Excitement and Tears of Joy

Excitement, Tears of Joy

By Cathy Eck

I’m often asked about excitement and tears of joy.  In both cases, an emotion appears to be positive until we take a closer look.


The Gift of Emotions

Our emotions were designed to let us know when we’re thinking something false.  We think; then we get feedback.  If that feedback is emotion, then what we just thought was false.  That thought won’t take us to our true desires.  It will take us deeper into the illusion of pain, suffering, and problems.

This gets confusing in relationships.  Often, we’re listening to another; and we feel emotion when we take their false thought or belief into our body-mind.  If we don’t let their belief go, it sits there accumulating power; and it keeps us from getting what we want in life.  We don’t realize we have this belief; and often it’s revealed in excitement or tears of joy.  But we don’t catch the opportunity to let it go because society tells us these are positive emotions.

For most of us, we don’t realize how many beliefs we’ve accepted into our body-mind until we start letting go; it’s the supreme, “Oh fuck,” moment in life.  We focus on letting go of beliefs that generate “negative” emotion, but emotion isn’t positive or negative.  It always means the same thing; what we’re thinking right now is false.  Excitement and tears of joy aren’t positive emotions; but they’re emotions.  They’re a form of psychological reversal that looks positive; consequently, they can be difficult to decode once labeled.  We don’t want to let them go if we label them positive.



Excitement is a label that we give to emotion when we associate it with something we want.  The guy or girl we like smiles at us.  We get an interview for the job we desire.  We think the emotion is related to the good news.  But the emotion is coming from what lies beneath the good news.  The event triggered our beliefs which generated the emotion.  We need to turn inward and watch our mind to see what’s actually causing the emotion.  The belief might be something like, “I never believed this would happen.”  “This is too good to be true.”  “I don’t deserve this.”  We don’t want those beliefs in our mind.  They’re false.  The beliefs could be triggering what appears to be guilt or shame if we’re conditioned to gravitate toward pain or martyrdom.  Some might fear it’s a temptation by Satan.  We want to let go of whatever we discover.

Maybe something already happened that’s generating excitement.  Let’s say we won the lottery.  That excitement might mean that we just got a false desire, or we have beliefs about lottery winners becoming selfish.  Our True Self is giving us fair warning.  We could be headed for trouble if we don’t let go.  In the moment, we focus on the outer event; we don’t hear what our mind is saying.  We don’t recognize the cause of the emotional response.  If we find the cause of the emotion, we just might avoid something bad in the future.

The most dangerous false interpretation of excitement is when it’s really fear.  If we fear something, it’s wise to let go of the cause of that fear, not head straight into the fear and call it excitement.  That’s just asking for trouble.


True Desire

When we fulfill a true desire, the normal reaction is more like, “That makes sense.”  If we have no beliefs, it’s obvious that the desire will come to us.  We won’t be all nervous and jumpy about it.  When we’ve been letting go, we notice the improvement in our mind; and by the time that we get our desire, it just seems logical that it would happen that way.

Many people believe and teach that emotions are creative.  This came from ancient occult teachings.  But think about that.  If emotions create our life, and we aren’t in a position where we can project the potential unwanted manifestations on to others (because we aren’t an authority figure), then it’s just a matter of time before our fears manifest.  When we use our emotions backwards; our life is like riding ocean waves.  We’ll get excited and happy when we get what we want and depressed and fearful when we don’t.  We’ll always be in a state of emotion; we’ll just label our emotional state different based on what just happened.

People often challenge me on this.  They say, “I don’t want to give up excitement.”  But they don’t realize that keeping excitement means keeping the other half of the triangle bottom, disappointment.


Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy are the product of very strong emotional reaction.  But it’s not the joy that’s producing the tears.  Perhaps we’re watching a movie and lovers find each other after years of being apart.  We say we’re joyful in their reunion.  So why do we cry?  Emotion always means our thoughts are false.  We have to turn inward again and watch our mind to know why.  Maybe we’re thinking, “I wish I had love like that.”  “I wish I could find my lost love.”

We’re happy that they got what they desired; but we’re sad that we aren’t getting what we want.   They’re tears of sadness or disappointment about our life, not joy for them.  We don’t see this because we’re not watching our mind when we have tears of joy.  We’re looking outside of us at something we see or hear.  Our attention is on something good or wanted; but our mind is thinking something false.  It’s a trick.


In my experience, watching my mind during the tears of joy or excitement often reveals causal beliefs that explains why I’ve not fulfilled my desires.  They’re liking finding a diamond.  If I turn my focus inward, and let go of the false thought or belief, the tears of joy or excitement go quickly.   And I’m one step closer to freedom and fulfilling my own true desires.


14 thoughts on “Excitement and Tears of Joy

  1. Jerome JP says:

    These three to four months of letting go have been truly awesome. I find it hilarious how bafflingly simple this is. So simple that it took me about 7 months of useless spiritual practices and beliefs (Can I hear meditation, anyone?) to realise. It is true what my friend said a few years back: “don’t get excited”.


