How Roles Affect Letting Go (Part II – Feminine Role)

Masculine Role

By Cathy Eck


Feminine Role

In the Feminine Role, we let go of the beliefs that our authorities/experts impose on us.

We act as their reflection until we let go. 


Read the above words related to the feminine role.  See why no one wants to be feminine?  When roles were created by the patriarchy, they modeled the masculine after the sun.  The feminine role was modeled after the moon, which is nothing without the sun’s reflection.

Positive thinking, affirmations, even logic, etc. don’t work for the feminine role because the feminine role doesn’t appear to have power to change their mind.  Often, as a feminine reflection, we don’t hear any words or beliefs; we only feel the emotion related to the belief.  People often say, “I can’t find the causal beliefs.  I just feel endless emotions.”  That means they’re stuck deep in a feminine role.  They’re the effect of an authority’s beliefs.

Psychology was mostly developed by men.  When therapists view projection, they believe that everyone projects.  But when we’re in the feminine role, we don’t project, we receive.  If you want to drive someone insane, tell them they’re projecting when they’re actually receiving your projection.  It feels like you’re in the movie Gaslight.  We’ll search our mind endlessly to find out how we’re projecting and won’t find the answer.  In a moment of personal desperation, I decided to follow my emotions.  Eventually, I ended up at the causal belief in what felt like the person’s mind who played the masculine role and said I was projecting on them.  Could I let this go?  Did I have the right to let go of what appeared to be his thought?  Damn right, I did, and then I felt relief like I ‘d never felt before.  I’d accidentally discovered the secret to letting go from the feminine role.


Confusing Masculine Program

There’s a confusing program that exists in almost every masculine false mind (we all have one).  When the masculine role is projecting, they often blame the feminine role for what they are doing.  For example, I had someone say that I rejected them.  I didn’t think I rejected them, but they were sure I did.  After I understood this false-self pattern and roles, I saw that they were rejecting me while telling me I was rejecting them.  Once you can recognize this pattern, you’ll find your sanity level goes up dramatically.

The means to exit feminine roles was hidden because people in masculine roles need the feminine to be powerless so they have a nice projection screen for their shadow.  They won’t let us off the hook; we must let ourself off the hook.  

At first, this feels strange almost like you’re cheating or doing something devious.  That’s part of the trap; you have every right to delete anything you want from your mind.  It often feels like you’ve gone into another person’s mind.  But you’re actually still within your own masculine mind aspect, which has become the mirror image of the mind of the person in the masculine role.

Freedom from feminine roles requires using your emotions as they were designed.  As long as the feminine role thinks they’re flawed because they have emotions, they’re stuck.  When people in feminine roles realize that their emotions will lead them to the causal belief, and they can let that belief go, they have power.  Real power.  Nothing is incurable or impossible once we realize this.  The feminine regains it’s power over everyone and everything.  The masculine role loses its competitive advantage; it’s exposed.


The Process

First, we witness (watch) our emotions (not wallow in them).  The emotion is our feminine mind aspect within the illusion.  It’s the reflection or effect of the masculine false self.  So as we witness the emotion, we’re actually following the emotion to the causal belief.  Eventually, you’ll hear beliefs arise, and those are causal beliefs. Let them go even if they seem absolutely true.  Keep doing this until there’s no more emotion.  Sometimes the causal beliefs feel like they’re in our mind.  Other times, it will feel as if we’ve left our mind and entered the mind of the person in the masculine role.  Clairvoyants see this as cords of energy between the cause and effect.  Remember, we’ve actually never left our own mind.  You’ll see this with practice.

I usually address the beliefs I want to let go in words.  I’d say, “This belief doesn’t feel good (since I feel emotions), it isn’t true, so I’m letting go of my father’s belief that I’m lazy.”  That is how I do it.  There are no magic words.  I’m simply reminding myself of the truth — beliefs that generate emotion are false.  When we realize the belief isn’t true, it goes.  Other people use visualization or other words.  How you remove the belief is up to you.  Be creative; use your strengths.

Letting go from the feminine role doesn’t just improve our life, it improves the world.  But it does take practice, courage, willingness, and time.  As you get proficient, you can remove causal beliefs you accepted from any authority in your past or present.  If you feel like you’ve lived past lives, you can even take the causal belief out of yourself or others in the other life.  I used to do this in hypnotherapy sessions.  Now I teach people to do it themselves consciously.

Be patient!  The first time I did this, it probably took an hour or more before I heard the causal belief.  I decided that I was going to sit my ass down and follow the emotion until it took me to the cause.  I was willing to sit for days if necessary.  Fortunately it didn’t take that long.  When you succeed, you won’t believe the relief you’ll feel.

When we find the cause of our emotions and remove it, the emotions no longer have a purpose.  They disappear.  We become peaceful and calm.  We feel like a small part of us was reborn.



6 thoughts on “How Roles Affect Letting Go (Part II – Feminine Role)

  1. Paul Loredo says:

    I’ve been waiting to see if it is as easy as creating a useful mantra. I’m taking it a step further and not dignifying the cause of my emotion (or belief) by mentioning it in my mantra…I already know what that is.

    I have so many questions I’d like to ask you but like you’ve said or quoted..”The answer is always within.” I have uncovered a lot on my own lately!! Thanks for pointing my back in my own direction.

    • Cathy says:

      Well thanks, I do think I would have made a good traffic director. Still might do that one day.

      Mantras are of the false self. The True Self already knows it all and is already completely positive. So if you really pay attention when you say a mantra, you are keeping the false self busy so you can sneak around it, like you’re trying to trick a stupid castle guard. But you aren’t letting anything go. Much better to find out what the guard’s weakness is, and take him down. Then go inside and sit and chat all day long with the king. Cathy

  2. danny says:

    Thank you Cathy, just yesterday I was angry at my kids because they are having snacks all the time just before dinner and I was cooking dinner. I sat down for a moment and let my thoughts out in the paper. It turns out when I was young I kind of force my self not to have snack especially when my parents offer it to me. I was not having a relationship with my parents back then, so I want to punish my parent by saying NO every time my parent offer me a snack! Can you believe that? 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      I can believe that. It is very strange how the mind stores these things, as if we’ll need them in the future.
      Good job Danny

  3. Julie Trump says:

    Oh golly, twice it happened to me in my youth that the boyfriend with whom I was living accused me of cheating on him. It was a blatant lie! But nothing I said could convince him otherwise. Come to find out…he was cheating on me! And was mad at me for it! Now it makes sense.

    • Cathy says:

      Isn’t it amazing when you see this, and you say “Dah! I suffered so much when I wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Welcome to the illusion where people all blame others for doing to them what they are doing. Cathy

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