A Brief History of Initiation and The End Result of It

No Matter How Ornate your Mask, your True Self is Much More Beautiful!

My quest to bring back initiation began formally twelve years ago when I wrote the first article on the gatewaytogold blog. At that time, my life changed from freedom for me to freedom for all. Since then, I’ve been on an adventure that no one else can even really imagine. The people in the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway have had front row seats, and they have come along with me. I often tell them that I’m opening the exit gateways that lead out of the illusion, and their job is to make those exits bigger and wider so that others can find them more easily. That is happening, but each exit is a huge challenge. The gateways have been rusted shut by beliefs that people have come to hold in mind as TRUE.

Everyone enters initiation thinking that they are a lot closer to the end of the tunnel than they really are. They get impatient; they want me to make it easier or faster for them. They want me to fix their problems NOW! I can only tell them how to let go; I can’t let go for them. In initiation, you work on a topic and you get that wonderful insight of freedom; you can’t imagine that you’ll ever lose that incredible feeling. Then you hit another topic, or a challenging relationship issue, and you feel like you are starting all over again. That’s normal. I have the same challenge. While the members of my programs work on personal issues, I work on collective issues. Often I’m exposing a collective issue that I’ve never experienced; that’s like decoding a document that’s written in a foreign language. But I work on it until I know it is false; and then I expose it. Knowing something is false is not the same as believing it is false; knowing takes a lot longer than believing. But once you know the difference between true and false on a topic, you never lose your footing again.

My research into the mind and the occult way of thinking started over thirty years ago, but it all really began when I was five years old. My mother was telling me about suffering, and I told her that I would end it with absolute confidence. Around the same time, I picked up a Bible that my mom had sitting on a coffee table; and I said, “I’m going to have to fix this damn thing.” Of course, at five-years old I couldn’t do anything about the Bible or suffering. But I remember speaking those words like it was yesterday. I knew what I came to earth to do. Today I am doing both; I now understand my five-year old self.

Initiation is the answer to understanding the Bible, which is our collective mental history. Religion has turned the Bible into our collective physical history; thus, the Bible itself fell into the illusion as did every other sacred text on the planet. Initiation is also the answer to the end of suffering of all kinds. No form of suffering is true. It is all a byproduct of the illusory point of view or man-made thinking.

When times are good, people don’t give a damn about initiation. But when we run into rough times, initiation is necessary. It is the only cure for the illusory curse. If you remove the “S” from the word “curse,” you get the word, “cure.” The occultists at the top of the pyramid of power know that the “S” stands for the deception of the Serpent, like the snake’s hissing sound of SSSSS, in the Garden of Eden; that’s how Adam and Eve got stuck in the occult illusion. But religion tells people that the fall was caused by their original sin. Do you see the correlation to what we are experiencing today? The globalists don’t think they are wrong for tricking us; they are the Serpents. They label us wrong for believing their tricks. That’s what they did to Adam and Eve. Nothing has changed.

So good, kind people believe that they are sinners when they are not. Religion got clever to soothe the wounded people, and said Jesus removed the sins. But what is sin anyway? Is it mental or is it physical acts? Sin has been translated in earlier times as simply “missing the mark.” It means that we went in the wrong direction. So what? Sin is really just second-cause thinking. It’s not a big deal if someone tells us that we can let that false thinking go. But when people like me say that, we are generally ignored. People feel naked without their belief system. In other words, most people think they need a mask.

The story of Jesus was an initiation story that has been pulled into the illusion. There are so many initiation stories that have been pulled into the illusion by the occultists. That’s why I decode those stories and free those characters in the Golden Gateway. But people can’t use my decodes effectively until they know how to let go and how to discriminate. That’s why I had to do the Gold Circle first. As a warning, don’t put this information into your mind. Let go of the beliefs that caused you to believe those Serpent occultists in your past. Every person reading this article has done an Adam and Eve stunt. Serpents are everywhere. We also call them “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” You aren’t free of them until you clearly see the wolf under that sheep’s mask.

When we are stuck in the illusion, we can’t see beyond the edges of it. So we keep believing lies and liars. We think that we are taking an exit, but we are actually diving deeper into the illusion because we believed some other charlatan who said they had the truth. As we let go, however, we see the true reality; and the illusion comes to look false. Our discrimination returns; and we no longer have to let go manually (like I share in the Gold Circle). We start letting go naturally like we did before the mental fall. That’s when our initiation is complete.

