Blindsided by the Light

Blindsided by the light

By Cathy Eck


We all arrive on this planet innocent.  But earth is a strange place.  Within a few years, we’re all blindsided by some event or person.  Perhaps we put our hand on the hot stove and realize that we can be burned.  We are blindsided, but that situation just produces learning.  Stoves are hot.

The real problems come from being blindsided by artificial light.  Someone that we thought was good, wasn’t pure-minded.  Their light was artificial.  We believe our parents are good.  So we don’t know how to process their anger or punishment.  We’re told religion is good, so we don’t understand why the priest says we’re sinners.  We presume our teacher is good, then he or she tells us something that isn’t true.  Our mental-emotional baggage is often linked to a time when we were blindsided by artificial light.

Now that the incident has happened, we’re left to draw conclusions about the experience.  Some children decide that others are bad and can’t be trusted.  Some decide that this planet isn’t safe; they have to be very cautious and stay under the radar.  Others decide that they have to take control of the wheel, or they’ll be stuck as a passenger in a car with a perpetually-bad driver.

Once we make that all-encompassing conclusion, our life proves that we’re right.  We see evidence to support our belief.  We stop trusting our own True Self because it didn’t protect us from being blindsided.

We turn over our life to our new and improved false self.  It tells us that it has our back.  It convinces us that it has this world all figured out.  It’s lying.  The false self is built upon that first lie or belief; it can contain the truth but only in memorized form.  It doesn’t know the truth.  It’s purpose is to perpetuate our beliefs because it thinks our beliefs keep us safe.  If this false self becomes dominant in our mind, we become a servant of the false God, the illusion.  Flourescent light now looks good; the sun (pure light) appears to be evil.


Finding the Cause

When people are deeply stuck in the illusion, they keep trying to fix the illusion which is just the effect of their beliefs.  Fixing the illusion doesn’t solve anything.  Our end goal is to find the cause or causes of our belief system and remove them.  When the false self is removed, the True Self remains unveiled.

Most babies cry at birth.  I suspect many people get a big old belief upon arrival.   If you’ve ever had the thought, I don’t know why I’m here.  How did I get here?  Or, I don’t like it here.  Then you might have found a causal belief.  What if you were born the wrong sex?  What if you looked funny at birth?  You probably got a belief straight out of the gate.

As a mother, I noticed when beliefs affected my children.  If they had a problem, it wasn’t caused by them.  They got the belief that was wrongly affecting their life in that moment from my husband or me.  When the belief was in my mind and I recognized it as false, the problem stopped immediately.  If I couldn’t find a causal belief in me, I looked to see if my husband was the culprit.  I’d give my husband a chance to clean up his mind.  Then I’d tell the kids to say “Not my thought.”  Kids are easy.  They let go in seconds.

Adults not only think their thoughts are true, they think they hear God talking.  They believe their mind and act on its nonsense.

How do we find the thought that first blindsided us?  We start with whatever is in our mind or body now.  If we feel an emotion, we follow it.  If we hear a belief, we check to see if it’s win-win for everyone and feels good.


Pay Dirt

Often we’ll find a big belief with lots of emotion.  That’s pay dirt.  You might be tempted to run from it.  But if you can recognize that the emotion is reminding you that the belief is false, you can stay with it until your mind lets go.  If you keep going into your emotions instead of running from them, numbing yourself, or wallowing in them, you’ll find those big causal beliefs.  Usually, causal beliefs are religious, politically correct, or deeply cultural.  We got them from those we thought were light and good — we were blindsided by their artificial light.

Big causal beliefs are surrounded by protector beliefs.  They’re like an army.  The lower rank guys protect the important guys.  To kill the false king or general, you have to wipe out all the soldiers protecting him.  Eventually, he’s unprotected, and you can take him down.  Sounds like chess because chess is a metaphor for the false mind.


Return to Innocence, No Way!

Letting go can be quite scary.  The false mind says it’s keeping us safe — remember it lies.  If feels like we’re going back to the same state of innocence that got us blindsided.  Won’t it just happen again?  Won’t we just get blindsided by a new form of artificial light?

The answer is NO.  You see we took in our first beliefs because we didn’t know how to discriminate.  We had no authority.  Science says discrimination isn’t possible before seven years of age.  We believe everything we’re told because we’re in a hypnotic alpha or theta state of mind.  Now, we can discriminate.

When we hear a false belief, like:  “It happened to them, so it could happen to me,” we stop.  We notice the emotion; we let go.  We keep returning our mind to a pure state, the virgin state.  We are innocent like children again, but now we’re equipped with a mature, adult, highly functioning mind.  We are free, and we are safe.  We can never be tricked again.


photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via photopin cc


Cathy Eck has been researching life's greatest mysteries for over two decades. She knows that everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their destiny. It is only the false beliefs that we hold in our mind that keep us from achieving that end. As we let those beliefs go, life gets much easier and more joyous. In the course of her research, Cathy has learned many tricks to make the journey much easier. She shares what she has learned on and