Win-Win and Our Bodies

An apple a day

By Cathy Eck


People often write to me asking for help with physical problems.  My body has been a huge challenge for me, mostly because the illusion is filled with beliefs about our bodies; and people in my life had rigid body beliefs and enormous trust in experts.  I, on the other hand, found the things that people do to fix their bodies repulsive.  I’ve had a lot to let go, and I’m not done.  But I do know where I’m going.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

The illusion is physically or effect oriented.  We see something wrong in our bodies, and we go to an expert.  We trust whatever they diagnose.  We put their knowledge in our mind and hope it fixes our problem.  We ignore the fact that experts see what they believe — projection.

We ignore our True Self’s wisdom and our own emotional discrimination that’s probably screaming at us.  We’ve given false masters dominion over our body in so many ways, usually out of fear.  Until we confront our fears, they lie under the surface waiting to trap us one day.  We’re playing the health lottery; and the odds of winning are decreasing every day.

Fixing the effects of our false thinking causes slow mental degradation.  We dive even deeper in the illusion every time we fix effects.  We’ve given our money and power to someone else; we’ve put them in a false masculine role over us without realizing it.  We’ll need them again because the cause isn’t really gone.  Eventually, we’ll encounter a problem that no expert can solve.  If we have no awareness of our True Self, that problem will kill us or severely deteriorate our quality of life.  It’s insane that we call that normal.

When the illusion wins, we ALL lose because everyone has fueled beliefs.  It gets harder for anyone to break free.  It’s imperative that we stop feeding the illusion.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying to go cold turkey regarding fixing bodily effects.  Sometimes we have to fix or minimize the effects to get rid of enough fear to let go.  The best way to fix a bodily problem is to follow what we believe.  But later, when things calm down, we should look for the cause and let it go.



Start with the easy stuff.  Recently I saw a quiz on Facebook that said, “Are you toxic?”  I knew what it would ask:  How often do you work out?  Do you drink?  Smoke?  How many servings of fruit and vegetables do you eat daily?  Do you eat fast food?  As I suspected, all the questions were physically oriented.  State of mind was ignored completely.

Health is the illusion’s new religion.  Athletes and models are our false Gods.  We deem their bodies perfect and strive to look like them.  Whatever makes them beautiful, we’ll buy and copy.

We’re hard wired to trust beautiful people.  But we must make sure that we know what beautiful really looks like.

According to the Facebook quiz, everyone should feel guilty and buy cleanses and diet plans and hire personal trainers.  When we’re told what to do, we’ll either rebel or blindly follow.  Either way, we’re supporting the illusion.  We’ll never find the top of the triangle.  The false God is a marketing genius.

This is hard for many people to see.  If they’ve fixed something with knowledge, a program, or practice, they don’t feel the discord of their own beliefs and knowledge anymore.  They judge those who aren’t fixing their effects in the same way.  They’ve projected out their definition of wrong on to those who eat wrong (in their opinion) or don’t work out.  If they stop their practice, their projection will come right back to them.  When we fix effects, we have to keep the belief in the fix alive.



If we get to our True Self perspective, we’ll eat and do what’s right for us.  The ancient people said that the body was the effect of the mind.  If we let go of all body beliefs, we’ll end up bodily wise and beautiful.  However, I suspect that we’d not recognize such beauty today.

Let’s design this toxicity test from the ancient perspective:  Do you love drama?  Whine?  Judge others or yourself?  Do you criticize your body?  Do you fix the effects of your body’s problems?  Do you hold rigid food and exercise beliefs?  Do you believe experts over your True Self?  If so, you’re mentally toxic to yourself and others.  You’re perpetuating the illusion of health and beauty.

Real transformation comes from the inside out.  It’s slow; we go through an awkward stage that makes us constantly want to turn back.  We find more beliefs than we can even imagine.

The mental test represents a perspective that heals the mind and the body; the physical test fixes only the body/effect.  Jesus himself said, “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” (King James Matthew 15:11)  I like to quote that when my Christian friends behave like food police — shuts them up in a hurry.

The mental win-win perspective is fair to everyone.  The homeless person can practice letting go and be healthy, beautiful, and happy just like the rich person.  Everyone can be uniquely beautiful.

Someone who wants to hold on to their false self won’t like the mental test.  But it’s time for those who benefit from the illusion to lose their false power.  Sadly, the people who say they love us and care for us are often the ones killing us with their rigid beliefs.  As we muster the courage to challenge their beliefs, our body relaxes and heals.  Our True Self stays in power; and we return to our natural state of health, joy, and beauty.



