Your Unique and Valuable Story

Unique and perfect
By Cathy Eck
“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”
-Margaret Mead



I love the above quote.  About a month ago, I pulled my “Freedom Astrology” work off the shelf.  It’s really got me thinking about uniqueness.

Freedom astrology is nothing like traditional astrology.  It evolved from my understanding of ancient storytelling and wanting to understand how one gets their unique perspective on life.  I realized that I could look at someone’s astrology chart and craft a unique story.  Each person’s story was completely unique like our fingerprints.  In addition, the stories transcended time, offering an eagle’s eye view of their life.


We’re All Storytellers

We’ve shared stories for thousands of years.  That’s why we love stories so much; we’re all telling a story with our life whether we know it or not.  But the stories people tell in social circles about their trip to the doctor or their fight with their spouse aren’t real stories.  Here’s why.

The first stories came from the stars — nomads lying on the desert sand with nothing to do at night invented characters and stories.  As time went on, the stories became more and more evolved.  The major characters became patterns for normal ways of being and interacting.

These star stories provided a framework for people’s lives.  Like a house blueprint, the story provides the overall structure.  A house blueprint is changeable, and it doesn’t describe the colors, decorations, or furniture.  In the same way, one’s unique star story is malleable.

Our story is part of our false self, and we can let it go completely — that’s complete freedom.  But we accept our star story with the desire to complete it.  And when we let go of all the beliefs we’ve borrowed from others, the story does make sense; we usually want to live it to completion.  It’s our reason for being.


Stories Aren’t Cast in Stone

Religions cast stories in stone structures to make them last beyond their normal lifespan.  Stories were designed to be flexible and temporary so we store them in our false self.

Once people became power-hungry, they decided that the leader’s story should dominate the lives the entire kingdom forever.  The notion of the personal story was replaced by the group story.  No one can live a story like the writer, so this way of viewing life made sure that the leader would be the most successful and powerful person.  Christianity did this with Jesus’ story — no one can be Jesus like Jesus.  But Jesus would also have a really hard time being you.


The Fall

The original stories had a beginning that was perfect and Eden-like (Act I).  Then there was a fall (Act II), and last they resurrected themselves and came full circle (Act III).  You might recognize this as Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey or the three-act play.

Western religion falsely started our lives with the fall (Act II).  They told us that Adam and Eve were in Eden, but we weren’t.  When a story starts at the wrong place, it keeps us stuck.  It erases our memory of perfection causing us to think our desires are ridiculous or imaginary.  Religion also made the resurrection part of the story (Act III) unachievable for us mortals.  If we were never in Eden and we can’t resurrect ourselves from the illusion, guess where we stay stuck forever?

When people read their star story, they’re struck by the fact that Act I and III are there.  This creates a huge perspective change.  Everyone can do the same thing by accepting Eden as their original starting place (Home) and realizing that we’re meant to return Home in this life.  Doing so expands your perspective like nothing else can.  It exposes your false beliefs.

All three acts of one’s star story come from the natal astrology chart based on birth time and location.  I see the different acts or perspectives by changing my point of view.  As I go into the fall part of the story, I see the beliefs that pulled the character into the illusion and feel emotions arise in my body to the point of huge discomfort, then as I move into the resurrection or return to Eden, the beliefs and emotions go.

In the end, I feel unconditional love for the person.  That’s proof that I’ve completed the cycle.  I see them as free and perfect.  It reminds me that what we don’t like in another is only the result of viewing them from a fallen perspective.


Don’t Accept What Is

Religion and the New Age have sold the notion of accepting what is.  Absolute bullshit!  There is no one that can’t get Home in one life based on what I’ve seen in these stories.  Religion blocks that by making beliefs the truth and convincing us that we were never in Eden and won’t be returning.

The number one criteria for returning to Heaven on Earth is being unwilling to accept less than perfection in your life, to constantly challenge the status quo.


Boring Reality Stories

People make events into their stories, which is why their stories are so boring.  The star stories have characters and events that represents patterns of thought.  We’re all taking mental journeys that produce physical effects.  Likewise each person we encounter in life is an aspect of our mind.

The point of life on earth is to complete our story and get back Home.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the poorest person on earth or homeless.  It doesn’t matter if you never went to school.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten completely off track.  Everyone has the same chance of success when we’re playing the right game.  There’s no competition.

Everyone can play and win.  The notion that everyone is equal and unique with a unique story-driven experience is powerful.  It opens up the possibility that everything can become right again for everybody.  That  just makes me smile.


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