Discriminating Between a Belief and the Truth

Truth or Beliefs

By Cathy Eck


The Lie in Belief

Somewhere around the 14th century, the word belief, as we spell it today, became part of the English language.  Prior to that time, the word “lie” wasn’t within it.  I guess we’ll never know if it was intentional or just an accident.  But I like to imagine some rebellious genius saw through the illusion and somehow caused that change in spelling.  I like to imagine him with his buddies laughing over a beer at what he’d managed to do without the powerful church ever noticing his little trick.

You don’t need to learn the truth.  You came to earth hard-wired with it.  What you need to do is let go of the beliefs that veil the truth.  


The distinction between the truth and a belief is so important.  People use the terms incorrectly all the time.  They aren’t interchangeable.  For example, people will say, “I believe everyone is born good.”  No, that is the truth.  But then that same person will say, “Sin sends you to hell.”  Now that is a belief; but if you question them, they’ll say, “It’s the truth.”

People also confuse reality with truth.  What happens in our lives, i.e, reality, is the effect of the truth plus our beliefs.  Reality isn’t the same as truth.  Our reality is a mess because of our beliefs.  Remove the beliefs, and reality will reflect the truth.

Now I’m not talking about changing our language to simply say the word that we need to make our point.  That’s deception; and too many people have mastered the deceptive arts.


What is Truth?

What people find if they completely let go or if they have a near-death experience is always unconditional love.  So truth includes love.  Freedom fits nicely into truth since unconditionally loving people always give others their freedom.  Peace and joy also coexist with truth.  Words like unity, omnipotence, or eternal refer to the unchangeable element of truth.

At some point, thought, or logos according to the Greeks, became divided.  Opposites like black and white or male and female, or concepts like color and musical tones are examples of division of thought. Division was originally for creative purposes.  This sort of division, called first-cause creation, was considered true and good.  Genesis I describes this creative act and attributes it to God.


Judgment Arrives

But look at what happens when judgment is added in Genesis II (also attributed to God).  The Creator God rests, and a new God emerges.  In human terms this happens to all of us when our false self becomes more powerful than our True Self.  Thought is now divided into good and evil, creating the potential to harm.  Judgment isn’t God-like; it’s a human false-self quality.  Thus, the word belief (with the word lie included) fits perfectly.  Beliefs are technically divided thought plus judgment.

The Bible is filled with judgment; thus it can’t be completely the word of the Genesis I God or of truth.  It’s a collection of stories about humans who mixed truth and beliefs as we still do today.  However, if it’s properly interpreted, Bible stories can show us what to let go and how to discriminate in order to return to our God-like pure mental state.

Our minds are hard-wired to hold on to the truth so our minds will hold on to a lie if it’s relabeled as truth.  However, if you recognize that a belief is just a lie, you can let it go.  The True Self sorts thought based on the criteria of true and false; the false self sorts thought based on good and evil.  It’s actually very simple.  This realization removes the false power from religion and politics.  Can you see why this was kept secret?



The hot topic of today’s believers is that being gay is a sin.  They say that it’s in the Bible so it’s true.  But they’re judging another so they’re completely in belief.   Their error is in believing the Bible contains only truth.

False selves want to keep beliefs alive, and they do that by getting others to agree or disagree.  Fighting over beliefs keeps them alive; ignoring them allows them to die a natural death.

We’d have no problem if people simply realized that minds were meant to be individual creative containers of thought.  Our beliefs were meant to affect only our life.  But people control others by forcing their beliefs on them.  They do this to make their beliefs more powerful.

Priests devote their entire lives to religious study; yet they don’t fear being gay.  They don’t fear going to hell.  When they’re caught, they’re not even punished.  Sin was a human-made belief.  What constitutes a sin was human crafted to suit the needs of the leaders.  Eating meat on Friday used to be a sin; then it wasn’t.  People change their minds, not God.

Beliefs take us away from our True Self and place us in the religion-made illusion.  The illusion in the extreme is the only hell.   Once we let go of good and evil, we can clearly see the religious perspective as a limitation.


The Way Out

Here’s the good news.  If you don’t believe something, it doesn’t affect you.  When you remove any belief from your mental container, you’re free of it.  Since you can’t let go of the truth, you cannot possibly screw this up.

Ultimately that is how I found out what was true.  For many years, I simply let go of all the beliefs that I learned from religion, education, medicine, food and nutrition, disease, education, etc. and then I noticed what was left — love, freedom, peace, joy, harmony, creativeness.

The path to heaven is paved with discrimination.  It’s the most important skill we can acquire on earth.  When we understand what is true, and we reject that which is false, then the distance between heaven and earth decreases until one day they are the same place.



Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on https://nolabelsnolies.com and http://gatewaytogold.com.