Freedom and Death are in Different Realities

Heaven isn't in the clouds

By Cathy Eck


Fear of Freedom

A long time ago, religion did a very clever thing.  They associated freedom and reward with death.  This confusion keeps many people from pursuing the path of initiation.  Those who are on the path to freedom have to deal with the beliefs that were planted by those who don’t want freedom for everyone.  These beliefs are often laced with enormous amounts of fear…making them look very true.


How We Get Tricked

Recently my dad sent me a very cute picture of a four-year old boy and his huge dog.    A story followed that was designed to tug at our heart-strings (I just realize I have no fucking clue what a heart-string is).  The dog had cancer, and the parents decided to put him down.  After it was done, the vet got tears in his eyes.  He said, “This is never easy.  I hate doing it.”  Now that’s a sign that he shouldn’t be doing it, but that isn’t the lesson in this story.  Then the vet said, “I love animals.  Why do they live such short lives?”  The boy answered confidently.  “My dog learned unconditional love; humans take a longer time to learn it.”  

So did you get sucked in?  Most reading this would immediately think “Oh, the wisdom of children.”  The reality is, “Oh how quick they brainwash the children.”  The statement sounds lovely, but it implies that once we learn unconditional love, we have no reason to be here.  It implies that no living human is unconditionally loving.  This is the world this child was being trained to see?

The example demonstrates how we get hooked into many illusory beliefs. I see these kind of heart-string quotes nearly every day on social media.  The words sound nice; however, most people don’t think about what the quotes really mean.

I often ask the people who I mentor what scares them about freedom?  Most think they’ll die.  They’ve been trained that freedom and heaven are the same.  Others say they’ll be poor and lonely.  Some believe that freedom means they’ll be an outcast or homeless.  My personal favorite is the one that says you don’t get rewarded until you die.  This is very helpful to people who need slaves to do their heavy lifting so they can drink tea and eat bonbons all day.  We can thank religion for most of these disempowering beliefs.  Few people notice that the very people who tell them to delay gratification aren’t delaying their own gratification.  There are a lot of Jesus-following churches that are very rich; but no one sees the irony in that.


Choose Your Mentors Wisely

You don’t want someone to mentor you who’s afraid of freedom.  Years ago, I was desperate to find ways to get freedom from beliefs.  I knew how to discriminate, but I didn’t yet know how to let go.  I read about this new thing called Voice Mapping and decided to try it.  At first, I did great or so I thought.  Now, I suspect that it was more my belief that the machine would get rid of beliefs, along with my clear discrimination and a well-crafted brochure.

The operator was Mormon.  We decided to take a break because I hit a road block.  My mind just wouldn’t let go.  She told me that she’d been thinking about her deceased husband during my session.  “Hum,” I thought, “I wonder if this affected my ability to let go.”

I asked her what he died from.  “He died quickly,” she said.  “He figured out who he was — a gay man.  He came out of the closet.  He suddenly became unconditionally loving and wise.  God didn’t need him on this planet anymore.”

“That is ridiculous,”  I responded in an unkind tone of voice “When we are unconditionally loving we can live fully, help others, and create, create, create.  You are full of shit.”  She smiled as she said, “He asked the Bishop why he felt so alive; and the Bishop said, his job on earth was done.”  He died soon after that.

I realized why my mind wouldn’t let go.  Her beliefs linked unconditional love with death.


The Truth

I sometimes wonder if Gandhi, John Lennon, or Martin Luther King felt their love made them unnecessary on earth.  Too often, the wrong people leave the planet.  Is that why people say the good die young?

Here is the truth, and you know this in your heart.  You don’t need me to say it, but I will anyway.  Heaven is on earth.  The truth was covered up with a political/religion-generated illusion.  When we reach the state of freedom and unconditional love, we get wise.  We see the illusion for what it is.  We become enlightened.  If we stayed on earth, we’ll expose the illusion.  We’ll help to free others.  Most people become very angry when they see the illusion.  And I feel that anger is what often kills them.

We can’t fix the illusion or fight it.  It’s hard not to become angry when we see the pain and suffering caused by those who say they care about us.  But anger and fear  don’t create change.  They are the fuel of the illusion.  They harm us.

We have to remember the illusion is false and keep letting go.  We must remember the anger is saying that whatever we’re seeing in the illusion isn’t true.  Emotions expose the illusion, which is why they’re labeled bad.  If we keep letting go…if we keep staring poverty and sickness and harmful beliefs in the eye and declaring them untrue, then we are committing a sin in the eyes of religion…we’re heretics bringing heaven back to earth.  We’re exposing their lies…freeing the world.  That takes courage and unconditional love.

Sorry little boy.  You’re cute as hell, but you’ve been brainwashed.  The kryptonite of the illusion is unconditional love.  The purpose of life is to become unconditionally loving to live, create, and be free — not die.

