Please, Somebody, Anybody, Tell Me What To Do

Somebody, tell me what to do

By Cathy Eck


This might sound like a strange name for one of my posts.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not big on asking others to tell me what to do since I probably won’t obey them anyway.  But there have been moments in my life when I thought that my problem or challenge was too big for me to handle; and I looked up at the sky (which told me I was following a belief) and said, “Please, Somebody, Anybody, Tell me what to do.”  Then I thought, “Why did I do that?”


Here’s Why We Do That

We have many beliefs in our mind that support those moments of feeling that we just don’t have the answers.  Most of us were taught that we don’t have the answers — that’s why they send us to school and church for most of our childhood.  Truth is, we have more answers than those who are teaching us — it’s just that our answers only work in the true world.  Most people believe they’re not an authority on life — and they’re never the “supreme authority.”  We’re also taught to be obedient.  So whether we know it or not, we’re sending out a signal that says, “Tell me what to do,” or “Please control me.”   Then when someone answers that signal, we get mad at them and rebel, or we obey them without thinking.



Let’s resolve this situation once and for all.  It isn’t as hard as you might think.  Like everything else in life, you just have to go in the opposite direction of the status quo.

Try to remember one of those moments of desperation.  If you’re visual, you’ll see the event.  If not, you might hear or feel the memory.  Now go right to that moment where you said, “Somebody, tell me what to do,” and then stop the movie or soundtrack.



You’re standing before a split on your path.  You have two directions to choose from.  But most likely, you only see one option.  The majority of people, listen for a few minutes hoping that God will speak to them or an angel will appear.  Then they go off looking for a human expert.  If they have a health problem, they call doctors.  If they have a relationship problem, they look for books, advisors, or wise friends.  If they have a legal problem, they look for a lawyer or call 911.  They’re looking for someone who fits their acceptable answer for “somebody, anybody, tell me what to do.”

But the experts they find are poor substitutes for their True Self.  Our True Self has the perfect answer for us every time.  Occasionally, people even accidentally find a True Self who provides a perfect answer, and they don’t listen to them because they’re looking for someone who matches their false self’s emotional charge — their other half.

A well-known channel wrote, “The ancient gods were always trying to guess what the Supreme God wanted.”  Really?  Really?  Think about that!  People project their early authority figures on to God.  If we had parents that we couldn’t read, we think that God is unpredictable or tries to trick us.  This channel doesn’t have the truth; she has a problem with her unpredictable father.  This is yet another layer of beliefs:  God won’t tell me the answer or God isn’t answering my prayer.  


Tell Me What To Do

You want to access your True Self, but to do so, you have to go the other direction away from advisors.  We habitually turn toward the voice of “Somebody, anybody, tell me what to do.” But that voice is our false self looking for its opposite.  Since it doesn’t have the answer and knows that it doesn’t have the answer, it attracts someone who doesn’t have the answer and doesn’t know that they don’t have the answer.  Yes, I said that right.  We label people who think they know the answer (but usually don’t because they fix effects, not the cause) experts in the illusion.  We pay them lots of money.

You must find the causal belief.  So instead of chasing your desire to find help, u-turn the other direction.  Let go that you need somebody to help you, that you don’t have the answer, or that you don’t know what God wants from you.  Let go that you’re alone or that the problem is too big. (All of these thoughts will feel terrible with lots of emotion.  You know what that means.  It means you’re mind is giving you lots of lies — beliefs — to let go).

This is a powerful moment when you can take some power back from authorities.  They won’t be fond of your decision.  If you no longer need them, they won’t have yachts, planes, and Swiss bank accounts.

You must remain a witness to your mind; keep reaching back. You’ll probably find a desire to be rescued or saved.  You’ll often find the desire to be controlled.  I know it sounds insane, but we’re programmed that way.  We’re taught these beliefs as children.  Your freedom is dependent on your removal of these beliefs, which contain lots of emotional charge.


Stay With It

Keep letting go of whatever comes up for as long as it takes.  You’re going the right way.  You’re going toward freedom.  You’ll eventually get calm, and you’ll see what your mind was doing to you.  Then you’ll either get an insight, see the cause of the problem and let that go (which means the problem will dissolve on its own), or you’ll just feel peaceful and go about your day only to notice in a few days that you forgot that the problem ever existed.

Now comes the hard part.  Don’t tell the wrong people about this because they’ll call it a miracle.  They’ll make it sound like something extraordinary, and you don’t want that.  You found freedom; it’s how our lives were meant to be lived — it’s not miraculous, it’s normal.



