How Religious Distortion Strips Us Of Our True Power


You Can't Worship two masters
Religion takes its beliefs and puts them at the top of the triangle. The truth then becomes evil, at the bottom of the triangle, because it opposes the religion’s rules or beliefs.

By Cathy Eck


Religious Distortion is Level Confusion on Steroids

Meetup groups are popular in San Diego.  I set up certain keywords (truth, humanitarian, free thinking) so that when a new meetup that matches my criteria is  born, I find out.  Yesterday I was notified of a new group focused on truth.  I looked at their description and thought I could have written it.  Then I looked at the keywords; they were a complete match to mine.  So I joined and entered my profile anxious to meet others of like mind.

I got an email from the founder.  She obviously shit her pants when she read my profile.  She explained that they were a Christian-oriented group, and their discussions were going to be centered around a DVD series that proved that Christianity was the only truth.  I kindly told her that I appreciated her honesty, but we were clearly on different pages.

False selves become like walls of steel through religious distortion.  Beliefs become the absolute truth.  Conviction, fear, and rewards convince others that their way is the only way.  Being a member of such a group is like a giant false self feeding frenzy.

This is a powerful example of level confusion.  The people with religious distortion don’t know it; they think they have the truth.  Level confusion is the guard to the prison cell of our false mind.  The key to unlocking it is the triangle process.


What About the Bible?

The argument always stems from the notion that the Bible is the word of God.  God doesn’t write; humans do.  But it is a useful book because the Bible contains initiation stories.  Initiation stories speak literal truth with absolute beauty, but they must be read from the perspective of unity.  If you read the same story from the perspective of good and evil (or right and wrong), the literal translation becomes biased and falls out of unity.

Those with religious distortion read from their bias and see literal words that confirm their perspective.  They don’t realize that they’d see a different, expanded view, that is win-win for all, if their bias was not topping their triangle.


The Triangle Process

The diagram above shows how level confusion affects religion.  Religions take truth and attach it to their belief system.  Their point of view now moves to the top of a false mental triangle.  Where does the truth go?  The truth (oneness, unconditional love, freedom, peace) must become part of duality at the bottom of the triangle, and it doesn’t get the good half.  In other words, to someone with religious distortion, truth is actually evil because it makes their bias wrong.

God took the same dive with the birth of religious distortion.  The false God (who was probably a King or Lord since he had human and not divine qualities) became the Grand Puba seated at the top of the triangle.  Where does the True God go?  To the bottom; he’s relabeled Lucifer or Satan because he rebels against Grand Puba false God.


Undoing the Religious Distortion

Putting any issue on the triangle undoes religious distortion (or any distortion).  I got the idea for the triangle process from studying Pythagoras.  He said that if you get two sides of any triangle right, the third will be evident.  Pythagoras was an initiate; I knew he wasn’t really talking math.  I was desperate for this tool.  Everyone thought their beliefs were right, but none of their beliefs fulfilled me.

Many people start letting go of beliefs with great joy; they begin to see life through the eyes of unconditional love.  They are shocked when a religious person is angry at them for not hating other groups of people or following a rule.  They fall into doubt and question themselves.

This is a normal initiation challenge.  The initiate must stand up for their True Self in their own mind.  It means you let go and honor the truth, knowing it is more powerful than any belief.  You might say something to the other or not.  Action is not the key.

The triangle process helps unveil the truth if our mind is cloudy.  The person who thinks their beliefs are true will back down just like the woman who wrote to me kindly exposing her meetup agenda.  Love and truth are the most powerful forces in the universe, and they were the initiate’s only weapons.  Initiates didn’t pack heat.


Religious Distortion and Jesus

Those with religious distortion don’t see that the very Jesus they worship despised the religions of his time because he was a humanitarian, an initiate, who lived from love, peace, and kindness.  He was an example to follow, not a savior to worship.  He recognized that Satan was a voice in his own mind; it wasn’t a being to fight.  He knew that God was in his heart and was indestructible.  He understood that he was powerful beyond measure when he lived from the True Self (Son of God) and powerless when he behaved as the Son of Man (crucifixion).  But we can always let go and resurrect ourselves.  Initiation is about following his lead.  When you apply the triangle process, you become clear that Jesus would not be a member of the religions he supposedly founded.

Jesus said that you can’t worship two masters.  He meant that you can’t have the false God and the True God in your mind at the same time because you’ll have religious distortion; you’ll be at the bottom of the triangle thinking you are at the top.  In my experience, when I put the True Self at the top; duality also lines up beautifully because there is no evil or opposite anymore.  Instead the opposites are harmonious like black and white or male and female.  It is a beautiful way to live.





Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on and