When Love Doesn’t Seem to Be Enough

Martin Luther King Quote

By Cathy Eck


Love — A Powerful Force

A burning question erupted in my mind when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  My mother said he was good; so how was it possible to kill him?  In my mind, good, positive, truthful, free, and unconditionally loving were all the same.  I felt strongly that love was a force that kept one safe.  But no one agreed with me; and in time, I came to believe them.  I learned that human good is different from True-Self good, and human good (or obedience) is what authorities wanted from me.  People thought my question was too big to ask.  I suspect it was too right to ask.


Adam and Eve

We’re taught that after their dirty deed, Adam and Eve were cursed by God; the door to paradise was locked.  They got us stuck for eternity in the land of good and evil.  But was the gate locked by God or was it locked by beliefs?  Could we let the beliefs go, and unlock the gate?  Another one of those “too big” questions, perhaps?

We’ve been convinced that heaven’s gate was locked.  We were convinced that good and evil are equal players in a never-ending battle.   We were convinced that a good person can be killed by evil.  But are any of these beliefs true?  Or have we just been conned to support an illusion that benefits the few at the expense of the many?

We believed these ideas because we were taught them by authority as children.  We didn’t realize that whatever beliefs we accepted as true would slide quietly into our mind and hold us hostage within an illusory reality; we were never told that we could discriminate and let beliefs go or that our love would keep us safe.  Only the ancient initiates were given that little piece of truth, which is why the initiates looked like Gods compared to the rest of us mortals.


The Key

People who died by assassination, like Martin Luther King, were rebels who exposed and fought the elite rulers.  The elite rulers have been the winners of the illusion for thousands of years.  We follow their belief — beliefs that were stacked to favor the patriarchal elite, not the little guy.  The rebels wanted the people in power to change their minds and adopt equality-centered views.  But why would they?  They were winning.

The initiates knew how to take our power back even when we were in a lesser role.  They said that nothing can exist in our experience until we accept a belief that allows the experience into our mind.  If we remove the causal belief, we can’t be harmed.

People who win at duality are experts at planting causal beliefs in the minds of the people that they want to control.  Slavery is the goal of the illusion.  The ability to discriminate and let go is, in fact, the great equalizer.  But hardly anyone knows how.

Martin Luther King had a True-Self vision of freedom; but he was stuck in the same false world as we are.  He tried to change the illusion.  But we can’t change or defeat the illusion; we must let it go.  Then it slowly dissolves like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz who was doused with water.


The Way Out

Each belief we hold in mind gives some of our power to authority.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but our fear disappears as we let beliefs go.  Our safety improves as our fear disappears.  False power diminishes because the disempowering beliefs and fear that we let go boomerang right back to those who sowed the seeds in our mind.  This is true justice — redemption without revenge.

If an authority figure can’t project their fear on to others, events are pulled into their life that push them off their pedestal.  They lose their special charisma that people fall for.  The truly good win without a fight.  In fact, no one loses in this deal because those who lose their false power gain the truth that sets them free too.


Getting to Love

According to the initiates, we must cease judging, hating, and fighting; instead, we must free our own minds.  We must become someone who can’t be another’s projection screen.

The big questions are the ones that free our minds because they take us to the truth.  That is why it is frowned upon to ask them.  They dissolve the illusion.

In my experience, people often have a deep core belief that their love is not enough to keep them safe.   But that is just not true.  Ultimately the goal is just as Jesus said, “Love your enemies.”  He didn’t say that so we’d be nice; he said it so we’d be powerful and safe.

I didn’t want to love my enemies at first.  It felt like I was letting them off the hook.  But I realized that I enabled the authorities in my life by believing their lies.  I trusted them because I didn’t know how to discriminate between true and false as a child.  Now I do.  Now I can strip them of their false power by letting go and unconditionally loving them — not because they deserve my love but because it renders them powerless.  It is never too late to take back our power and live our perfect life.

I don’t know how long it takes to clean out our mind completely and reach total unconditional love because I’m not there yet.  But I do know that I’m safer when I let go.  I’m healthier and happier when I remember to let go.  I have less fear and more choices when I let go.  Most important, I have more unconditional love.  I carry the most powerful weapon of all in my holster as long as I remember to just let go.


Think you still need your beliefs, read this one.







3 thoughts on “When Love Doesn’t Seem to Be Enough

  1. Tia says:

    “Now I can strip them of their false power by letting go and unconditionally loving them — not because they deserve my love but because it renders them powerless.  It is never too late to take back our power and live our perfect life.”

    I think I get it now. That’s been my mistake this whole time, thinking that forgiveness and unconditional love were about the other person. Thinking that I had to believe that they DESERVED it. The laws of cause and effect would beg to differ, you give shit you get shit back.

    It was never about them, It was always about me, about getting my power back. When I make it about me, forgiveness and unconditional love cease to be about letting people off the hook. It stops playing into the false systems of punishment and reward, win and lose.

    When I was little, I remember how adults around me would try to teach me forgiveness by practically forcing it. When another kid “wronged” me, they were forced into giving an insincere apology and I was expected(forced) to forgive (excuse) them. This is how I was taught that problems were “solved”.

    But that’s the problem, they werent actually solved and somehow the onus was turned back around on the person who was owed an apology by making them the bad guy if they didnt accept the incincere gesture. Apologies were turned into an insincere buzz word to shut up people who called you out on your bullshit and Forgiveness quickly became an obligatory act of submission for the sake of playing “nice”.

    The true power of forgiveness was stripped away. People who more than likely owed a lot of apologies themselves turned forgiveness into a tool to beat over the heads of their “victims” shifting the guilt from themselves onto the person they hurt. Forgiveness became just another act of tolerance. All of these social protocols were OUTSIDE forces when I needed to be looking within. It never got to the root of the problem. Me.

    Forgiveness having the word “give” in it pretty much explains its true purpose as a masculine act. When I make it about me, forgiveness and unconditional love shift from that powerless, obligatory feminine role of playing nice and returns to its rightful true masculine. I’m in control again, I don’t need to wait for an apology to forgive because it’s not about them anymore it’s about me.

    Did I pass?

    • Cathy says:

      Yep you got it Thia. Ultimately we have all the power when our mind is pure and oddly we don’t care. We have no desire to harm. Very good work! Love Cathy

  2. Helle says:

    This is a hard one – learning to let love win. I have always struggled with that, still do. But I know that you are right. When I am loving no one can hurt me. Thanks for the reminder : )

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