Help, I’m Stuck in Someone Else’s Illusion

Stuck in someone's illusion

By Cathy Eck


Ties that Bind

For the last two decades, I’ve been connecting the dots that link our stories, beliefs, minds, and physical experiences.  Prior to my research, I felt this link intuitively but couldn’t explain myself.  People thought I was an idiot because I wouldn’t believe their illusion was true.

I looked bad to others because I went against the grain of society.  But, I wasn’t a bad person.  I know that many readers of this blog feel the same way.  Fitting in isn’t an option; we just can’t make our minds small enough to fit into the tiny box that most people call normal life.  But often we unknowingly allow their limited perspective into our minds, and we feel like an alien that must join them or rebel.

Initiation, fortunately, isn’t about joining or rebelling.  It’s about letting go.

I’ve gotten emails from people from less civilized countries asking if I could remove a curse or get them out of someone’s mind.  It seems more obvious to those we call uncivilized that humans get stuck in the minds of others and can’t get out.  Clairvoyants describe this as cording.  They’ll say that they see an etheric cord between a person and their mother or witch doctor.



In other articles, I’ve discussed the masculine and the feminine roles within the illusion.  A witch doctor or a mother plays a masculine role because they have authority.  Feminine roles, like child or patient, have no authority within the illusion.  We all start out as children playing a feminine role.  If the person in the feminine role has a more expansive perspective than the person in authority (masculine role), they feel stuck in someone else’s small illusory view of the world.  Most find it easier to obey the authority than to fight them.  They accept the illusion as the truth and make the best of it.  Fortunately, not everyone is so submissive or life on this planet would be unbearable.

The world we see is a projection of our minds — our beliefs.  I know it doesn’t look that way.  But when you let go of beliefs and see the changes in your world, it becomes obvious.

If we’re submissive to another person’s authority, then we see their projection.  Powerful leaders figured this out eons ago; this is how one person can control the masses.  They get the masses to believe their beliefs.  And it seems people are willing to believe just about any ridiculous belief system.  This is especially true if the people believe the worst lie of all: that something that feels bad can be true.  If people are emotionally reversed to believe lies that clearly feel horrible, they will serve the masters for thousands of years without the authority even lifting a pinky finger.  Sound familiar?

People who belong to religions, see their religious leader’s projections.  As citizens, we see the projections of our political leaders; we even fight their wars.  If we’ve turned our mind over to educators, we see the world they teach us to see.  We also see the projections of the leader of our family, who sees their leader’s projections.  This is how we get stuck in someone else’s illusion.  It’s complex mental web of beliefs.


Removing the Cord

It seems impossible to escape because we didn’t create the illusion that imprisons us; it exists in the mind of our authority figures.  But I’m going to share with you the biggest secret of all.

To escape another’s illusion, you must recognize that every slave shares common beliefs with their master.  Every victim shares common beliefs with their abuser.  An authority can’t put you into their illusion without first selling you their beliefs, often with fear and force.

Since we borrowed the beliefs, we can let them go.  But we have to face the fear that caused us to accept the belief.  Once we know how to let beliefs go, our freedom is assured.  We can break open our prison door and take back all our power.


Two Sides of Beliefs

All beliefs are dual and have a good and evil side.  The two sides of the belief are like two sides of a coin.  You can get rid of the coin, but you can’t get rid of one side of it.  People try to be good which only makes evil stronger.  Religion lied — its totally designed to keep us stuck within the illusion by telling us to chase good.  It has no exit ramp.  Religious and spiritual people say that the more you move to the light the bigger the evil that chases you.  That’s how it looks in the illusion.  Increase good and you automatically increase your enemy in equal measure.

We’re back to our old standby, the triangle process.  To move up to the top of the triangle, we must get rid of both sides of the bottom of the triangle — not just the bad side.

So while many new agers tell you to take out your magical scissors and cut your magical cord and burn it in your magical fire, that is complete bullshit.  To fix any problem, we must find and correct the cause.  Regardless of how it looks, the cause is always in our own mind.

If we let go of the beliefs that we share with the person in authority, we slowly set ourselves free.  We can’t exist in their illusion if we don’t share their beliefs.  It just isn’t possible.

We’re often afraid to let go of our good because we fear we’ll be bad.  But the opposite of light and good is actually false.  If our goodness and light is true and real, we can’t let it go.  If our goodness and light is false, we’re better off without it.  The only way to end evil is to get rid of its twin — good.  When you get rid of the false good and the fluorescent light, you end up with the truth.  You are free.