Time to Come Out of the Closet

Get Out of the Closet

Are you hiding your gifts and talents?  It’s time to come out of the closet and express yourself.

By Cathy Eck


Most of Us Need to Get Out of the Closet

You don’t have to be gay to be stuck in the closet.  Most of us have some aspect of our life that truly needs to come out of the closet.  And often, the very thing we keep locked up is our most precious gift or talent.

We often hide the best aspects of our True Self because we fear judgment, which causes us to turn our gift into a curse.  We use all of our energy to hide it from others.  We develop a superficial persona to put a nice wrapper on our secret curse that would make us too different, too successful, or too special.  We wonder why we feel unexpressed and bored with life.  We wonder why we feel unworthy or like we don’t belong.


Why Do We Do This?

Often when we first expressed our gift, we were labeled crazy or weird.  Sometimes people just couldn’t figure out our perspective  — we looked abnormal.  But that doesn’t make us wrong, it makes us unique.  And if a therapist or doctor gets too involved, we might end up with a nasty diagnosis.

My friend John’s body had become contorted in strange ways.  He went to doctor after doctor and accumulated tons of labels, including Multiple Sclerosis.  Then one day our horse got sick.  John put his hands on the horse and channeled his healing energy into it; his contortions stopped.  What had been a curse for John for many years turned out to be an unrecognized gift.  John simply had to get out of the closet and claim that he was born to be a healer.  He didn’t have anything wrong with him.  John and I had a good laugh that day about modern medicine.  We played a game of what if…

If you have Multiple Sclerosis, you might be a closet healer.

If you have cancer, you might just be a person who creates change through rebellion.

If you suffer from ADD or ADHD, you might be smarter than your teachers.

If you are hearing voices, you might be a screenwriter.

If you have any label that is not positive and empowering, you might just need to come out of the closet.


Fear of Arrogance

Some people were labeled arrogant when they expressed their talent or gift, or people became jealous of them.  So they hid their gift in the closet.  But that makes no sense.  These people have taken something that God (or divinity) gave them, something that is the property of their True Self, and subjugated it to the rules of someone else’s false self.

Is it really arrogant to express yourself and upset your unsupportive friends, relatives, and authority figures?  Or is it arrogant to ignore your True Self’s talent?  I say arrogance, is not expressing who you are.  Arrogance is putting other people’s false self rules and desires for you above your own True Self’s gift.

So what is the gift that you keep locked up, that expression that the world is waiting for?  It is filled with energy, and it will torture your mind and body if you keep hiding it.  It will make you sick and depressed; and no one will be able to help you.

Your gift can be a point of view.  It can be psychic, artistic, or musical ability.  It can be a certain way of movement or a green thumb.  The possibilities are as unlimited as the people who inhabit this earth.

There are some criteria that prove you’ve found your gift or talent.  Your gift is harmless to everyone.  It brings you joy to think about it, do it, or be it.  It sits in your heart as a desire that will not leave, no matter how much you try to push it away.  It is usually the main ingredient in the best life you could ever imagine.  Do you need any more reason to come out of the closet?


Many great people have had to come out of the closet to express themselves…click here to read about Michelangelo and Sculpting the True Self.
photo credit: Jin_sama via photo pin cc