The Cross Process: How Creation was Designed

The Cross Process

By Cathy Eck


There were many events that pushed me on to my life path — but one of the highlights had to be the night I dreamed “The Cross Process.”  My focus at the time was learning how God creates.  I was highly dissatisfied with the mental, new age, and religious techniques for creation that I had been taught.


First-Cause Creation

If you read my blog, you’re no stranger to the triangle process.  Once you master the triangle process, you want to create because the very essence of the True Self is creation.  But how does a True Self create without dipping into the bottom of the triangle?  The Cross Process answer that question.

Just like the triangle process, the top of the cross represents the True Self, unity, oneness, God, unconditional love, and freedom — all things without opposites.  As an element, it is associated with air or spirit.  For creation to occur, we must divide pure thought.

You can see these black words because they’re on a white background.  If it was black words on a black background, I wouldn’t be able to share my creation with you.  So we divide pure thought into two halves in order to create.  In first-cause creation the two halves are cooperative.  Male and female, fire and water, yin and yang, or positive and negative (as electrical charges) are cooperative opposites.  I later learned that the initiates called this first-cause creation.


Second-Cause Creation

Creation with opposites (bottom of the triangle) that include judgment such as right and wrong, good and evil, dominance and submission, or win and lose were called second-cause creation.  This was considered occult and evil to the initiates.  But it was widely practiced by leaders who declared themselves Lords.  They were magicians who powerfully projected fear-based thought into the minds of their minions.

The idea of eating from the Tree of Good and Evil was about eating from the second-cause tree.  It’s true that God would have suggested that we don’t eat from this tree, which means that God would also suggest that we stay the hell away from religion, the creator of good and evil.  But God didn’t stop us because like prodigal children, we are welcome to venture out and come back.  We just have to start eating from the Tree of Life again if we want to hang out in Eden.


The Effect

The bottom point of the cross is the effect.  It is associated with the earth element.  As you know, initiates never touched the effect.  The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce spoke the initiate’s perspective perfectly when he said, “Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and physical is the result.”  If physical is simply the result of what you build in mind, it makes no sense to fix it.

The arms of the cross (or tree) are the essence of creation.  We decide whether our creation comes from the Tree of Life or the Tree of Good and Evil by how we split pure thought.

Let’s say that you want to build a house.  The True Self enters the cross of creation at the top.  The bottom is the result or effect.  Just like our physical arms do physical creation work, the arms of the cross do the mental creation work.  We use words (or images) as symbols for the mental creation process.  I find it easiest to use male and female or fire and water words.  Maybe our first thought is that we want the process to be fast (fire) and smooth (water).  We want our house to be sturdy (masculine) and relaxing (feminine).  If we could stay in first cause, the house would manifest with ease.

But our false self kicks in, and we bring our second-cause beliefs into the picture.  We pop expensive house (win for him) and a slowly leaking bank account (lose for us) on the arms of the cross.  With each second-cause belief that we place on our cross, the process becomes heavier.  The situation becomes grave, meaning our pure life force is slowly dying.  The result now reflects our beliefs.  Then we fix the result because we feel at a loss to change things.

To get back on track, we must move back to first cause and let go of the second-cause beliefs that have arisen.  In that way, the result returns to perfection.  Our True Self can’t create anything less than perfection, but our false self can make a mess of anything.


Creation in Relationships

Our relationships follow the same pattern.  Let’s say that we give birth to a child or meet someone new, and they are a perfect creation.  Then we allow our second-cause beliefs to shape our new creation.  We see them through veiled, flawed eyes until they match our beliefs about people; and they start to feel that we don’t see them at all.  They run like hell.

Most of us have felt smothered by someone’s beliefs shaping our mind and body.  After awhile, we can’t remember who we are.  We arrived as a True Self creation until we were molded into a false self by others who said they loved us.


The Practice

The easiest way to understand True Self creation is to play with the Cross Process.  Take any desire and make a True Self cross.  Then get honest and make a reality cross, honestly admitting what you’re currently experiencing.  The difference between the two crosses are your beliefs.  As you let the beliefs go, the first-cause cross seems more possible; the false-self, second-cause cross changes.   When the two crosses are the same, the desire must manifest perfectly; it can’t be any other way.

It isn’t a quick fix for sure.  But each time we succeed in creating in this way, we free part of our mind until one day we are back in Eden eating from the Tree of Life.


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