4 thoughts on “Win-Win and Our Bodies

  1. Ashley says:

    This reminds me of a blog article I read by this woman who had recovered from food allergies… Well, more specifically “Celiac’s disease.”

    A friend of hers was getting married and Mexico. And as she thought about the trip, she grew agitated at the thought of having to keep a special diet at the hotel. Her life involved making time-consuming arrangements as to avoid accidentally consuming gluten.

    She decided she was tired of this and she wanted to change it. She started seeing a hypnotherapist and practicing EFT. And, sure enough, she turned off the gene.

    As I read her story, I thought two things: 1. Wow, our minds ARE really powerful. And 2. That sucks that she had to go through all the trouble of healing her gut and eating a special paleo diet for 3-4 years first.

    She was adamant on the blog that she didn’t just jump into hypnotherapy –– she went through the long process of healing her body first (her words, I’m paraphrasing). I think she was emphasizing that she did the physical healing work because she knew there would be a lot of pissed off people in the natural health community who would feel threatened by what she did.

    And I just thought –– why couldn’t she have gone straight to the mind in the first place?

    Too much fear I suppose. She described herself crying in the therapist’s office as she contemplated eating a piece of bread that was in front of her.

    I’ve recently added some foods back into my diet that I took out because someone in authority had told me were “bad.” Eggs and tortilla chips to be specific. I haven’t noticed any changes since doing this and if anything, I’ve felt better!

    I struggled for quite a while researching healing diets. None of them felt good. I had a huge amount of resistance to them — they felt like prison sentences. At the time, I wondered if I was just being a “baby” and if I needed to suck it up. Now, I see that my emotional guidance system was telling me — this is wrong!

    Thanks for another great article.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Ashley
      You bring up a very good point with your comment. I realized earlier in this process that people would see that they were being bullshitted by their doctor or their priest etc. but they were afraid to say to the person, “You are wrong.” This fear keeps them from admitting that something that is harmful to them is just a belief. We think we can’t tell an authority that they are dead wrong. Many of the people writing and speaking today have a major contribution to make to the rest of the world. But their contribution loses all of its power because of their own fear of authority. Unless you are willing to face your authority figures and say, “No,” “That’s not true.” You will beat around the bush. And this is what most of the techniques out there do. They don’t go to the causal belief, they simply try to get rid of emotion. And the reason is the fear of authority. If you go to the causal beliefs, you must be courageous enough to say religion is bullshit, the medical community is complete bullshit, etc. Often people don’t want to give up their doctor’s label even though they know it feels terrible and it is wrong because of the fear of admitting that their expert is wrong. In that case, it is hard to help them heal.

      The key to making the illusion stick is respect and obedience to people who are lying. And we sadly are often far too good at doing that. We have to trust our True Self again much more than we trust anyone outside of us. But people come to realize the very thing that I love about what I do, except they don’t love it. People do honor their true Self in time in my world, and I become unnecessary. If I was out for the money, I would not like that. I would want dependence and want them to stay small. But I want my freedom, and to get free myself, I have to keep freeing others. So I love when people see their power and assume a strong role in their life. I encourage the people I work with to mentor others and to be one who declares the emperor naked. But this is where the confusion comes from. Great point. Thanks for writing, Cathy

  2. Cathy,

    What a great blog. With the world cup insanity going on around here. I felt it was time to put their DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ALL PEOPLE TO THE TEST. What do they mean when they say we are against discrimination. Are they saying not to be discriminating in your thinking or is it again only to focus on effects. No judgement no lies . I think this is exactly what is going on . A real reversal of thinking and action.

    I am finding it all very silly, like most things I see all around me.

    Truth does set us free. Not the lies and games to continue the win in
    this illusion. Body beautiful is really a lie . We all need to let go of these
    kinds of lies. Health , Abundance and Freedom are just a let go away.



    • Cathy says:

      I’m not sure Brian as I don’t watch the world cup stuff, but this stuff can often get confusing. I often post things on Facebook about finding the truth or letting go. Often the most raging Fundamentalists and conservatives will like my post. They think they have the truth. This confounded me for such a long time. How do I know I’m not making the same mistake? Truth is I don’t really know for sure. But what I do know is that their beliefs would harm most of the world. They are not win-win. They are a win for them. If everyone let go of their beliefs, it would be win-win. We’d all agree. So if they want us to discriminate to think like them, then they need to discriminate. Remember, the false selves always tell us that we should do are are doing what it is really doing. Cathy

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