    • Cathy says:

      Ah that’s awesome. It does suddenly hit you at some point that this is so easy, and you wonder why everyone makes it so hard. Well they just bring their belief in hard work into letting go. Glad you dropped that and glad your not excited about doing so. Cathy

  2. Fenix says:

    In my experience, emotion is caused from thoughts out of fear. When we have emotion it means that fear is used backwards. We are supposed to listen to what we fear and watch what is telling us. but generally we avoid this because we labeled fear as something bad. Fear is not bad, it’s a warning system but instead of feeling what fear tells us, we avoid it and cause fear for fear, and ad infinitum a vicious cirlce. We confuse also what emotion and feeling is. Emotion is a signaling that fear resided for too long in our minds. Mostly we avoid what we fear because we believe we are victims, and we like playing out victims because it’s an excuse and we avoid responsibility. We give our own authority to others and then blame them for not giving us what we want. It is always our own opinion or belief that gives power to a false authority figure. Tears of joy is caused mostly because we have believed we are unworthy of joy. It’s a victimhood response. What i want to point out is that we mustnt label emotions as bad, but to really follow them to see what they are. That is what is meant by following your heart. We hardly watch what happens because we rush into conclusions(out of beliefs) and think only in positive terms. But what the positive thinking movement dont realise is that the bigger the positive, the bigger the negative becomes. Its like truing to get more pleasures without realising it brings also pain. The bigger the yin, the bigger the yang. Letting go of what you believe will bring you a calmness to really see what happens, but beliefs were meant to be temporary thoughts of communicative purposes and creative intentions. We just hung on to those beliefs for too much and it causes us to lose our openness of perception. So dont try avoiding what you feel (whatever that is) but instead watch how you think when you feel emotions. Happiness is not a positive emotion, it is when you are free and not clinging to the past and hoping for a positive future. And also you dont have to let go of everything at once. When you learn the art of letting go(also called real living) you can have ideas and let them go when they lose their temporary creative purpose. You can really play with that and not get played by the false tricks. I think what i am trying to say mostly is that only by being honest to what we experience gives us power to let go. Or differently said: To really live.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Fenix, that is a good summary of emotions. I would only add that as I’ve done this I’ve been amazed that there was really nothing at all to fear–nothing. I made it all up or believed someone else. We have to fear something for it to hurt us; not the other way around. And the reason we are all in such a big mess is because we were trained that emotions are their labels. They aren’t. Emotions all mean the same thing; let go of what you are thinking right now. Sounds like you are doing well Fenix. I’m so glad. Thanks for staying in touch and commenting. Love, Cathy

  3. Phil says:

    Letting go is truly the greatest thing because you’d never think that you actually get what you would want plus so much more! All it takes is a shit load of challenging previous beliefs, wanting to murder everyone for being fake (though they don’t even know it), and then letting go that it was all just a big box we’ve been trained to live in anyways! haha.

    After nearly 6 months of grueling work of essentially taking control over my own life again, letting go is the one thing I can say I’m truly proud of doing. I thought being an Acupuncturist was a great thing, but wow – after seeing that I was only seeing problems in people and thinking we need fixing…it speaks for itself. I was only seeing my own problems.

    All I can say is thank you so much for everything you put out here to the world. You’ve helped me to truly see myself, even though I know there is much more to be done! Its just nice to see what truth looks like and I love seeing all the changes in my own world just from letting go of limitations in my own mind – I really am the only person responsible for any problems I see. Thank you.

    Love Phil

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Phil for commenting. You deserve to be proud of what you’ve done. You’ve attacked letting go like you your life was at stake. In a ways it is, and you’re winning. Love, Cathy

  4. EmeliaVen says:

    Hello,Sometimes tears of joy is a sweet revenge!Like an athlete or an artist who feels his hard work admired by his fans ,as he was maybe a poor guy with difficulties before he becomes rich and famous…

    What about my overexcitement in everything ,mostly with positive reactions ,that I see it as the correct behaviour of an original character of an authentic man?Mostly I cause reactions of fear to people.Fear that something does not go well cause I’m just not a common manipulating liar.On the other hand people that know me well enough really love my type of character.In jobs ,mini events,or conversations either it helps me the most and either not at all…I wish all human become more naked in the soul!

    • Cathy says:

      Excitement and tears of joy are the most common part of the illusion that people want to keep. We kind of like them — we actually like them a lot. As you mentioned we love that sweet revenge too — if we are honest. It might feel good, but it won’t get us free. Same with overexcitement. I don’t write to say something is right or wrong. I don’t judge those things, but they keep us from being our True Self because all emotion comes from dipping into the illusion. And while we hate parts of the illusion, we are addicted to other parts. We have to let it all go to get free. Emotion means that our True Self is letting us know that we’ve just entered a different world. Hope that answers your question! Love, Cathy

      • EmeliaVen says:

        Thank you for your nice reply Cathy!It’s just that I maybe try to find super moments in common situations.Or I think for a different world,or something goes wrong with me!e.x.I was a bit drunk and had a really good time with friends when all of a sudden,feelling extremely happy,I started crying!Some of my friends joined me also.At the moment there was no real reason for all of as crying.It was pure excitement and love on the surface of our minds(at least that’s what I believe for the other 2 friends).When I feel so happy most of the times I say to my friends:If anyone, anytime bothers you,I’m gonna kill him!Then I stopped for a second and thought about all the scene of crying.I thought that the hole world is not as it should be.I thought that God is so great and my friendships are real.I felt underprivileged from society and privileged for that particular moment at the same time!I believe I feel it the most I started the joy tears and everything.Am I very sensitive or what?It happens a lot…Finally I believe that letting yourself free is by letting your tears flow.Not always an illusion,the reason for the joytears.What about strong beliefs or beautifull memories?

