Goals, Resolutions, and Hard Work

Our True Self is Abundance, longevity, healthy, sucessful
What we desire is usually what others says we should want or have or our natural state of being covered by beliefs.

By Cathy Eck


Action is Not the Answer

The new year is when we set our goals and resolutions.  Many of those resolutions are things we think we should want or do according to other people’s standards.  Other resolutions are states of being that are completely natural for our True Self.  Our True Self was covered by beliefs causing us to think that we have to work hard to get the things that we already are.  We are taught to think positive, take recommended actions, get the right education, and kiss the right asses to get our resolutions.  We rarely succeed because deep inside, we know it is all a lie.


The Cause

We lost our perfect life when we started to accept the myths and stories that the storytellers originally invented for entertainment.  People started to manifest the drama in the stories because they believed the storytellers who said the stories were true.  The people created problems just like the characters in the stories.  Then they went to the storytellers and said “Why did this happen to me?”  The storytellers were honest but not truthful; they said, “The Gods did it.”

But who were the Gods?  They were the constellations in the sky that took on life simply because storytellers started to see them in clumps which they named and gave personalities, talents, and power.

If the God in the sky died because he was eaten by a bear, and you were subsequently eaten by a bear, the God did it.  The mythology about the God was the source of the drama; so by default the God was the source of the drama.  The storyteller conveyed the myth as the truth; and you, who got eaten by said bear, believed the storyteller which caused it to happen to you.

Nothing has changed much.  If you knew the full story and could read everyone’s mind, you’d see exactly why bad things happen to people.  You’d realize there are no victims.  You’d be able to accurately predict what anyone’s life would look like presuming they don’t let any beliefs go.  Rarely does someone let a belief go because they are taught early in life to accept beliefs as the truth.


Storytellers Everywhere

Today we have a lot more storytellers.  Of course, we have Hollywood, but we don’t really believe what they tell us.  We know their drama is fiction.  Doctors are storytellers, nutritionists and personal trainers are storytellers, lawyers are storytellers, teachers and parents are storytellers.  And those damn clergy are the biggest storytellers.  They all want us to believe that they are conveying the truth of the Gods.  We believe them, and then we have to do what they prescribe to treat the cause their God put in our minds.

It is a wonder that anyone ever accomplishes a resolution.  You want to lose twenty pounds so you go to the personal trainer and nutrition storytellers.  Talk to ten of each and you get ten different stories.  Storytellers always put their own spin on a story.  Now they tell you what to do; and you have zero motivation to do it.  You think you have no willpower.  Bullshit.

Everyone has willpower, but we don’t have willpower to get our goals, resolutions, and dreams by following someone else’s protocol.  And when we can’t do that, we believe that we must be a failure when we just don’t buy their story.  We want to find the way to our goals and resolutions that’s right for us, our truth, because that way will be fun and joyful.  That way won’t be hard work or painful.


Getting Your Resolutions

So how can we get our New Year’s resolutions the natural way?  Ask yourself these questions with complete honesty.  Notice how many of your answers are just things you’ve heard from others.  They might be reality for them, but they aren’t true for you unless you choose to believe them.  Remember one of the first beliefs we accept is that if it was true for them, it must be true for me.  Just get rid of that one and your life will improve dramatically.

1)  Why do I want to achieve these resolutions?

2)  What do I believe I have to do to get the resolutions?

3)  Do I want to do what I believe I have to do?  Why or why not?

4)  Can I recognize that what I don’t want to do isn’t true, even if an expert said it?

5)  If you’re convinced the expert is right, go on the internet and look for another expert that says exactly the opposite.  They both can’t be right.

6)  Can you stop believing experts?  Can you listen to your True Self and trust that what feels free and joyful might be the true solution for you?

7)  Who would be bothered if you didn’t do what they believe?

8)  Imagine that you don’t get the goal; what does that say about you?

9)  Imagine getting the goal; what does that say about you?

10)  What beliefs would you have to let go to get the goal without any effort or action at all?

11)  Is there anyone (including God) that you’re trying to impress or please?


Okay if you answer all that honestly and let go of the answers that feel bad, I guarantee that you won’t have to do nearly as much work (if any) to get your resolutions.  Lester Levinson called this the butt system.  He said, “You change your mind when you decide to get everything by sitting on your butt.”  He’s right.  Do your mental work first, then you will either get the resolution, or you’ll realize you didn’t even want it.


Coaches also like to tell you to be positive.  That isn’t the answer because your True Self is already positive.  


Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on https://nolabelsnolies.com and http://gatewaytogold.com.