To understand why initiation is so difficult, you have to understand why it disappeared. At some point, the occult way of thinking became very popular. People followed false leaders because they declared themselves to be Gods. (Some think those false Lords were aliens, but they’re wasting their time researching that. It doesn’t matter if the Lords were nasty-ass humans or aliens. If aliens don’t have free minds and we do, the aliens will go away.) In the Bible, that time when we first started following other humans was called “the fall.” It’s when people stopped following inspiration and their True Self. They started following outer leaders who were not true leaders. It’s safe to follow a true leader. They will fully allow you to be yourself. They will only serve to keep the vision of Heaven on Earth alive. They will help anyone who falters. But false leaders were showing up everywhere around the world. This is why you see architecture like the Pyramids of Giza that we can’t build today. We did great things with ease when we were our True Selves.

At some point, we all stopped eating from the “Tree of Life,” and we started to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” That story wasn’t about our diet…sorry vegans. Eating referred to what we were putting into our minds. In the Gold Circle, I tear that story apart and fully decode it. The CliffsNotes version of the story is that we stopped thinking from our True Selves; and we started thinking from the false mind, or what I refer to as the triangle bottom. The false mind is meant to be our creative container; but we made it into a memory storage device. So we lost our ability to be perfect creators. Letting go cleans our mind of second-cause knowledge and beliefs; so it reverses the fall. It’s simple…common sense.

Today, occult thinking has infected every subject and every group. The occult indoctrination begins in the churches and schools; but it doesn’t end there. Everywhere you go for help is just another trap door. This is what I label Act II of our full-circle story. Stories are based on three acts; and our life is a story. Act III is when we stop listening to others outside of us, and we start exposing false. Act III of our story is initiation. Initiation means that we go back to what we were INITIALLY, but mentally (not physically). When we achieve our mental full-circle story, we also achieve our physical full-circle story. However, the leaders of the illusion focus on the physical. They cheat so that they can get the full-circle physical rewards without having earned them mentally.

In the illusion, it appears that we can’t get back to the Tree of Life, but we can. Eden was never a physical place; it was always a state of mind. But we must get that state of mind by letting go of what is false, not by adding more false beliefs to our mind. This is where everyone gets confused; and therefore, they stay stuck in Act II. Most people die in Act II of their story. They never get to Act III. They come back again and repeat that same error in lifetime after lifetime.

The entire illusion works on the power of numbers. It’s always been that way. People collectively move as a group with same or opposing beliefs. There are subgroups within the collective. One group is always fighting with another group, either mentally or physically. Then there are subgroups within the subgroups. The illusion is like a house of mirrors. It’s layers upon layers of beliefs. So when we remove a layer of beliefs, we find another layer underneath. For some people the initiation journey takes them back to earlier times in this life. For those who believe in past lives, it takes them back to beliefs they got in earlier lives. But like I said before, time is irrelevant with initiation. Time doesn’t disappear; it simply loses all meaning as you let go.

Today, you can see how the globalists use divide and conquer to keep the illusion alive. People fall right into the trap over and over again; we are programmed to do so from the time that we are born. The soul mind is a divided, fallen mind. It holds the first division of good and evil. Then it keeps collecting second-cause divisions. In Eden, there was only good with no opposite. But once our mind is divided, we hold both sides of the triangle bottom in mind. We can’t fake goodness without projecting evil out; that’s why there are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing. You can’t get back to your truly good nature unless you let go of the whole triangle bottom of good and evil…which means letting go of fake definitions of goodness.

In the illusion, physical cause produces physical effect. That false way of thinking has replaced true and false and mental cause produces physical effect. In true and false, true was all powerful; and false was the illusion…powerless. So discrimination was natural and easy. When we are stuck in good and evil, right and wrong, superior and inferior, positive and negative, spiritual or unspiritual, etc., we don’t have that natural discrimination anymore. We are psychologically reversed. So it feels like we are in quicksand.

