What Is No Labels No Lies?

Your True Self is Beautiful

Most people choose to show the world their persona instead of their True Self. They don’t realize that their True Self is much more beautiful.


An ancient philosophy of real transformation updated for the modern world!


In ancient mystery schools, it was said that mortals entered and Gods emerged.  How did they do that?


That is a question that I researched for over two decades.  The answer is what I share on No Labels, No Lies and Gateway To Gold.  The information I share is priceless, and it can change your life if you embrace it.

There are a few key principals that are quite simple that weave the philosophy of the initiates together.  What is tricky is getting your mind to accept those principals and to let go of what you have been taught by others.  I offer lots of tips, tricks, and clarification on these two websites.  No Labels, No Lies tends to have shorter articles and tips.  Gateway To Gold dives into the ideas more deeply and completely.


The word belief has the word LIE within it, hinting at its purpose.  Beliefs separate us from our True Self, from God, and from the people we love, while telling us that they connect us.  Beliefs LIE.


Since the time we are born, we are taught beliefs, or lies, which convince us that we are sinners, flawed, bad, wrong, unworthy, undeserving, and definitely in need of fixing.  But none of that is true.  We put all of those beliefs in our mind, and then we cover them up with a mask so that no one sees our imagined flaws.  Taking off our mask is scary because we think we are those flaws, and we are embarrassed.  But we are not the flaws; they are simply the manifestation of our beliefs.  When we let go of the causal beliefs in the imagined flaws and sins, we rediscover our true nature.


In the ancient mystery schools, men and women learned how to let go of the beliefs that cause other humans to struggle and fail.  Without the beliefs that most of us consider normal, they could create like Gods.  They were mentally free.


Letting go would be very easy, if our minds were not programmed to hold on.  Our minds are programmed to believe that earth is a school where we learn hard lessons, that life is a struggle, that disease and suffering are normal.  Many believe that God gives them problems as punishment.  All of these beliefs make us resistant to the truth.  They cause us to think that the naturally positive, good, and joyful nature of our True Self is a temptation or a trick.


You don’t need to learn the truth.  Your True Self knows it already.  You only need to remove the beliefs or lies that veil your truth.


This website explores beliefs that most people accept as normal and true.  It challenges the reader to expand their mind, ignore the status quo, and to drop the lies that have kept them in a mental prison with no parole.  If you would like to learn how to let go of beliefs or the history of beliefs, visit my other site, gatewaytogold.com.  The category Freedom from Beliefs (Lies) has details on how the mind works and how to let go of your beliefs.


I hope you enjoy the ideas expressed on this site and that it reminds you that your True Self is very much alive, real, and beautiful.  And most important, I hope you remember that your false self is powerless, impotent, and worthless.  You can let go.


With Much Love,

Cathy Eck

5 thoughts on “What Is No Labels No Lies?

  1. chuck says:

    I really found this helpful. One thing though if my mind is so trained to believe and basically fear what others have told me in the past, how to I retrain myself to let go?

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your question Chuck. You are at the right place. Between this site and the sister sight http://gatewaytogold.com, there are over nine books worth of free information to answer the question, “Why is it so damn hard to let go?” In essence, it is easy. But the illusion of beliefs that we live in is crazy complex. So letting go requires knowing how to use your emotions to tell true from false, knowing how the illusion works with regard to roles and status so we don’t get tricked by it, understanding the stickiness of duality, and really being willing to get frustrated a lot as you learn. Ultimately, the goal is what I call freedom, and it is really that our automatic reaction changes so that we discriminate and do not believe others when they offer thoughts that are false, which means you live and enjoy the life you really want to live. So this article is a good place to start: http://nolabelsnolies.com/letting-go-how/. It will sound kind of crazy at first because it goes against everything you’ve been told, but then why would people who want you to work for them and give them power tell you the truth? They wouldn’t. Aside from that, it’s best to start with the oldest posts and work forward as they tend to build. http://nolabelsnolies.com contains shorter articles about processes and tips. http://gatewaytogold.com contains longer articles about the history of how this came to be, how religion contributed, and why this all is so damn persistent. There are also some how-to articles on that site that say the same thing in a little different way. I don’t hold anything back. Everything you need is in the blogs, and I add to it often if I think of new ways to present the information. Hope that is helpful, Cathy

  2. marco says:

    I meditate every day on my third Eye twice a day since 7 weeks. I see a black sky with many stars and i hear a pure sound. Only once I have seen vivid images like triangles and circles, I sow a face drown with purple color, the same face of the statue of budda, the third Eye was present too. Then suddenly a blinding light from the right side. I got scared and I opened my eyes, I was in the dark, the lights switched off but the images remains for a while.
    I still don’t find the wisdom you talk about if not just purity and kind of peace. I am trying to see that light and images again but nothing apart the black sky full of stars.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Marco,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure what you are asking. What I can say is that you won’t find what I’m saying by meditation. Meditation
      takes you up and out of your body. Letting go takes you into your body. At first you see your unconscious, and as you let that go, you go deeper into your truth. If you do Buddhist practices, you’ll see Buddhist beliefs. Same with any religion. Cathy

  3. bethe53Beth says:

    Your websites were recommended by my friend, Laura. I am finding that the information that you are sharing is resonating deeply and am looking forward to learning more.

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