or dead.  They believed they were fighting a real enemy instead of a cartoon.  The movie, “Divergent,” has some great visuals of the power of knowing something isn’t true.  Readers of my blog tend to recognize their “divergent” True Self,  which the movie defines as a mind beyond control.  Divergence requires persistent letting go.  As we conquer this aspect of our false mind, we won’t fear stepping out and speaking the truth anymore.

When we understand true freedom, we understand why it’s worth pursuing, and why it’s completely fair.  The wealthy person and the religious leader or guru are also bound by their own version of the false God.  By letting go, we move beyond their false illusion into real freedom, a place with no boundaries — the realm of our True Selves.

The best indicator of true freedom is that people work together and harmonize.  They don’t play status games.  Everyone is unique, valuable, and worthy.  In true freedom, people aren’t afraid of each other; they don’t harm others.  They’re too busy creating.  And while the billionaire and the guru do get to do what they want, they still fear the vermin outside the commune or mansion (their projections).  Their freedom is an illusion.

6 thoughts on “Buying Freedom or Earning Freedom

  1. Tia/Thia/Gidget says:

    Recently I went online and looked up articles on people ranting about how much they hate their jobs, because I hate my job. I don’t know what the hell I thought I was going to accomplish by doing that, it just made me feel frustrated and hopelessly stuck afterwards. I guess I wanted to see if anyone got out of their hopeless job situation and found a way to do what they love. I wanted to find success stories that would prove to me that it could be done, that if it was possible for them it could be possible for me too.

    Well I didn’t find any of those success stories, but I found a book called “How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man” by Mary Elizabeth Croft.

    In it she talks about how the national debt is an illusion and how the elite/government has tricked us all into labouring to pay off this debt that was never ours to repay because we didn’t cause it. She talks about loopholes in the commerce system. At first I was sceptical. I thought she might be a conspiracy theorist. But she seemed to have a lot of the same veiws as you.

    Here’s a quote from the book:

    “Please stop ‘working for a living’.
    We can no longer afford to work. When one fails to “make ends meet”, he is tempted to correct the effect
    instead of the cause so he tends to get more work – which appears to create more income, rather than to work
    less which will, in fact, heal the cause. To make the problem of the Commerce Game disappear completely,
    we will have to quit “work” altogether and begin to do what we love and serve others by doing that. Unless
    you are working for yourself or your friend or your family, you are supporting corporations which are
    destroying our lives, our fellows, and our planet. Only the elite could come up with the concept of ‘slave-
    labour’ – such an ingenious way to control the masses. As long as we continue to “work”, believing we
    were meant to “earn our living”, we will not be free.”

    She also has a website called

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Thia,
      Well she’s a mess. That is nothing like me. I never tell anyone not to work. She’s completely in the physical and thinking she is seeing the cause when she’s seeing a physical cause. Big business is not the problem. Did you see my post on Gatewaytogold Facebook page yesterday (2/9/16) about Floyd. Disney is big business. But Floyd didn’t give up who he was at all for Disney. He wasn’t impacted by the system, and that was mostly to do with him. But it was also to do with the fact that Walt was creative.

      I’ve worked for wonderful businessmen. I would never have traded that experience. If you still hold the false God idea in mind, then you end up working for such clowns. So I’d let that go.

      You don’t get out of hating your job by doing something or putting beliefs in your mind. You do it by letting go of the judgments you have about your work. If they generate emotions in you, then follow that emotion to find the causal thought. Remember the cause is always mental. If someone says the cause is outside of you, run. Don’t read their shit. They are deep in get illusion. They are listening to a false masculine and want you to too. Use each job as a platform for letting go; it will get you to freedom faster. It’s about purifying your mind.

      I don’t see what her solution is…go on welfare, move to a cave? What is she saying? Work is just a place where we can experience the effects of our thinking. If we are in a false role, that thinking won’t be pleasant. But it will give us lots to let go. So it is never, ever a waste. I’ve had some crazy jobs to pay bills while doing this work. It was never a waste. It was practice in being myself in places that I thought I couldn’t be myself. That’s how we get free. Love, Cathy

      • Tia/Thia/Gidget says:

        Thank you Cathy. While I was reading the book she used a lot of the same phrases and words that you do so I was curious to see if she held the same wisdom. Boy was I off! I did some more research on her after this post that confirmed her being a mess.
        Something did feel off while I was reading parts of her book.
        I think it has tons of level confusion and true and false mixed together. That’s what threw me. She’d tell story after story of how she used the commerce systems loopholes to legally get out of paying taxes or to get money. Then she’d sprinkle in wise quotes from other people and talk about how we’re supposed to be making a living from doing what we love. It was basically just a book on how to beat the elite at their own game. That was the problem. I don’t want to win their game, I want out of the game!

        • Cathy says:

          Yep you got it now Thia. It’s the same trick all the spiritual teachers use. It messes with our mind. Good practice though. Now you can see it. Love Cathy

  2. I loved this blog of buying freedom. It reminds of the ABC show Shark tank where all the false gods look down on the silly men and women who think the sharks are going to help. More of the illusion. Letting go as you say must be earned belief by belief. KEEP LETTING Go………

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your comment Brian. Yes, that’s funny it is like Shark Tank. Once you have the knowledge of how the system works and the contacts, you decide what products live and what ones die. Cathy

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