Today, spiritual teachers and gurus claim to fix people’s minds. But they’re lying. Now we have the light workers versus the dark workers, the high vibrators versus the low vibrators (that sounds weird), those who are ascending to 5D versus those damn smelly 3D people, and we have the white hats against the black hats. Oh and don’t let me forget that we have the off-world aliens versus the humans. It’s all just more insanity that fuels the illusion bigly. It’s more second-cause thinking that’s being falsely labeled as true.

Everyone today is so outer directed. The experts blame this on technology. But technology isn’t the cause; our minds were outer-directed long before technology. The problem with technology is that we are making technology more powerful than we are instead of allowing technology to serve us. That’s because people have made knowledge too important. Remember, knowledge is what started the fall; the first knowledge was the knowledge of good and evil; and we just keep adding more and more second-cause knowledge to our minds. So how can we reverse the fall?

Currently my websites are having some serious problems. I don’t have the technical knowledge to fix this situation. So I have to depend on the fact that someone else has the knowledge. Knowledge has a limit. I’m sure that there will be a fix to my websites. It’s not that big of a deal. I have backups that I can recreate the sites if needed. But people die of diseases every day because knowledge has failed them. People lose their income and savings because knowledge has failed them. Knowledge is not the answer to the elimination of suffering; and sadly, people think that it is. Knowledge was the cause of suffering not the solution.

People will say that they don’t value knowledge; they use their intuition. They are the other side of the triangle bottom. Every intuitive is very good at scanning their knowledge, or the collective knowledge, to find an answer to problems that aren’t true. Intuition doesn’t take us outside of the illusion. To get outside of the illusion, we must let go of all second-cause thinking and the intuition that uses that knowledge. We move to inspiration, which is beyond words or uses the first-cause words in our minds sporadically. First-cause thinking is natural and will remain. First-cause thinking is always win win for all. Today there are so many people looking for the truth in others when they already have the truth within. We have reached the point of complete delusion as a collective; and the worst part is that people don’t realize that the illusion is false. Someone once commented that the trap of being an American is that you think you are free when you really aren’t. They nailed it. Now that American delusion has spread around the world. People are promising freedom who have not let go of one belief from their own minds. People have come to believe that being able to choose between black coffee and a latte is freedom. Or they think that choosing where they live or what they wear is freedom. We have to get clear about freedom. It starts in our own minds; and it’s NOT floating above our mind (eastern meditation), changing our minds to be positive (self-help), or ignoring our minds by denying what we believe (having our heads up our asses). Letting go is what permanently quiets our minds. But letting go is still just a cute catchphrase for most. They talk about it, but they don’t do it.

When we actually do let go, we enter the path of initiation, which I call Act III of our full-circle story; and there is no turning back. We start to see through the occultists’ illusion in every form; and we know that no one wins in the illusion except for the people who ultimately control the globe. Everyone else loses physically. But mentally, even the winners of the illusion lose; they don’t get back to their Eden-like minds. They get stuck in Act II of their story, so they never get free. They get recycled back into the pyramid of power at the bottom.

I used to do hypnosis and people always wanted to do regressions. I thought that regressions were kind of stupid; but it’s what they wanted, so I did it. Sometimes, they’d find out that they were a royal in another life, and they felt so important. They couldn’t see that the same beliefs that made them a royal in that life made them a complete failure in this life. People label that karma, but I don’t see it that way. People simply flip sides on the triangle bottom until they wise up and let the whole triangle bottom go. If they drop the desire to be a royal at the top of the pyramid of power, they will never have to be a pawn at the bottom of the pyramid of power. You cannot be something that you don’t hold in mind.

As you let go, you come to realize that the way of thinking that we’re all taught from childhood is backwards; it’s not natural. So everyone on earth lives in a normal state that’s not natural. When we live in that false state of mind, we don’t even find nature to be natural. We are even seeing a projected view of nature from our backwards minds. So people will think that nature is struggling when it is not. The globalists see climate change because they are obsessed with controlling the weather; they want to demonstrate that they are better than God. They are insane. Don’t believe them. Nature was meant to be our feedback. We weren’t supposed to be harming or fixing nature. It was supposed to help us see what to let go so that we could remain on our perfect life path.

Like I said above, people are naturally good; so people do their best to soothe their misery and the misery of others. That’s very sweet and endearing, but it doesn’t do anything to eliminate the illusion. That being said, never feel bad for getting duped by the illusion. It happened to everyone of us.

