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I’ve answered most frequently asked questions on this blog and on Gateway To Gold. Others I’ve answered on my Facebook page. I no longer answer personal questions because I have put everything you need to get as free as you want on the blogs. It is a complete body of work. The best way to get answers is to search for them using the search tool. I’ve keyed each article to the most commonly searched words.

You can follow me on twitter at @gatewaytogold.

The Gateway To Gold Facebook page is I have a lot more articles on the Facebook/twitter pages. That material is more advanced and often is written in response to specific questions I receive. There are more active discussions on that blog. But I suggest that you read the blog pages first.

The goal is not to learn what I write about. It’s about unlearning. Ultimately, the reason that I wrote this blog is to help people see that they can answer all their own questions. I share the techniques that I used on this site. It sometimes takes time and persistence to break down the false self. But it is very possible if you stick with it. Love, Cathy

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  1. Eleonora says:

    Finally real words. Thank you.

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