Getting Beyond “I Can’t”

I Can't

I CAN’T are two words that often sneak into our mind pretending to be true. But they always indicate a belief.  We can let the belief go, and I CAN’T disappears.

By Cathy Eck

I’m Stuck, I Can’t Find a Belief

People usually call me when they are really stuck.  Quite often their minds are saying “I can’t” over and over again without them noticing.  The words are so familiar that when our mind speaks them, we listen.  We don’t see that we are expressing a belief.  We are sure the words are true.

People will say to me, “But Cathy I really can’t.  I’ve tried everything.”  They have tried everything, except the one thing that works.  They have not tried letting go of the I can’t.


An “I Can’t” Exercise

So here is an exercise:  Write down the words I Can’t on a piece of paper.  Now allow your mind to complete whatever comes after the I can’t.  Write as many answers to I can’t as you can think of.  Keep going until you are empty.

Now read the list back while watching your emotions and your body.  See if any of the answers that you wrote feel good.  They shouldn’t feel good at all.  In fact, they should feel horrible.  Remember your emotions are saying that you believe what you wrote, and everything you wrote is a lie, a belief.  Not one thing that you have written is true; you have found a whole bunch of beliefs.  And you now know what to let go to move forward.  You are no longer stuck.


If you feel like it, share your favorite “I Can’t” in the comments below.  You can pretend it is confession!  

Don’t know how to let go?  Here is an article to get your started…Letting Go of a Belief

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7 thoughts on “Getting Beyond “I Can’t”

  1. Koera says:

    Hi cathy,
    I remain really confused these days. My mind is mixing up things which i have learned from you and others. Actually. i can remember the incident when i started developing imbalance. During my teenage, my sister told that one person had gone mad, and my mind started thinking how do people go mad, it aroused a lot of curiosity. Then my mind started throwing fears what if i go mad? and my mind started saying that you are going mad… and tricked me. So, this kind of imbalance went for years and years and i tried to stopped my imbalances by stopping my breathe.

    Luckily one site helped me to reduce my mind momentum. I came to know that some fears come in mind then don’t resist, suppress or deny it. My mind momentum reduced greatly. Some few months back i came across your site and i found a lot of beliefs in me. But my mind gets confused these days. i have some thoughts like” i am feeling thirsty, i might have diabetes”. I can completely recognize these thoughts as beliefs and let go. But there are some thoughts like” i think i might die.” And my mind says this is not a belief and again sometimes it get confused that its a belief. I am hoping for your meaningful insights.


    • Cathy says:

      Hi Koera,
      Everyone’s mind does that but most people don’t watch their thoughts so they ignore it. That’s not good. If we don’t let our mind know that unwanted thoughts aren’t true, we can create them. They call it being suggestive. You hear something bad and identify with it right away. So it’s best to catch false thoughts quickly. If they stick around awhile there is a lot of emotion. Just witness the emotion and remind yourself it means false. I talk about this in other posts.

      Our minds are creative. If we hold something as true, we start creating. So pharmaceutical companies know that. They run ads to say these diseases are true. Then people create them. But they aren’t true. They are telling us that so our minds will create what makes them money.

      There are lots of techniques to get rid of emotion. But it’s the recognition of true and false that frees us. So the more you do it, the more you learn about your mind. But it’s not a quick fix. Cathy

  2. Kourtney Wilfong says:

    I can’t go two weeks without pissing off a co-worker.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Kourtney,
      Well keep in mind that we cause our own emotions with our thoughts. So you are giving them a chance to see how crappy their thinking is. Let that be their problem. Cathy

  3. linda welch says:

    I can’t find my keys

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