All of us are truly good inside, even those damn globalists. When people let go, they realize that they never did anything wrong. When they did something that they were ashamed of, or feel guilty about, they were believing someone with authority who was lying to them. They didn’t trust their own True Self because they were told not to. That doesn’t make them bad or a sinner; that makes them confused or lost. If you run into someone who is lost in a city, and they ask you for directions, you help them find their way. You don’t call them stupid and cleverly take advantage of them. That’s what the occultists who want to rule the world have done. They view themselves as clever tricksters. But the game has gone too far. So we have to call the game by exposing it as false. That’s the only way to end their false reign of power.

The occultists are all power hungry, and they come with many labels: Zionists, Jesuits, the high ranking of every religion, illuminati, royalty, secret societies of all types, and much more. Occult simply means hidden. So anything that falls under the umbrella of the divided mind is occult. When we have a divided mind, we can think, speak, and act from one side of the triangle bottom; we can appear to be good while hiding the bad. We can appear to be positive while hiding our negative. This results in projection, which is another very common occultist tool. In ancient times, the occultists were called the two-faced Gods. Those at the top of the pyramid of power all projected on those below them; the people with the most followers usually dominated the other occultists. It was all about the power of numbers. Now normal people do that to each other with their social media following. We become just like the people we follow.

The globalists in all of these various groups believe that once we normal people are defeated, they will fight among themselves to become “The One.” They think that there can be ONLY one ruler for the whole earth. But they have divided minds. So they will always meet opposition. They don’t know what they don’t know. They’ll find out the hard way.

By letting go, we can escape the illusion of opposition and pull others out too. We don’t have to wait for the slow hands of time until the collective returns to Heaven on Earth. That might never happen. When we let go, we regain our true power; and the occultists become our minions. The difference is that we will won’t harm a hair on their little heads. We just won’t allow them to have power over others anymore. They can destroy their own lives, but they can’t hurt others. Of course, occultists don’t want to lose their false power. So they have always seen the initiates as their biggest enemy. Said in the microcosmic way, the clones voices in our false mind see our True Self as their biggest enemy. The macrocosm and the microcosm are the same at the mental level of perception.

Occultists love their divide-and-conquer trick. They pit black people against white people and women against men. Now it’s even gay against straight. They pit Russia or China against America. It’s the globalists who got liberals to hate conservatives with such vengeance when Donald Trump was elected. The elite globalists in America don’t like Donald Trump because he knows what they are hiding. He exposes them to the public, and exposure is what destroys their false power. He often puts the globalist minions front and center, like he did with Fauci. He wants us to see these false leaders for what they are. He wants us to stop believing them.

People all over the world see this now, and that’s why people in Europe and Africa and even Asia call Donald Trump their President too. He says that he’s all about “America first;” but secretly, he wants to free the whole world from the globalist tyrants, and he isn’t working alone. But you’ve probably noticed that the globalists don’t go down without a serious fight. So he’s not going to fix this in a day. He needs us to do our part by exposing and letting go of our own false beliefs. The outer collective battle looks the same as our inner battle. So we all don’t see the same collective illusion. That’s what makes this very confusing when we are too outer directed. When we work on our inner battle, the outer collective battle starts to ease up. I call that validation that we’ve let go.

People have been trained by the occultists to believe that the exposer of beliefs is evil. Who does that benefit? So most people are afraid to expose beliefs as false. In truth, it is the people who impose or project beliefs on others that are evil in the illusion. Evil is just live spelled backwards. No one is actually evil. People can’t be evil when we are innately good. But as the reverse of “live or life,” it means headed to death or the grave. The grave is like gravity or seriousness, and we all become very grave when we are stuck in the illusion. So we want some lightness or levity, which we get by letting go.

The occultists even put things on the television like the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court case to divide us. Or they manifest a fake shooting, riot, or terror event; they want to keep us fighting over guns or no guns, abortion or no abortion, borders or no borders, drag queen teachers or straight teachers, etc. If we keep our nose stuck in the details and believe what we see in their contrived reality, which often is nothing but a video produced to generate emotion, we stay stuck in their illusion. Then we are part of the problem. If we ignore reality, we are part of the problem too. If we face reality and expose the beliefs and lies that the occultists have used to fuel the illusion as false, we are part of the solution.

