You Can’t Buy True Freedom with Money

Abundance and freedom

By Cathy Eck


“True freedom is doing what you want, when you want and with whom you want to do it with.” 


I didn’t write the above quote.  Tony Robbins wrote it, who is all about money and following excitement.  He isn’t living or offering true freedom.  But he uses that quote as if he is.

This is level confusion at it’s best.  Level confusion happens when people make statements from within the illusion that are true only at the True Self level (outside the illusion).  If people did whatever they wanted within the illusion, things could get really bad.  Beliefs dramatically distort what we want.  That’s why the illusion has rules.  Only beliefs can create a rapist, serial killer, or thief.  They would all agree that’s a damn good quote.

If our minds are pure, we’ll live as he described.  Our doing flows naturally from our pure mind, not beliefs.  We won’t do anything that isn’t win-win.  Abundance is a bi-product of such thinking.  We get what truly belongs to us.  We charge what feels right, not what the market will bear.

I watched Tony Robbins on the Oprah channel about a year ago.  He was a ball of over-the-top excitement.  Following excitement is always bad news.  Even Oprah was jumping up and down screaming his affirmations, and she’s a fucking billionaire.


Level Confusion and God

Oprah, award show winners, and mega-preachers all say , “I’ve gotten all of this from God.”  More level confusion.  Oprah, for example, is gifted in her ability to interview people.  But her billions came from advertisers, marketing, and the “O” brand.  Viewers paid her with their time watching tons of ads instead of programming.  Her billions came from keeping more for herself than those who worked for her.  It came from taking risks and winning.  She plays the illusory game very well.  And I have no problem with the illusion as a game.  But don’t call winning the illusory game God’s plan or God’s will.  That’s lying.

The same thing happens when people say “God told me this or I channeled this from spirit.”  We fall for the trap thinking that their words are better than the words that we think.  I know that when people listen to their OWN True Self all the time, every problem on this planet will disappear.  I can’t wait.


The Reality

The reality is that we get money (even donations) from other people, not God.  So we have to really look for the highest level of equality and fairness.  We all want to get paid for offering our True Self expressed in products and services.  We don’t want a handout.  It looks like the illusion’s winners are doing this until you put freedom as the goal.  Then you see that most products and services hold people hostage or offer comfort for the zoo animals so they won’t try to escape.

An economy is part of an illusion that has a certain amount of money within it.  It’s not unlimited.  Abundance is thrown around by leveled-confused teachers, but it doesn’t exist within the illusion.  The illusion is all about limitation; those who get more than their share of that limitation win at the expense of others who lose.

Like the koala above, we lose our abundance when we get caged in the illusory zoo.  When others seem to take care of our needs, we give up abundance, freedom, and life itself.  The best example is the monastery.  We think monks are holy people, but they’re just cared for people.  They give up freedom of thought for a room and a couple of meals a day.  Most of the world takes jobs they don’t love; the zoo looks attractive because they fear they won’t find any eucalyptus leaves on their own.  That’s just not true; but if we believe it, it becomes our reality.


The Teachers

Speaking the truth at the false self level of reality is false.  It has no power at the wrong level of reality.  That’s why I expose the false and let you figure out your truth.

Let’s get real!  If you need to keep your gratitude journal, what are you?  Ungrateful.  If you need to focus on the positive, what are you?  Negative.  If you need to preach about abundance, you’re poverty in a great wrapper (or rapper if you are Yeezus!)  The True Self is already positive, grateful, and abundantly wired.  False masculine leaders teach us how to fix our false self to make it a True Self clone like them.  A True Self clone has a God complex and is admired in the illusion; but it’s unlikely to ever get free.  They’re trapped too; they just live in a nicer habitat.

These super false selves are so psychologically reversed that we can’t see their error.   We believe they’re True Selves.  That’s the problem.

They should feel emotion when speaking beliefs, but they don’t.  They think their beliefs are golden truth.  When we receive their projected words, we feel emotion like that excited Tony Robbins audience; but we don’t let go or walk away because we also get their psychological reversal.  We come to believe that they spoke the truth; after all, they’re successful.  We accept their projection and send them a check.

When we encounter beliefs that have been given to us by someone we once labeled good, nice, or enlightened, we generally feel emotions that we might label guilt, shame, or rebelliousness for letting go.  Our mind can think that we’re letting go of the truth.  That keeps us stuck.  We feel like we must hold on to the beliefs in case we need them later on.  And this brings us back to one of the biggest tricks of the illusion.  It tells us that it will give us what we can only get by letting go.  So just let go of these teachers, preachers, and leaders and their inspiring quotes; and you’ll find your own natural inspiration much more quickly.

