Exposing the Hidden Shadow of the New Age

Positive and Grateful

By Cathy Eck


New Age Trap

The New Age is a particularly sneaky illusion trap because it looks like the path to the True Self.  We force our mind to get positive, and positive is a quality of the True Self.  We use our will to manifest what we want; and being a creator is a True Self quality.  We gain a quiet mind through meditation; and the True Self’s mind is quiet.  We start to succeed and win; and the True Self never does anything that isn’t win-win.

But sadly, the New Age (and self-help movement) is actually like putting ice cream on top of manure.  You see, you were born positive, grateful, with the ability to create everything you wanted, and with a peaceful and quiet mind.  If you feel you need to create those things, it’s because you believe you aren’t those qualities.  So when you put that positive ice cream on top of the negative manure, you get a shit sunday.

Every New Age or self-help technique is about fixing effects.  The false self created the New Age and self-help movements because they keep us seeking for another lifetime or more.  So let’s look under the rug and expose some of the most popular New Age (self-help) techniques.



This is an easy one.  If you need to say, “I am rich,” you clearly believe you’re poor.   The affirmation is an attempt to fix the bottom of the triangle by switching to the winning side.  In fact, the affirmation causes projection of the poor side of the bottom of the triangle on to others.  And that projection eventually comes back to you like a boomerang.  This is probably where the notion of karma came from.

Affirmations are always fixing the effect; not the cause.  But if you look under the affirmation, you can find the causal belief with ease.

Let me tell you how this probably started.  Someone accidentally got positive one day (accidentally let go), and they noticed that everything repaired itself.  So they made it into a process.  But that doesn’t work.  Positive on top of manure is a shit sunday.  Remove the negative manure and you’ve got a clean plate.



Did you know that the person who wrote the book on the gratitude journal went bankrupt after making millions on her book?  Her own gigantic lack-of-gratitude projection came back to collect payment.  Our projections all come back in time.  The truth is that gratitude is natural; it’s not a process.  Our True Self is always grateful.  It doesn’t have to say it; it exudes it.  If you think you have to express gratitude; you’ve accepted the shadow message that you aren’t grateful, probably because you read her book or listened to Oprah.


Vision Board

There are now apps for making your vision board.  This probably got started because someone felt artistic and started making a picture of their desires.  They loved the picture and then watched as the image became reality.  Their vision board became real because they were connected to their True Self.

But that isn’t what happens for most because they put stuff on the board that they just happen to want or like.  It seems everyone puts Oprah on there these days.  Others put cars, houses, spouses, children, and places they want to go.  They behave like they are placing orders.

The things we really want can’t be visualized.  In truth, we want freedom, creativity, joy, peace, and unconditional love.  Try putting those on a vision board; you have to downgrade the feeling to words.  But if you find your True Self by letting go, you’ll create a perfect life that you love without visualizing it first.   The vision board is simply backwards creating, and it solidifies the horrible belief that you have to work hard and use your will to get what you want.



Why do people meditate?  They want a quiet mind.  I can assure you that when we let go our mind gets quiet and calm.  But letting go creates a virgin mind that is free and creative.  Meditators don’t generally let go of their beliefs unless they do something like what I call western meditation; they usually suppress or project their unwanted beliefs and thoughts on to others.  They teach their minds how to ignore their thoughts and emotions.  Those thoughts have to go somewhere; they usually go onto others who are feminine to them.

Meditation was born in countries that played the feminine aspect of the world.  While the western world was creating dual false thought and keeping the winning side, the eastern world was getting the west’s shadow projection.   Easterners, used meditation to rise above the western projections.

Floating above one’s mind became enlightenment.  Good meditators floated high above their minds and became gurus while the rest of the people in those countries literally lived in the guru’s projected shit.  Shit does flow downhill.  Now the easterners are all trying to think like westerners, and we’re meditating because our shit is coming back at us.


You can always expose a false process by taking it to the extreme.  Imagine if you couldn’t get anything unless you affirmed or visualized it.  At some point, you’d make breathing, eating, and walking extremely hard.  Your belief in the process would kill you.  The goal of the false self is death.  The word evil (death) is live spelled backwards.

When you find yourself with the urge to affirm, draw a vision board, put a crystal up your butt, or call in the angels, ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”  Then just let go of the answer and save yourself the time, energy, and money.

We already are what we strive to be; and when we let go of our beliefs, we see our natural perfection.  No one needs to know the truth; we already know it.  We only need to let go of the beliefs that cover up the truth — then we’re free.