As you let go, you don’t want to do the illusion dance anymore. But you also don’t want to see people suffer. You are confused because those soothing jobs don’t make sense anymore when you don’t want to believe in disease, law, or expertise as knowledge. In my programs, I tell people to take jobs that don’t require a lot of thinking so they can let go all day long. I call them dumb jobs, but it’s actually smart people who take dumb jobs. So there is some irony in my label. The jobs pay their bills, and they get free at the same time. My job is that way in a sense. If I’m thinking or reasoning, I’m not exposing. I have to let go all day long as I write to expose. I manifested a job that forces me to stay on my game. But that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. So I teach everyone how to let go, and I tell them to never memorize what I say. Just use what I write as a catalyst for letting go.

Or if a person is in something like a healing profession, then they should let go of every disease they see in their patients. They will eventually get to Step Three with everyone who comes to them for help, which is where true healing lives (Step Three is unconditional love). Then one day, they will have no healing business because they will be free on the topic of disease. So they will help others to let go of their beliefs around disease. They will find something else that they want to do for a career. The healer door will close and another new and interesting door will open.

Here’s what I see that others don’t. When people let go of the beliefs that they were sold, they lose the division in their own minds; that division was programmed by society. This takes a while because its part of the fallen soul programming. You can’t fix a fallen soul by making it rise again with New Age beliefs. That’s why religion and spirituality have failed to change the world back to Eden. They are opposites on the triangle bottom. We are removing thousands of years of programming and beliefs from our minds in a much shorter span of time in initiation. Even in the ancient past it took ten plus years to get free. Some people spent their whole lives in initiation; they just wanted to avoid coming back to another fallen lifetime. So any progress is good progress. You will do initiation to the extent that you want to do it. Everyone has free will. I see my job as mainly letting people know what is possible.

What I share isn’t big in numbers. Initiation never has been, nor does it need to be. I’m not creating a group or a movement. I’m helping individuals unveil their True Self and finish their full-circle story in this lifetime if they want it. I’m unveiling creative leaders who aren’t wearing masks. If some of us can get back to the Tree of Life, then everything that is run by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (the occult) doesn’t exist anymore for us. But it still exists for others, and we love those others. So we will expose those false systems and eliminate them so that everyone can have freedom.

In an initiation story, the person often starts out as a healer or teacher (like the story of Jesus), but by the end of the story, they drop that false role. They realize that people don’t need to learn, nor do they need to be fixed. They just need to free their minds.

In initiation, we don’t need support from others to let go; but it sure is nice. Initiation can get lonely and boring if you don’t have a little company from time to time. But when you are someone who is helping people get free of the illusion, you become a threat to the people who want to keep it alive. That’s the crucifixion part of Jesus’s story. That’s where he lets go of the last clone character in his mind; and then he is a free man with the resurrection. It’s all clear when decoded.

Those who benefit by the typical backwards mindset are doing everything possible to keep this quiet. They have a lot to lose…or so they think. So they are confusing everyone today to keep their power. Discrimination is what allows us to see through their confusion tricks. In the illusion today, people don’t know who is good and who is trying to kill them. People don’t even know if they are men or women. There is a school in America that supposedly has a litter box in the bathroom because some kid in the school identifies as a furry…a cat. This is what happens when people only add to their minds and can’t let go.

The globalists have it far too easy. They are also good at lying, but only because they’ve come to believe their own lies. Then people believe them, and they get what they want. They only do their magick tricks because they work. They think that whatever is in their mind is true; they don’t discriminate. That’s why we must get rid of the globalist within our own mind. Our inner globalist is any part of our mind that believes something that is second cause. Jesus said it perfectly when he told us to take the mote out of our own eye first. Michael Jackson said it beautifully when he told us to work on the “Man in the Mirror.” Nearly everything that is in our minds is false. So when we persist, we eventually get to a quiet, peaceful mind. It’s not rocket science; it’s common sense.

So when I push people by exposing beliefs (or programming), there is always a push back at first from the people who held those beliefs in mind as true. Their clones want to keep their thrones. I feel it, and I have let go and stay in that infamous Step Three. That’s not easy. I have to stay in non-judgment and unconditional love even when they are doing their best to stop me. I’m not perfect with it. Try becoming feminine to someone powerful and letting go of everything they project. It’s like mentally climbing Mount Everest. If I lose that Step Three perception, I have to let go until I get it back. I don’t quit when I lose Step Three in initiation. I just go with whatever step I am on (generally Step One) and start moving back up the steps again. Fortunately, I don’t have a mind that does Step Two or 2.5, which is why I move back to the top of the triangle pretty quickly again.

