Time: Good or Evil

Right place and right time

By Cathy Eck


Time — Hijacked by the Illusion

I’ve known people who stopped wearing watches because they hated time but then drove everyone crazy by constantly asking for the time.  Their behavior created the appearance of freedom; but it’s actually harder to ask someone for the time than to just look at our watch.  Some rebel against time by showing up when they want.  Those of us who aren’t rebelling against the clock, waste our time waiting for them.  People like to make time the bad guy when it’s really our beliefs about time that are the problem.

Many teachers talk about transcending time.  They’re usually the same ones that like to float above their reality.  I once got an email from someone wanting to know if I could help him time travel so he could be with his lost lover again.  People try to outsmart or manipulate time because they view it as a prison.  Time is a constraint; but it doesn’t have to limit our freedom if we keep it in the realm of first-cause creation.

Nature shows us first-cause time.  Day and night and the seasons are natural, but equal, constraints.  If we’re in tune with the earth, we’ll know when to plant or harvest.  We’ll find our rhythm in the earth’s cycle. If we synchronize with Mother Earth’s clock, we won’t be near the ocean when the tsunami arrives.  You see this with animals.  No one needs to give a beluga whale, a grey squirrel, or a red robin a calendar or a warning signal.  But humans have something that animals don’t…false minds.  Our false minds destroy our natural connection to the planet.  In fact, our false mind tells us that it will keep us safe when it actually put us in danger.

A long time ago, we fell; and our prize was a brand spanking new false self/mind.  Our seeming fall could have been a graceful trip down the river to a more creative material world.  We simply gained a cool conscious outer perspective.  We could now divide our thoughts into opposites, musical notes, and colors.  We could hold memories and ideas in mind and manifest them in the material world.  This was the coolest thing ever invented.  We each had a mind of our own.  We were all capable of first-cause creation — created mentally in the image and likeness of the Creator.  Time and space were just part of our tool box.  They made life interesting.

Time and space created different points of view depending on our location.  Stories were extracted out of the night sky; and different people saw different animals, superheroes, Gods, and Goddesses.  This became astrology, which is a function of the location and time that we’re born.


Second-Cause Creation

Second-cause creation made story more interesting with drama and judgment.  Some personality qualities were good and some were bad.  Some actions were good and some bad.  Some people had good astrological charts and some had charts that sucked.  We also added the elements of authority, roles, and evil.  Controlling space and time was now used to gain power over others.

Second-cause creation utilized history (his story) where time and events became very specific and intricately linked.  We were told to memorialize dates from the past.  We couldn’t just naturally let go of the past anymore.  We were told when to work and when to play.  And since we held on to the past, the past kept repeating.  Our future was now driven by what we held in mind — our memories and rigid beliefs.

We were seduced into giving up our independent notion of time because we were given planned gatherings, festivals, holy days, and holidays.  Those were our rewards.  Such fun times were used for the same purpose that a rapist grooms his future victim.  The victim loves the candy and attention, but doesn’t realize that the excitement they feel means that something bad is coming.  The non-holidays came to feel like punishment because that’s when we had to do the hard work.

Ancient astrologers/astronomers were called Wise Men.  They worked for the royals; they could read the stars.  They decided who would rise to power and who would be a slave.  They wrote the stories of the illusion.  They said that the stars determined our fate, not our thoughts.  We were no longer the creator of our life.  We now had a role in a grand story that we were told God wrote, when it was really written by the Wise Men.

Religions created calendars to synchronize people.  Controlling time helped to control people.


Returning to First Cause

Rebelling and throwing out calendars and clocks isn’t the answer.  We simply have to get back to first-cause thinking about the calendar — use it for convenience and coordination.  It’s a tool, not a God to worship.  We have to recognize that our mind creates our life, not our star signs or “the man.”  A calendar can give us a useful construct, but the date on the calendar should not tell us what to do, what to say, or how to be.  We are free when we do what we’re inspired to do everyday.

Breaking free of the traditions, rituals, and organized events of the illusion can be quite a challenge.  We can look like a real party pooper if we don’t do the inner work first.  In my experience, as my mind returned to first-cause regarding the calendar, people just worked in harmony with me.  I didn’t have to make a grand statement that time was evil.  Coordinating became pretty natural.  I didn’t have to fight the calendar to the death.  I just started living as if every day was a holiday.

We only need to remove our beliefs about time from our mind.  Then time serves us instead of us serving time.  Prisoners are said to serve time; and when we live in the illusion, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

5 thoughts on “Time: Good or Evil

  1. stef says:

    do you find any use in storytelling?

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Stef,
      Yes time in storytelling gives us linear progression, period, and duration. But those things aren’t bad until we give them too much importance like we do when we want reparation for the past or memorialize it. The past should be in the past. Then the future can be free and creative. Love, Cathy

  2. Fenix says:

    Very interesting post, i like what you are saying about time and calendars. I did a lot of study(in my mind) about time and i saw that we confuse what is real time with clock time. Time as a biological rythm and a measurement of space(cycles of nature) is very useful and creative tool, but clock time which arised from dividing the biological rythm into bits, although is very useful too for communication, became true in our minds even though it is a social convention. We gave it a linear definition even though our clocks were round!!! We believed the old astrologers that divided the into 12 parts that what happened in the past can be decicive for the future. But that is like saing that our footprints are pushing us to walk. Astrology in the old meaning were not as today, just for predicting the future and for making money out of believers. It was symbolical for our life cycle and it has a symbologal analogy of our body and mind. You could say it was a chart of our bodies for tuning in with earth in her cycles. But as with a lot of wisdom, it became a religion or a dogma. Time in clock terms is a social convention, we took it for real. Time in biological terms is a cycle, we take it as a linear process. How messed up are we?

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Fenix,
      Time is an interesting thing and has definitely been used to manipulate. My research shows that astrology evolved from storytelling. If we get to know our True Self by letting go, it is useless and frivolous. No need to have an expert tell us who we are. Thanks for writing, Cathy

  3. Phil says:

    It’s interesting because as I read this article I could picture my life changing and adapting just as my beliefs became more solidified. I can relate it to how often I tried to plan things and wanted schedules. As I let go more and more my days feel like holidays. I remember how often I was looking to see what the time told me – this would mean if I was lazy or forgetful, lots of things that defined me in a false sense. I am looking less at the clock now and find myself where I need to be without needing to set an alarm. Long story short, thank you for the article!

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