Mentoring Others to Let Go

Letting Go

By Cathy Eck



As you travel along the path to freedom, you’re going to want to start mentoring others.  Here are a few things that I’ve learned about mentoring.  Freedom mentoring is unique; it works from the inside out.  Normal coaching, teaching, or healing work creates change within the illusion; it fixes the effect of the illusion.  That doesn’t mean that those services don’t have a place.  As long as the illusion exists, people will seek comfort within it.  But if your desire is to achieve and give freedom, you have to get truthful about what freedom mentoring looks like.  Even when someone says they’re removing bad energy, they aren’t moving the person to freedom.  Providing a better or more positive point of view isn’t movement toward freedom.

Freedom mentoring at its best is about letting go.  That’s it.  Unless people know how to remove their own causal false thoughts, they’ll simply recreate their problems in the same or different form.  Or, they’ll project them on to others.  Freedom mentoring is about eliminating the potential for all problems forever.  To be blunt, those who seriously seek freedom mentoring have generally had enough of fucking problems.  So there’s nothing and no one they won’t let go.  If the person hasn’t gotten to that point, they won’t go all the way to freedom.

Ultimately when we’ve received the complete gift of freedom, we no longer need healers, teachers, gurus, or therapists.  Thus, freedom mentoring is a temporary job.


Make Sure They Want To Let Go

Some people are thrilled with the notion of letting go.  Others are resistant to the idea.  False fear of loss is the biggest restriction to letting go.  If someone doesn’t want to let go, don’t force them.  We don’t need to recruit True Selves.  Everyone already has one.  Whether another lives from their True Self or covers it up is their free will.

If someone resists letting go but wants to be mentored, help them look for a payoff of their problem.  Often they’re getting attention for it, or even money.

I take responsibility for any fears, judgments, or beliefs I have about their resistance.  Often their will can be quite convincing that they’re a victim, their problem is normal, or there’s no cure.  They might tell you letting go doesn’t work.  They’ll often become highly defensive or angry.  They can look possessed — they are, by their own false self.  At this point, I let them know they can keep their belief, but they’re giving up freedom.  We don’t have the right to dominate another or force them to let go.  If we battle them, we drop into our false self.  Then two people are drowning in the illusion.

We can be of enormous assistance by simply remove any beliefs or fears about them from our own mind.  At the very least, they have one person in the world who sees them problem free.  Once you let go, speak whatever your inspired to speak, and trust in their own True Self to handle the rest of the process.

Our True Selves always do the work of letting go.  In mentoring, we’re remembering their True Self’s knowing and unconditional love.  The false self can’t survive such purity.


The Truth Will Set Them Free

Some people want to vent or tell their story.  They believe that will get it off their chest.  They don’t realize that each time they tell their story, they’re giving it more power.  They’re getting less free.  The false self always says that it’s giving us what it’s actually taking.  It lies.  It tells you that telling your story will free you when it actually takes your freedom from you.

Often people tell their story looking for attention or approval.  Sadly, we’re socially trained to offer support for such behavior.

If they’re open to your mentoring, ask them to tell the story one line at a time.  Then after each line of the story, ask them if that felt good.  Remind them that if it didn’t feel good, it wasn’t true.

This is where things get tricky.  The story looks true to them because it was their reality.  But it isn’t true, the truth always feels calm and unemotional.  Their reality was the effect of their past beliefs.  So by telling the story and recognizing that it all feels bad and it all occurred in the illusion, they often find the causal beliefs that they need to let go.


Traditional Bridgework

What if you work as a traditional healer, teacher, or coach?  In the beginning, you don’t have to do anything different with your clients except make sure you don’t believe them.  This feels odd at first.  It feels like you aren’t connecting with them.  But any treatment that you offer will work much better if you actually realize that nothing is wrong with them.

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, gave thousands of readings on health problems.  In his sleeping state, he was able to determine what the person in need of healing believed and recommend a solution that matched their beliefs.  In addition, to the salve, herb, drug, or physical treatment, he often recommended that they look to their mind and emotions for the cause.  At one point, he started a group geared toward connection with God.  The group asked him if they would achieve connection in this life, and he pretty much said no.  I suspect he determined in his sleeping state that they weren’t letting go; they were soothing their wounds and memorizing the truth.

As a mentor, truthfulness is key.  We must avoid telling people what they want to hear.  That requires letting go of our fear of rejection.  We must let go first and then follow our inspiration.  We must care about their freedom more than looking good or smart.  Mentoring others in this way rewards the mentor and the person being mentored — both grow closer to freedom.  It’s always win-win.