When I’m back on Step Three, I always expose what I’ve let go to get there. That’s why whatever I write is original. Nothing I write is channeled. This article is an exposure of what I’m working on today. It’s what is being projected with regard to my websites.

In order to have freedom for all, everything that is hidden by the occult must be revealed. As I say in the Three Steps, when we soothe our minds with what I call Step 2.5 (popular among New Agers and people into self-help), we are hiding judgment underneath that pretty mask. So our mask might look beautiful on the outside, but it is only there to hide the ugly underneath it. Another word for mask is persona or “managing appearances.” Of course, psychologists have dealt with that, or so they think; they say that we hide our ugly shadow in our unconscious. Initiation is the cure for the unconscious mind. We have nothing to hide when we let go. So we don’t need an unconscious.

Right now, we are facing something collectively that I’ve tried to shift many times. But the pushback is always huge. Usually when I get to Step Three on a topic, it changes in the blink of an eye. But this time it isn’t switching because I’m still getting the pushback on this issue. This issue is the very thing that we all want most…love. But there is conditional and unconditional love. Love includes things like romance, chemistry, and lust. Those things are conditional love among souls with opposing polarities. I have discussed this as it relates to the path of Venus and the apple. I suggest that you read that article again. It’s exposing the occultists as the two-points up view of the five-pointed star (or what is known as Satan by the religious). The one-point up perspective is like the top of the triangle; that’s where we become unconditional love. The journey from two-points up love to one-point up unconditional love is the path of initiation in a nutshell.

You see, true unconditional love is the greatest power in the universe. It is our creative power. It’s the essence of our True Self. But occult creating, which includes things like positive thinking, positive emotions, visualization, memorization, energy movement, all spiritual practices, witchcraft, beliefs, medicine and all healing techniques, psychics and channels, special diets, word spells, astrology, tarot, expert knowledge, techniques for winning arguments, domination techniques, war games, etc., wants to stay alive. That’s how people get their false desires within the illusion. They give up true love and their true desires for false desires; and then they become lustful and overly sexual, which is why there’s so much pedophilia, porn, and sex addiction today. Such things are the effect of the two-points up conditional love, which is love that comes from the second-cause mindset.

People talk about unconditional love. But most people don’t live it. They can’t get to the top of the triangle without letting go. If they did let go and got to the top of the triangle, their problems would go away. I prove that all the time. However, the occult have tried to convince people that conditional love is the most powerful love. They call judgment discrimination and vice versa; they call that tough love. There is no such thing. In the end, unconditional love will win over conditional love.

But in a world of unconditional love, everyone has to give everyone else freedom to live as they want. Are you okay with that? I always ask people what they aren’t willing to give up. Often the answer is a person, a job, a relationship, a belief system, a practice, a pet, a home, etc. They don’t trust their True Self because they can’t remember their true desires. They don’t trust unconditional love. Hanging on to and controlling others is never unconditional love. It’s manipulation; it’s like that Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Unconditional love starts in our mind; it means that we drop all expectations and desires that another person think like us or act like us. We stop wanting to receive from others, and we start giving mentally by letting go of every judgment we have of everyone in our life and eventually the entire collective illusion. Unconditional love is what causes the illusion to disappear. That’s why a true full-circle story always ends with the person finding unconditional love.

If another person only wanted to be in our life so that they could project on us, and we get back to unconditional love with them, they will often disappear for a while. That’s okay. We welcome them back when they decide to stop projecting and want join us in unconditional love. We might close the door, but we don’t lock it. Everyone will join the initiation train in time, but most will wait until it gets a lot easier.

So people might hate the illusion when it doesn’t work for them. But they have habits of thinking and the desire for approval or control that keeps them stuck in it. They want love, but they don’t want to be the first person to give unconditional love. It’s a funny thing with unconditional love, when we get there, we see what is behind the masks that everyone is wearing. That’s why those with big clone masks run away from us. They are afraid that we will see the secrets and lies that they are hiding. They don’t realize that we don’t even care what they are hiding. We just want to stop playing games with them.