Manifesting Desires: An Alternative To New Year Goals and Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

By Cathy Eck


It’s that time of year when people talk about their desires, resolutions, goals, and intentions for the next year.  Most of those goals will be abandoned before the leftovers from New Year’s Day dinner are gone. People tend to do what they’ve done before — even if it didn’t work.  They don’t know what else to do.  Their beliefs limit their mind so they can’t see what lies outside of their little box.



The process of manifesting desires is very different from the initiate’s perspective.  Initiates consider all desires to be worthwhile. Their goal is never the fulfillment of those desires, although that often happens, because our True Self can fulfill all desires with ease.  The initiate knows that desires create a catalyst for letting go.  Having desires exposes the beliefs that we need to let go by bringing them into our conscious awareness.   As we shed those beliefs, we either get our desires or we forget about them.  But either way, desires served our quest for freedom.

Most people use mental (affirmations, visualization, etc.) or physical actions to achieve desires.  Beliefs rise to the surface, and people obey them even if they don’t want to.  If they don’t obey their beliefs, they don’t fulfill their desires.  We admire people who can beat their beliefs into submission with willpower and hard work or leap over their beliefs with a single bound — usually they’re also good at projecting their unwanted beliefs on to others.  Getting desires is considered success; not getting them is failure.  The journey isn’t very pleasant.

As the New Year approaches, we view life as if we’re starting over.  We’re often more aware of our desires.  But the beliefs we had last year that caused us to fail are still there unless we’ve been letting go.  The initiate focuses on finding the beliefs in their mind that keep their desires from manifesting.  They don’t jump into action or use their will to fulfill desires.  They take action only if it’s inspired, joyous, and fun.  Otherwise, they keep letting go.



We find our beliefs by watching our mind as we lightly think about our desires; or we ask questions to expose beliefs.  Of course, when the answers (beliefs) arise, we must discriminate.  Often the answers we hear in our mind are widely believed, socially correct, or traditional.  They might sound like guidance or God talking.  They’re going to look true and real because we believed them before.  If our desires are long standing, we’re probably highly psychological reversed (meaning that we accept beliefs that feel bad as true).

Let’s look at a common example — dropping weight.  We have a desire to change our body weight.  We can even see ourselves at the perfect weight.  That’s all we have to do with our desire.  It’s recorded.

Now we have to find the beliefs that keep the weight from just falling off effortlessly doing activities or eating food we enjoy.  Let’s assume that the first belief to arise is, “I have to join a gym and work out.”  Let’s assume that thought arises with lots of emotion.  We don’t like working out.  The emotion is saying, “That thought isn’t the truth.”  A battle with our mind has begun.  We live in a reality where lots of people lose weight by working out for long hours.  There are zillions of programs and trainers.  Dr. Oz will tell you that you need to do this.  But none of that matters.  We’re looking for our truth. If a thought is accompanied by emotion, it’s not true for us.

Our false mind will try to force us to accept the widely-accepted status quo.  When we follow another person’s beliefs on any subject, we’re believing that we don’t have the answer to fulfilling our desires.   We need to let that belief go; it isn’t true.  But we usually don’t.  Instead, we accept more beliefs that we’re told are the right beliefs.  Eventually, we’ll get tired of this solution, usually after paying lots of money to borrow the expert’s beliefs.  We’ll see the stupidity of it.  In addition, their solution will lack staying power.  Their enthusiasm might be real; their solution might have been the right solution for them.  But that doesn’t mean it’s right for us.  What’s right for us will feel good.  We won’t have to will ourselves to do it.

People look outside to others for answers.  But the only answer that works permanently is the answer that lives in our True Self.  We find that by letting go of the beliefs that veil it.

So the gym thought feels horrible, and we let it go.  Now we think, “I have to find a diet.”  The normal person will go buying books, making diet food, and enrolling in programs.  But we’re an initiate; we notice the diet thought generates emotions.  So we let the thought and emotions go.

If we keep following our chain of beliefs, we’ll start to find the hidden causes.  We’ll find more and more beliefs about food, exercise, and body that have supported our weight.  We might find relationship beliefs or beliefs about career.  If weight has been an issue for much of our life, this won’t be a weekend job.  It’s a new way of life.  We’ll find more  beliefs arise every time we eat.  We’ll find beliefs arise if we sit down and do nothing.  We’ll find beliefs when we visit family and friends.  But now we’re on the right path.  We’ve become aware of the complex system of beliefs that exists within our mind.  And we’ll keep letting go for days, months, or years until we’re free.  Our desires have served their purpose.   Then one day, we’ll forget our desires ever existed because they’re manifesting.  We don’t need desires when we easily get everything we want and need.  And all that struggle in the past will be nothing but a waking dream that really was just an illusion.