2 thoughts on “Freedom and Death are in Different Realities

  1. Thea says:

    “It’s hard not to become angry when we see the pain and suffering caused by those who say they care about us.”

    That line really resonated with me. I’m at this stage where I see beliefs in my head that were imposed on me by my family, the people who say they care about me. The fact that they taught me to believe so much bullshit and have no idea of the damage it caused me is what drives me crazy! I was told, and I quote, “We’re your parents, *we’d never steer you wrong*”. It’s like someone who thinks their hugging you, but they’re actually kicking you in the face. It’s insanity!

    I know my parents aren’t evil people, I feel that they do want what’s best for me, but what they think is best for me is the same as what other false authority figures in their lives lied about was best for them.

    I’m a junior in high school and I’m trying to motivate myself to push until senior year. In senior year I will be able to pick classes I actually want to do. It’s sounds worth it, I only have to push until until June 6th, but I just don’t have the energy to bother with school anymore. My mind won’t focus. I get irritable at the mere mention of schoolwork.

    All I want to do is write, paint, and draw. I want to learn how to play the guitar create music, I want to learn how to sow and fashion my own clothes, I want to go outside and enjoy nature and animals, I want to stop being so shy about dancing and singing, I want to be free, I want to *create*. More than anything I want to let go of all my harmful beliefs so that I can do all of those things and enjoy them and life to the fullest.

    Instead I’m stuck in school, wasting my mind on information that I don’t need or want at the moment and probably won’t remember as a result. I feel stuck. I don’t want to rustle any feathers in my family. But on the other hand I know that I wouldn’t be the true cause of their disappointment, their beliefs are the true culprit. Despite knowing this, I’m still uncomfortable with just dropping out of school and going my own way.

    I still have unresolved fears about school determining my future, and I hate it. What do I do after quitting school? Get a job? I can’t do that without graduating and I don’t want just any old job. That would be no different than being in school, I’d just be wasting my life on doing things I don’t want to do again.

    What if I start my own business? How do I do that? What would I even do? Paint? Artist don’ seem to make much money. Make comic books? I’d love that! But how would I Publish them? What else is involved with such a pursuit? What bout making video games? I’d love that too! But how do I do that? I don’t know the first thing about designing or developing a video game. All I have are ideas. What about making music? But I don’t know how to play any instruments yet. What about doing all of these things? How the hell would I manage that!?

    I wouldn’t know what to do with my life after school and I feel like I’m running out of time. My mother insist that I have all the time in the world and that she’s not going to just kick me out of the house to fend for myself afterschool. I’m thankful for that, but I don’t want to be that kid who lives with their mom, I’d feel like a lazy leech. And most of all, If I quit school on top of that, I’d feel like I would be proving everyone’s belief that I couldn’t be anything without school. It’s like I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t and I feel like I’m going to need a strait jacket soon!

    Family are supposed to be the ones that support me and encourage me(or so I’m told), but I feel like they do the exact opposite by telling me I can’t live a fulfilling life without graduating. I can’t do What I desire to do without first doing what everyone else wants me to do.

    I feel angry at the people in control of the way society and school functions because I feel like these elites are telling me that without succeeding in this concentration camp they call an education system, I am not worthy of living at all.Who is anyone to tell me what my future will or won’t be just because I don’t jump through their hoops, just because I don’t meet their requirements for a worthy human being to make a living? That’s not *fair*. But the last time I dared to say something wasn’t fair, I was shut up with the knee jerking response of, “Life isn’t fair!” Courtesy of Father dearest, of course.

    If life isn’t fair then what sick, selfish, monster of a person would bring children into a world where pain and suffering is their only destiny? I’m angry at my parents for bringing me into this world, and lying to me with smiles on their faces. And at the same time I feel guilty for being angry at hem because I know that the last thing they ever wanted was to hurt me.

    Part of me is furious that they are responsible for the reason I wasted so many years of my childhood being afraid and full of harmful beliefs. Another part of me is furious at *myself* because I share the blame for my life too, I was the one who accepted the beliefs to begin with.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to let go, but My mom, dad, or sister are always there, ready to enforce the fearful beliefs I have about school and my future. I know They’re beliefs are false, but I can’t seem to let go. What am I doing wrong?

    P.S Sorry for the long comment. I have so much going on in my mind, and when I try to express these thoughts to my family, they don’t seem to understand. These unresolved feeling are driving me crazy. I truly appreciate you giving your time.

    • Cathy says:

      I wrote back to Thea personally. But this comment was so profound and so important for parents and other teens to read that I’m going to do post on it. The post will be on my other site: It will be called, “Insights from a Wise Teen” if you want to search for it. Cathy

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