If we suddenly returned to the Eden-like point of view tomorrow, people that we trusted and loved would suddenly not look so good. Those movie stars that we thought had it all would look like programmed robots. Every secret and lie that has been hidden would be revealed in the twinkling of an eye. This the real meaning of the apocalypse. People think of the apocalypse in a physical way today (as physical destruction); but if you go back to the Greek and Latin, it means to uncover. It means to remove the masks and reveal all the lies. That is what is happening today.

The masks are coming off of the people in power. But we have to stop believing their occult ways and thoughts when we see what they were hiding. Too often, I’m noticing that people are taking what the occultists were hiding and making it into their new beliefs. They want the power of the occultists; and that is a trap. This is why the illusion has lasted so long and has become so powerful once again. People think that the fake powers of the occult are true powers. I call that level confusion.

When I work with people, I tell them that anything can be solved in a relationship if we just keep putting all of our cards on the table. I mean that. Lying and keeping secrets never solved any relationship issue. All suffering on this planet started with a simple lie; and that lie has snowballed into an avalanche of lies. We know when someone is lying; we are hard-wired to feel emotion when we hear or think lies. But then we even made it mean to expose a lie or a secret. If you really love someone, put your cards on the table and tell them everything that you are hiding. Show them unconditional love and trust. That frees the relationship. That’s how you get a new beginning. If they can’t go there with you, you were wasting your time on that relationship anyway. It was bondage, not freedom.

Years ago, I painted the mask at the top of this article; and I wrote: “No matter how ornate your mask, your True Self is much more beautiful.” That became my North Star for what I do, and now we are on the cusp of that revelation or uncovering…the apocalypse. Initiation is about taking off our mask on our own terms; because if we don’t remove it, someone will rip the fucking thing off of us in time. The True Self will win the illusion game in the end. I can assure you of that.

There have been times when great things happened on earth; we see proof of that in ancient architecture that’s still standing today. During those times, there was a true leader. People were letting go of beliefs and rules because that was natural under a true leader’s vision. We were born knowing how to let go. But those times didn’t last because the occultists started working on a new plan to defeat us using their same old tricks. They gave people beliefs and false desires again just like the Serpent from thousands of years ago; and people started to follow them again. They turned away from the true leader because the false leader offered them freebies and the appearance of security or leisure time. Does that sound familiar?

The occultists gain lots of power once numbers of believers follow them. They don’t care what side of the occult the people are on because they sit above them on the clone throne. They don’t fight in the wars, they cause them and make money off of them. Over time, the illusion becomes very strong, it often looks like the end is near. We think that this time the occult will win. But they never do. However, they do change history so that we don’t know that they lost in the last apocalypse. When decoded the stories all say that the True Self wins in the end.

I know that I will win this battle, and my websites will come back. Maybe they will be in a different form, who knows. Let me assure you that a lot of very good things have happened during these seeming days of darkness where my sites have been up and down. Someone once said, “It is always darkest just before dawn.” When you want to quit letting go, just let go of one more thought and one more thought. Bringing about the end of suffering and unconditional love isn’t easy for any of us. So those of us who can let go have to do the heavy lifting right now. Nothing else can bring Heaven back to EARTH (note that EARTH and HEART share the same letters). Earth was meant to be a planet of unconditional love. Unconditional love produces effects that are win win for all. Unconditional love is a power that includes freedom, joy, peace, and health for all. I don’t know how to do anything else, and I’m not going to disappoint my five-year old self. So we’ll ride this wave until the seas become calm again.

The waiting that has been happening in the illusion has been trying for nearly everyone. People feel confused; they feel more than ever that they have lost security and comfort. They fear that their money will run out. Their fear of disease is at an all time high. They don’t know if the things they have depended on and the people they love will be there tomorrow. It’s a crazy time. They ask for help, and no has the answer. They pray for help, and no one answers their prayer. That’s what initiation looks like. What worked for us in the past no longer works. So we have to let go of our old ways of thinking so that new ideas can arise.

