How Do You Know What is True?

Truth or lies

By Cathy Eck


What is True?

In a world where false selves have become near clones of True Selves, it’s hard to determine what is true.  Often a strongly opinionated false self stands in our way, and we feel that our True Self is powerless.  That’s a moment where letting go pays big dividends.

There are multiple ways to discriminate between true or false.  Did an idea really come from God (as people claimed) or did it simply come from a very convincing human mind a long time ago?  False beliefs tend to look true as time passes.  The initiate’s job is to discriminate clearly and unfailingly.

So here is a summary of four ways to tell what is true.  They aren’t always quick and easy.  Sometimes you have to work a process for a while to see through the illusion.  Those who are winning the illusion are usually masters at manipulating these tests of truth.


Truth has no opposite

The triangle process is invaluable in determining what is true.  But what happens when a false self sees us as their enemy?

They’ll lose their steam when you recognize that they’re only seeing their reflection in you.  True Selves are like pure mirrors, which is why we all got pulled into the illusion as children.

So let go by rejecting their projection (beliefs) as false within your own mind.  The KEY is to work on your mind and ignore the other’s.  Too often we waste our energy because we get caught up in convincing or fighting the other.  When your mind is clear, if you need to say something, it will be inspired and true.


How Does it Feel?

This is my personal favorite what is true test.  Our emotions always relate to our own thoughts unless someone is speaking at us; then they relate to what we are hearing.  If everyone only said things that they ran through the how-does-it-feel test, the world would change dramatically for the better.  But this test is tricky because some people have twisted emotions due to religious or cultural brainwashing, called psychological reversal.

Recently, I saw a revealing BBC documentary called “The Most Hated Family in America” about the Westboro Baptist Church.  Below is a segment on YouTube displaying psychological reversal on steroids; I’ll warn you it’s very hard to watch.

Notice how these church members are speaking hateful words while smiling.  Their mouths are running automatically as programmed.  Their emotions are projected out to a target; so they’re not feeling them.  They’re thinking about their false God smiling on them, not the pain they’re causing others.  In fact, they believe they’re helping others to see the truth and mend their evil ways.

Most of us have less offensive psychological reversals.  But we have them.  Psychological reversals keep us stuck in right and wrong, good and evil.  They’re the master trick of the false self because they negate our God-given emotional barometer.  Blame is nearly always involved in psychological reversals.


Is it Win-Win?

This was my first what is true discovery.  When I had my business, I decided one day, that I would rather go bankrupt than ever do anything again that wasn’t completely win-win.  I started thinking carefully about everything I did, and I realized that I was changing into someone I actually liked.  I slept better, my mind was calmer and quieter, and my body was relaxed.

But it’s a tricky test.  People will say, “I’m win-win.  They’ll win if they do it my way.”  That isn’t how it works.

Imagine that you are the king of the world, and you get to choose the diet of every person on earth; you choose vegan because research shows it is healthy so you assume it must be true.  Now, I want you to go to northern Alaska in winter and be vegan.  You see, regardless of how reasonable it sounds to you, it doesn’t work for everyone.  So it isn’t true; it is merely a personal choice.  But you won’t see that unless you expand your sphere of influence.  The best answer would be something like “I want people in my world to eat what they are inspired to eat and enjoy eating.”  That is win-win.

We lose our win-win perspective when we limit our sphere of influence.  We have to remember that our thoughts contribute or contaminate everyone in the world in some small way.


What is True Works for All Time

This will sound funny to people trying desperately to live in the present moment.  But the Truth works in the past, present, and future.

When I was in college, I lived in a co-ed dorm for a year.  I was in my room studying with the door open on a Saturday night.  A gang of about ten young boys came in my room, locked the door, and told me to strip for some gang sex.  I calmly looked at them and said in a very stern voice, “You are thinking about now, the present moment, and you can have fun with me.  But what about tomorrow when you are a criminal?  What about the rest of your life?  Do you want to be a criminal and ruin your life?”  They got up and walked out the door.  Criminals always live in the present fueled by a contaminated past.

The truth works for the past, present, and future.  All three timeframes become perfect when you see them through the authentic eyes of the True Self.  Staying in the present is about enlightenment.  Being in all time is about total freedom, which includes enlightenment.

These are the big four.  True thinking passes all the tests.  When you find the true perspective, the initiates would say that you’re thinking like the creator God.  I promise you that you’ll want more.  It is pure unconditional love, and it is within you.

If something doesn’t test true in any of these, you’re not at the truth yet.  Keep trying.  It’s worth it.




Top Twelve Great Pieces of Shitty Advice

The Shitty Advisor of Venice Beach

If I had only paid $1 for all the shitty advice I’ve received in my life, I’d be very, very rich.  Sadly, I paid much more.

