New Age, Self-Help, and Conspiracy Theory

Exposing Beliefs and Conspiracy Theory

By Cathy Eck


I spent this past weekend with a small group of amazing women who are totally committed to freedom.  They all displayed the kind of courage, radical honesty, and willingness to let go that really does change the world.

Each of these women had done their fair share of time in the New Age movement, dabbled in self-help, and even tasted the bitterness of religion.  The acceptance of New Age and self-help techniques seemed to repair the damage caused by religion.  It allowed them to feel balanced, but not free.  So we took a good hard look at how opposing belief systems keep us stuck.


His Story in My Life

I used to own a big private library.  I acquired my first self-help book about a year after I married a Catholic Italian.  Not having any strong beliefs myself, I saw beliefs as personal and not really that important.  I certainly wasn’t going to allow beliefs to get in the way of love.  But people with beliefs feel bonded with like-minded people; so I felt pressured to honor my husband’s beliefs.  I presumed that I was just keeping peace by giving in.  However, I was slowly giving his beliefs power in my own mind.  I was developing a yin for his yang false self.

With each Catholic and cultural belief that I honored, I acquired another self-help book.  I balanced his religious and cultural beliefs with other beliefs that appeared to neutralize the charges.  I accepted the self-help author’s projection of their beliefs because it felt like I was fixing my mind; but I was just putting more garbage into it. You can’t fix beliefs with more beliefs. Two wrongs don’t make things right; they make us stuck.

If I was positive, I wasn’t humble, obedient, and good.  I’d try to convince my husband that he was wrong.  But that didn’t work, so I’d obey his false god for awhile.  But then I wasn’t positive.  My mind was a fucking mess.

Everything that I write about on this site and Gateway To Gold were born out of my intense desire to free my mind.  I didn’t want balance — I wanted freedom.  I decided I would either get completely free or die.  But I would not create another false belief system to fix the false beliefs I had accepted. That meant that I had to discover how to let go.


How It Works

Any concept in the illusion has two sides; the True Self doesn’t have an opposite.  The New Age and self-help movements copied a very old trick invented by religion.  They take something from the bottom of the triangle and move it to the top (see above).  Now the True Self must move to the bottom.  What used to be true is now dual and false.

The triangle process will always get us to the truth.  If you want unconditional love.  You must see that our society put romance, caretaking, or two halves of a whole at the top of the triangle so that we’ll strive for that.  They define love by what you do.  Then they put hate and unconditional love at the bottom.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve truly loved someone unconditionally, and they thought I was hating them because I wasn’t agreeing with them or I didn’t do what they considered love.  They couldn’t feel my real love because they were looking for a gift, words that supported their false self, an action, or sex.


Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory exposes this shift in the triangle.  People who detect conspiracy usually have a good sense of smelling the false.  But they go too far.  They turn what they see into a purposeful conspiracy.  In truth, people have no idea what they’re projecting because they’ve accepted the false triangle as the truth.  When we’re lost in the illusion, we always project an enemy.  We always think we’re good or right when we’re actually false.

Look at 9/11.  This was clearly George Bush’s projection.  He’s an Evangelical Christian who believes with all of his little pointy heart in good and evil.  He also sees himself as good, and his definition of good lives at the top of his Evangelical triangle.  His false God and his evil doers live at the bottom of his illusory triangle.  Evil shows up for him in the place where he isn’t winning — oil.

This was only his illusion, but he was the leader.  Our problem began when we believed his illusion.  Before every conspiracy type of event, there’s a grooming period where the authority sells their beliefs, usually with fear.  Once enough people accept the beliefs, the event occurs because we manifest it.  Everyone involved in 9/11 had the same false view of the world — it can’t be any other way.  The way to avoid these situations is to stop believing illusions, even if they come from authority.  We must remember how to discriminate between true and false.

The conspiracy theorists said 9/11 wasn’t real.  It was reality but not truth; it could only happen in the illusion.  Nothing in the illusion is true; it’s only the projection of a leader’s own enemy.

Conspiracy theory solidifies the illusion if we think we have to fix it, fight it, or if we think it was purposeful.  Once the conspiracy theorist exposes the illusion, their work is done.  If we let go, the leader’s projection boomerangs back to them.  We don’t have to do a thing.

We can look cold-hearted when we don’t empathize with people caught in illusory tragedy; we can look unsupportive if we don’t believe the latest self-help/New Age scheme.  But what we don’t let go will continue to manifest.  Balancing belief systems does no good.  In fact, the self-help/New Age movement created more chaos, more conspiracy, as people projected their evil and negativity on to others under the guise of spirituality.  We’ve tried it all, and it hasn’t made the world any better; now we must let it all go.

4 thoughts on “New Age, Self-Help, and Conspiracy Theory

  1. Stephen John says:

    So someone is saying Reality is not the Truth? That makes NO SENSE. Your Catholic upbringing might have messed you up, but return to The Light of Life which is of Eternal nature which is The Light of God in The Life Giving Spirit of Truth, which we call ‘Jesus”. New Age is seriously messed up, I suggest you RUN as fast as you can from it, it is more or less nothing new at all. You don’t need to learn the Truth? Seriously? Jesus said I AM the TRUTH. Are you calling Him a liar? That is a serious accusation.

    • Cathy says:

      Dear Stephen,
      Yes, I’m saying reality is not the truth and it makes a lot of sense if you actually study the source of religion. Or study great scientists like Einstein, or do you have to make him wrong too? Religion caused us to accept beliefs which are not true, but they are thoughts; and thoughts do have power if a lot of people believe those thoughts. I don’t write this blog for religious people, and I don’t go on religious blogs and slam them. I just offer a deeper history for those who want this, and many people do. Too many people blindly trust what they are told by their preachers, and no one really researches this stuff.

      Many people today realize that beliefs are just beliefs. They are not the truth. But religious people, who admit they are believers, like to say they have the truth. That’s contradictory. The word belief has the word lie right in it.

      Jesus also said, “All things I can do, you can do and even greater things.” So I studied Jesus intimately and found how he did those things. He didn’t judge for one thing. And he didn’t accept the beliefs of his day. He became him Self. He understood what I speak of. He would not have been a Christian; in fact, he didn’t like the religious of his day. And if he did come back, must Christians would hate him and kill him again.

      You don’t have to like what I say. If you don’t like something, walk away. I’m not your enemy. And that is why Jesus said to love your enemies because they are your creation. When you think you are good, you have to make someone else evil. But you are looking in the wrong place. Unlike Christians, I don’t push my work on anyone. People find it and they can take it or leave it. I suggest you leave it.

      Just for the record, I didn’t have a Catholic upbringing; I married one and I saw though his facade. But don’t think you are any different. The parent of Protestant religions is Catholicism. You both claim the same Jesus. I am not New Age, in fact I’m very critical of the new age. So you speak without really getting to know me. Cathy

  2. karen says:

    you wrote 9/11 was real but not true. Lao Tzu said that which is real does not change. But if we applied your 15 second technique, could we not change what happened? So is it real? Thanks, Cathy.

    • Cathy says:

      Lao Tzu is using real as true. I’m saying reality is not the truth. We’re saying the same thing with different words. We could change it in our mind, but not in other people’s minds.

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