Goals, Resolutions, and Hard Work

Our True Self is Abundance, longevity, healthy, sucessful

What we desire is usually what others says we should want or have or our natural state of being covered by beliefs.

By Cathy Eck


Action is Not the Answer

The new year is when we set our goals and resolutions.  Many of those resolutions are things we think we should want or do according to other people’s standards.  Other resolutions are states of being that are completely natural for our True Self.  Our True Self was covered by beliefs causing us to think that we have to work hard to get the things that we already are.  We are taught to think positive, take recommended actions, get the right education, and kiss the right asses to get our resolutions.  We rarely succeed because deep inside, we know it is all a lie.


The Cause

We lost our perfect life when we started to accept the myths and stories that the storytellers originally invented for entertainment.  People started to manifest the drama in the stories because they believed the storytellers who said the stories were true.  The people created problems just like the characters in the stories.  Then they went to the storytellers and said “Why did this happen to me?”  The storytellers were honest but not truthful; they said, “The Gods did it.”

But who were the Gods?  They were the constellations in the sky that took on life simply because storytellers started to see them in clumps which they named and gave personalities, talents, and power.

If the God in the sky died because he was eaten by a bear, and you were subsequently eaten by a bear, the God did it.  The mythology about the God was the source of the drama; so by default the God was the source of the drama.  The storyteller conveyed the myth as the truth; and you, who got eaten by said bear, believed the storyteller which caused it to happen to you.

Nothing has changed much.  If you knew the full story and could read everyone’s mind, you’d see exactly why bad things happen to people.  You’d realize there are no victims.  You’d be able to accurately predict what anyone’s life would look like presuming they don’t let any beliefs go.  Rarely does someone let a belief go because they are taught early in life to accept beliefs as the truth.


Storytellers Everywhere

Today we have a lot more storytellers.  Of course, we have Hollywood, but we don’t really believe what they tell us.  We know their drama is fiction.  Doctors are storytellers, nutritionists and personal trainers are storytellers, lawyers are storytellers, teachers and parents are storytellers.  And those damn clergy are the biggest storytellers.  They all want us to believe that they are conveying the truth of the Gods.  We believe them, and then we have to do what they prescribe to treat the cause their God put in our minds.

It is a wonder that anyone ever accomplishes a resolution.  You want to lose twenty pounds so you go to the personal trainer and nutrition storytellers.  Talk to ten of each and you get ten different stories.  Storytellers always put their own spin on a story.  Now they tell you what to do; and you have zero motivation to do it.  You think you have no willpower.  Bullshit.

Everyone has willpower, but we don’t have willpower to get our goals, resolutions, and dreams by following someone else’s protocol.  And when we can’t do that, we believe that we must be a failure when we just don’t buy their story.  We want to find the way to our goals and resolutions that’s right for us, our truth, because that way will be fun and joyful.  That way won’t be hard work or painful.


Getting Your Resolutions

So how can we get our New Year’s resolutions the natural way?  Ask yourself these questions with complete honesty.  Notice how many of your answers are just things you’ve heard from others.  They might be reality for them, but they aren’t true for you unless you choose to believe them.  Remember one of the first beliefs we accept is that if it was true for them, it must be true for me.  Just get rid of that one and your life will improve dramatically.

1)  Why do I want to achieve these resolutions?

2)  What do I believe I have to do to get the resolutions?

3)  Do I want to do what I believe I have to do?  Why or why not?

4)  Can I recognize that what I don’t want to do isn’t true, even if an expert said it?

5)  If you’re convinced the expert is right, go on the internet and look for another expert that says exactly the opposite.  They both can’t be right.

6)  Can you stop believing experts?  Can you listen to your True Self and trust that what feels free and joyful might be the true solution for you?

7)  Who would be bothered if you didn’t do what they believe?

8)  Imagine that you don’t get the goal; what does that say about you?

9)  Imagine getting the goal; what does that say about you?

10)  What beliefs would you have to let go to get the goal without any effort or action at all?

11)  Is there anyone (including God) that you’re trying to impress or please?


Okay if you answer all that honestly and let go of the answers that feel bad, I guarantee that you won’t have to do nearly as much work (if any) to get your resolutions.  Lester Levinson called this the butt system.  He said, “You change your mind when you decide to get everything by sitting on your butt.”  He’s right.  Do your mental work first, then you will either get the resolution, or you’ll realize you didn’t even want it.


Coaches also like to tell you to be positive.  That isn’t the answer because your True Self is already positive.