By Cathy Eck


The Shitty Advisor of Venice Beach

While walking on Venice Beach, I came across the shitty advisor.  Of course, I paid my dollar.  He explained how I could efficiently get eaten by a shark.  That was pretty shitty advice since I’m not interested in being eaten by a shark.

However, I kind of admired the guy; at least he was honest.  Yes, he gave me shitty advice that I didn’t need and would never need.  But he warned me that his advice was shitty; so we had a good laugh together.

He also didn’t give me confusing advice; in fact, his logic was perfect.  I suspect that if I followed his advice, I would get eaten by a shark.  He gave me what I paid for — worthless, shitty advice.  I got my money’s worth.  In fact, I got a bargain.

Over the course of my life, many well-meaning people have given me advice that was really shitty; but they believed their shitty advice was true.  Because they didn’t realize their advice was shitty, they expected me to follow it; and we missed out on the laugh.


Top Twelve Pieces of Truly Shitty Advice

So here are twelve pieces of truly shitty advice that I’ve received.  You’ve probably heard them too.  Have a laugh on me.  I won’t even charge you a dollar.

1)  If it feels bad, it’s true.  Imagine if tomorrow you walked into the doctor and he said, “You’re dying.”  Then you laughed and said, “You’re lying.”  What if you were so clear that when someone told you something that didn’t feel good, you didn’t believe them at all — not even a little.  Well then you would be truly free!

2) The Bible was written by God.  God doesn’t write; people do.  The Bible was written by people who would probably be called channels today.  Channels mix some truth with some lies because they are human; and if we aren’t watching closely, we don’t notice the lies.  The God of the Old Testament killed, cursed, smited (whatever that is), and caused people to get lost in the desert and drowned by floods.  If that is God, then I don’t want a damn thing to do with him.

2)  Get a good education; it makes you smarter.  Actually, it made me stupider, less wise.  Education causes us to blindly believe things that aren’t true.  It causes us to look outside for answers instead of inside.  Of course, it took me getting a Ph.D. to realize that.

3)  Emotions are bad.  Emotions are not bad; they are our greatest gift.  They’re labeled bad because emotions expose beliefs, lies.  We aren’t good followers or slaves if our emotional system of discrimination is working because we don’t believe liars.

4)  Love is finding our other half.   This one cost me dearly.  We don’t have another half to find because we are born whole.  The best we can do is co-create with another, but only if we don’t lose our True Self in the relationship because we think we are half.

5)  It was Eve’s fault.  You’ll have to wait for my book on this one.  Truth is, it was Adam’s fault.

6)  The truth hurts.  Nope!  The truth will set you free if you listen to it.

7)  They did the best that they could.  One could say that they (whoever they is) did the best they could given their beliefs.  But when we have beliefs, we never do our best.  In reality, this has become the coward’s way of saying, “They are too fucking brainwashed to change, and they make me want to vomit; but if I said that I’d look bad.”

8)  If you see it, believe it.  That is backwards.  In truth, if you believe it, eventually you will see it.

9)  It is only your imagination.  People love to tell me that my ideas of peace, freedom, and love with no opposite are imaginary.   Well, it turns out that when you let go, you discover that the people who think I’m living in la la land are actually the ones stuck in their imagination.  They believe a really negative imaginary vision that includes war, religious nut heads, bigotry, disease, and poverty; and they see what they believe.

10)  Life is complicated.  When I can’t tell if someone is telling the truth, I often look to see if what they’re saying is simple or complicated.  The illusion is so complex (like our tax system).  The truth is always simple.

11)  Others know what is best for us.  Nothing is better than the advice of our own True Self.  It never gives shitty advice.  Others, however, usually give shitty advice.  The more they charge, the shittier the advice.

12)  We need to learn the truth.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We have all the truth we could ever need waiting to speak its mind underneath all that shitty advice.


I Could Go On and On…

There’s lots of shitty advice out there.  Most of the shitty advisors charge a lot more than a $1.  Most people pay doctors, therapists, clergy, and lawyers small fortunes when they could let go of their beliefs (and problems) for free.

We are programmed to listen to shitty advice by the authorities that benefit by it.  “Follow the money.”  Keeping shitty advice alive might make people rich, but it won’t set them free.  If people really knew they could have freedom, they’d laugh at the shitty advice instead of believing it.

I rather like my Venice Beach shitty advisor.  I’ll probably go back to see him again the next time I’m in the area.  Meeting a man who admitted straight up that his advice was shitty was clearly worth a buck.


While we’re on the topic, here are my top ten biggest lies ever told.