Why Create a Vision for Your Life? The Answer Might Surprise You

Creative Mind Like a Blackboard

By Cathy Eck


The hardest concept to understand when initiates choose the path of freedom is that all the tools that worked in the illusion are worthless to the True Self.  It isn’t that they are wrong or bad, it’s just that you ain’t in Kansas anymore.


The Vision Board

In some circles, the vision board is king.  Experts say the vision board fuels the law of attraction, and it does.  However, the law of attraction is a law within the illusion.  Everything you create in the illusion has two sides — what you want and the opposite.

One time, I was inspired to spend a whole day appreciating, and something big did change in my life.  Some part of me wanted to start an appreciation movement.  But, I didn’t.  Around that time, someone else did.  She created a gratitude movement.  But a few years later, she crashed and burned.  Appreciation is who we are; it is not a technique.  But when I didn’t understand that, I too thought it was a magic formula for success.

This is the most sophisticated trap in the illusion.  Every religion, movement, and spiritual community has fallen into it.  They take something that is natural and true and turn it into a technique.  The technique can bring success, rewards, and even enlightenment within the illusion, but it can never bring you freedom.


You Were Born a Grateful, Positive Visionary

It isn’t that gratitude isn’t amazing or positive thinking is bad.  It is that you were born grateful and positive.  Likewise, visualization is a natural skill.  If you are forcing it, you’re trying to leap over your beliefs when you could just let them go.  When you take something natural for the True Self and do it as a false-self activity, you get a beautiful whipped cream topping for your manure.  It’s delicious in the beginning, but eventually, it tastes like shit.

Our true desires are within, underneath the manure.  They come effortlessly if we remove everything that covers them.  The visionary movement promoted the “God as concierge” notion.  It focused on receiving whatever was missing from life.  If you believed in the power of vision enough, the universe submitted to your belief.  It is an updated version of the genie in the bottle.  But now your mind has another belief to follow and a pain-in-the-ass genie to tote around.  None of us need more beliefs.

Those of us who followed the power of thought movements acquired extra manure to scoop (and a genie that is more trouble than he’s worth).  We got lots of new and improved ways of doing hard work.  The mind starts out visualizing the car or the house.  But eventually, to get up in the morning, you need  a vision the night before.  The mind takes any technique and makes it into a rule just like a computer program.  At first the technique is fun and game-like, but soon it becomes a fucking chore.

Our minds have no compassion.  They don’t give a damn if you try hard.  They don’t even care if you just lost your job and your husband left you for a man.  Minds only do what they are programmed to do.


Using a Vision Powerfully

But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.  A vision is a very important tool in the quest for freedom.  You just have to recognize that your mind is the ultimate grantor of wishes — not the universe, not God in the clouds, and not other people.  When all the beliefs and rules that block a vision are gone, the object or career or people you desire will be there wondering where in the hell you’ve been.

This is hard to see because we have so many beliefs in the way.  We’ve accepted social rules, religious rules, and beliefs.  We’ve got other people’s opinions and criticisms in the way.  We’ve got memories of times we didn’t get what we desired.  The positive thinking movement was built on the belief that we’ll never dig out all that shit so they invented ways to spread it out and plant some new seeds.  It works better in the garden than in the mind.

The reason for a vision is to tease our beliefs out of hiding.  If you get the object of the vision, it’s a bonus.  The real goal is freedom.  If we want a nicer house, we must learn which beliefs move us toward the house and which ones don’t.  Then we let the blocking beliefs go.  Discrimination and letting go are easier if we set a direction.  Success is never about getting the vision.  In fact, looking for evidence of the reward is like shooting yourself in the head to remove a belief; it doesn’t work.

Very often, I’ve worked incredibly hard toward a vision only to realize that the vision wasn’t that great.  It served its purpose because it motivated me to let go. Now a new and improved vision moved into my mind.


A Vision Focused on Giving

The biggest flaw in the vision board activity is that it is focused on receiving; our True Self loves to express or give its gifts.  In “Culinary Artistry,” the author describes three types of chefs.  The first is the burger-flipper, the second is the accomplished chef, and the last is the culinary artist.  He says that the burger-flipper wants survival, the accomplished chef wants enjoyment, but the third wants to entertain.  The artist, he points out, uses his talent to give, not receive.  And yet, what we receive in return says it all.  He says that the burger-flipper produces people who say,”I’m full.” The accomplished chef produces customers who say, “That was delicious.”  But the culinary artist transcends cooking altogether and people leave saying, “Life is wonderful.”  That’s the true power of vision.


The lost art of mentorship talks about giving our talents.