The Creative Process From the Inside Out

Beliefs fill the gap

Beliefs fill the gap between our mundane life and our desires.

By Cathy Eck


The Normal Creative Process

The normal creative process involves setting goals, deciding what actions to take for success, and finding the motivation to do what must be done.  Getting the goal, or the perks associated with the goal, is the purpose of creating in this way.

This process takes willpower, hard work, and dedication. Once our mind accepts that creating happens from the outside in, it requires that we continue to do so. It can become exhausting over time. We live in the future instead of the present.

Creating from the inside out is different. We still create a goal, intention, or desire, but the purpose of that desire is simply to set our direction – achievement of the goal is secondary. We focus our attention on the beliefs and thoughts that stand between our current reality and our desire. We clear the gap between them. Once we are congruent with our desire in mind, body, and spirit, it must manifest.


The Mind is Key

Most people have evolved in their thinking to recognize the importance of their mind. However, most have replaced physical hard work with mental hard work — visualize the dream, say those affirmations, believe and you will achieve. Willpower is still key, and more people fail than succeed.

True inside-out creating looks new, but it’s actually very old. It was the way that initiates created in ancient times. It was said that the initiates entered mystery schools as mortals and exited as Gods.

The initiates knew that problems had mental causes – beliefs created the gap between mundane reality and the desired result.  The initiate let go of his or her beliefs until the gap disappeared.

Schools of initiation made great leaders, with pure, loving minds that manifested anything they desired effortlessly. The initiate didn’t take action until it was effortless and inspired. The majority of their work was mental.

In the ancient mystery school, you weren’t permitted to convince others to believe or support you. You weren’t permitted to change your behaviors unless inspired. You weren’t permitted to request advice. You weren’t permitted to fix the effects of your beliefs. You weren’t even allowed to change your mind. You simply let go of your beliefs so completely that it was as if they had never existed. You were only allowed to ask for support in letting go. Your mentor, or initiator, helped you to discriminate until your mind became clear.


Why is this so powerful?

When you work toward fulfillment of desires in this way, you become completely inner directed. Instead of focusing on results, you observe and let go of the thoughts and feelings in your mind and body. You move out of the future into the present. You focus on your own life instead of others. Of course, the past has colored the present so the past does arise, but only so that it can be examined, reviewed, and let go. The initiate’s mind becomes a discrimination machine, separating the wheat from the chaff until only the truth remains. This was called finding the kingdom of heaven first so that anything could be made manifest.

If you do this process and your desire is not right for you, you’ll lose the desire. You won’t get it, and you won’t care. A true desire doesn’t disappear; it expects to be fulfilled. You can’t screw this process up, and you can’t harm others by letting go. That alone makes it a wonderful process.

Beliefs can be let go, but you can’t let go of the truth. In addition, the desires you fulfill this way will never have a backlash that you’ll have to deal with later on. The process is holistic and pure.

Our human challenge comes from sharing earth with others who have different desires and goals and allowing them to fulfill their dreams while traveling down our own lane. Eventually, we learn that we win when others win; that was the final lesson of initiation. The initiate realized that competition doesn’t work; joy is in cooperation and co-creation.


It’s Worth It

At first, this way of living creates a mental apocalypse. People are shocked when they begin to witness their minds. Their complex of beliefs, which the ancients called the false self, doesn’t go down easily; it has tricks and traps. Letting go can feel as if one is fighting the battle of Armageddon within.

But each small victory over the false self exposes more of the True Self. For some, the false self wins; and they get pulled into the outer-directed world once again. Others will remark. “I know I was born to do this; it just feels right.”

So it is a choice — a way of living that’s there for us when we choose it. You know you’re ready when you can’t find the motivation to create in the old ways anymore. You just can’t say one more affirmation, follow one more practice, or force yourself into action anymore.

For me, this way of living became so much more than creation. Creating from the inside out is completely win-win. Jealousy, fear, and anger go away. You become incredibly cooperative and find joy in others realizing their dreams. You find aspects of your life improving that had nothing to do with your goals. Health improves, problems cease to exist, and relationships become easier. You laugh more at life because it becomes much less serious.  In short order, you can’t imagine going back to the old way of creating.

In the ancient world, this divine way of life was only available to those who could leave their homes and families. But now, we can all choose the path of initiation and achieve mental and emotional freedom in this life.


Here’s an article about a local San Diego woman who did create from the inside out.