        • Cathy says:

          Well it totally comes down to: do you want freedom or do you want to follow your emotions? Excitement is an emotion. So is hope and romance. We don’t have to give up good times and fun, but we do have to use our emotions as they were designed in order to get completely free. When we feel them, we have to look inside and let go of what we are thinking. It might be appealing, but it is false. But I’m not going to tell people they have to do that. It is a choice. But you don’t want to deceive yourself and think you can get free by crying at parties while drunk. If that was the case most of America would be free. LOL. Love, Cathy

          • EmeliaVen says:

            Lovely Cathy,the total meaning of being free, is:Not belonging nowhere.Because then,you have to be obligated in some thing at least.So,human being is not designed to be free totally.If you are completely free you can harm people and do bad things.Freedom is a word that brings positive feelings but that’s not always the truth about it…Everyone belongs somewhere.At least everyone has a part of himself in some kind of meaning obligated to someone,some house,some rules…To me everyone and everything belongs to God.
            So, there is a sort of necessary(never totally accepted by human) captivity!Not bad at all.Human is designed to have passive side bigger!
            About the tears of joy and the false feelings.No I don’t agree with you.The fairy tale that everyone is living at these moments , is the only way to attract that situation truly!When you feel something and then you imagine it and then maybe you give it flesh and bones.Or,it doesn’t happen in this life but maybe it happens afterlife!God is true to me anyways…Hope cures cancer!
            For more than a thousand years people make researches to figure out the real meaning in everything and the way that everything should be explained or solved.But no one still knows about human existence or the full space!Everyone forgot about the reason that we are here.This life is maybe a good test of spirituality.
            And I know you are not talking about what is right or wrong…It is also true.Every thought was true , is true.It is a true thought!LOL!Think about it.Truly!Love, Veni

          • Cathy says:

            Hi Veni,
            I’m not sure sure I follow everything you are saying, but I don’t agree. Beliefs cause cancer. Hope doesn’t cure anything. Hope and excitement are emotions; and before we labeled them they were just a signal that told us that our thinking wasn’t taking us the right way. We forgot that, but it is in all the myths. The fall was about using our emotions backwards. Letting go of beliefs is the cure; but it is hard. Most won’t do it or even try it. But that is okay. I write for a small audience who does really want this.

            You are describing the fairy tale and that is the illusion. That is where emotions rule. That is where people rule over us. But there is another place that you find by letting go. I found this by watching my own mind, not listening to others. They don’t have the answer. So I know that that place exists. Every thought is not true. That will get you in big trouble; you will create things you don’t want if you see every thought as true. Actually, almost every thought is false; and that is why we create unwanted things.

            There was a time in history when people in the occult created with emotions; they thought it was a good idea. And they did a very bad thing. Some in the self-help movement still say to do that. In truth, we all started to do that, and so what happens is that we get stuck in fear and we get sick or die. Those are emotions with the same power as excitement and hope. The key to becoming our authentic self is to not live from emotions. Science calls emotion stress. People spend fortunes on drugs and classes to get rid of emotions. Excitement is an emotion. Hope is an emotion. When people let go, they still create. In fact, they become hugely creative. But they don’t get stuck in emotional creation. They don’t create bad things anymore.

            Yes everyone is living that illusion. I don’t say they can’t. I say there is another option. That’s all. I know the other option because of my experience; and I know that in the past others have lived from that option. People don’t find the real meaning of life because they don’t let go. Psychology, science, religion invent reasons; they don’t watch their own mind. I hear from people every day who do as I suggest and let go of the fairy tale. It isn’t just me. But you are welcome to disagree. You won’t convince me. I have proven everything I say with my own life. I suggest that you do the same. I’d suggest you bookmark this site. If you find that one day your emotional creation has gotten you in trouble, you can find out how to get out of it by reading my blog. Until then do what you enjoy doing and enjoy it. I have no desire to change your mind. I just express how I live. Love, Cathy

  5. So true . This is very tricky. You are so correct about emotions being 180 degrees out of Phase. Reversed. Most believe emotions mean truth. That if we are happy and positive we are living true desires.
    Not So. Very tricky stuff. New Age, Modern therapy, Eastern religions,
    meditation all speak of this as being true.

    You are the first who says this is not the way it is!!!!

    I will continue to prove this to myself. Letting go and work on stop holding on to these false ideas.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for your comment Brian. You’re right, much of it comes from the new age and self-help movement. I never had tears of joy until I hung out in that crowd. Then I had to let all that go. But at least we can let it go. Cathy

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