I do think that enough people see through the globalists, and they will soon become a memory. But that doesn’t mean that the earth is free of their way of thinking forever. The occult way of thinking will still be there; the Serpent will still work overtime to pull us into the next illusion with false promises. We have to become immune to such trickery. The occult way of thinking will be there until we decide that we aren’t settling for anything less than pure unconditional love. In ancient Egypt, there was a drawing of something called the “weighing of the heart ceremony.” I have a reproduction of it in my home. I love it because it is the secret to life in one very simple drawing. But it has been very wrongly interpreted by most people. It meant that only an initiate with a heart as light as a feather, meaning no second-cause beliefs and no judgment, was destined to lead. When that leader was in power as the visionary, earth would be like the field of reeds, or Heaven on Earth. It would be a creative paradise.

Past, Present, and Future: Living Beyond Second-Cause Time

This article is a good example of the kind of topics that I expose in the Gold Circle. There is no topic under the sun that has not been level confused. So I expose every topic…nothing is off limits. Once you can see the collective level confusion for any subject, it is so much easier to let go of your personal beliefs.

When my websites started having problems recently, I started letting go. The problems always come from something that needs to be exposed for people to get free. There are no coincidences in my life or my work. Once I exposed the false beliefs or programming, the websites would come back up. Lately, I’ve had a lot of website issues; and this is just one of the things that I’ve exposed during that time. I never stop letting go; and if I see a false belief or program, I write about it. As I’m getting to the end of exposing all the tricks and traps in the revised Gold Circle and the Golden Gateway programs, the false voices in people’s minds are fighting for dear life. So they pull out their most precious tricks and use them on me. They never win; and they become the star of my next article.

In the original Gold Circle, I put myself in the feminine role to everyone.  I also did that when I felt that someone was really stuck.  They projected what was happening on to me.  Then I could reveal the causal beliefs that were keeping them stuck.  That wasn’t fun, but I honestly didn’t know why people were stuck.  I didn’t know why they couldn’t let go.  I reasoned that if I could let go, it seemed like they should be able to as well.  Projection is a hazard of this job, and sometimes I have temporary problems when I don’t catch the projections right away.

The answer to why the people in the original Gold Circle couldn’t let go was always a clone character in their minds.  They had a voice in their mind that they thought was telling the truth (or was their True Self); but it was actually speaking from beliefs that sounded true. When they read my “do-it-yourself” articles, they didn’t understand what I said because that clone character in their mind learned or memorized what I said.  Or it sometimes pretended to let go. Clones don’t want to let go. They aren’t real; they are nothing but a complex of beliefs.

To understand these clones, I also had to think about what advice the person would have gotten if they were with a New Age spiritual teacher, a therapist, or in a self-help workshop.  I did enough of all three of those in the past to understand what was going on in the person’s mind.  But I wasn’t ever seeking the truth; I was always looking for what was false. I’ve always known that humans were doing something false with their minds; otherwise, there would be no suffering, diseases, or problems on earth. I wasn’t impressed with these so-called spiritual leaders because I wanted to know how to let go of beliefs; and they were giving me more beliefs.  Since they didn’t give me what I wanted, I moved on. I didn’t believe a word they said; they didn’t have what I wanted. For me, it was like going to a store that didn’t have anything I wanted to buy. Nevertheless, I covered a lot of ground in a short period of time.

People got tricked because New Age teachers and eastern gurus relabeled their beliefsthe truth.”  Since they were looking for the truth, they believed these false leaders. That was a nasty trick.  Once they put the beliefs of that clone leader into their mind, the beliefs got stuck. Generally, those beliefs were laced with psychological reversal. I say this right on the banner of this website. But most people don’t understand that I’m really serious about that banner. You don’t need to learn the truth about anything from anyone. You came with it inside of you. You only need to let go of the labels and lies that are keeping you stuck in the illusion. Like Jesus said, “You can’t worship two masters.” You can’t believe false leaders and your True Self at the same time.

So the secret to initiation is simple, and it isn’t really a secret.  We are eliminating all second-cause thought from our minds.  Second-cause thought is thought that has an opposite as well as meaning or judgment.  A good example of a second-cause thought would be political liberals versus conservatives; each side thinks that they are right.  So they are fighting from right and wrong or good and evil.  That means that both sides are on the triangle bottom. This gets tricky because often one side sounds like they have the truth.  For example, conservatives are more openly committed to freedom than liberals.  But they also see an opposite to freedom, especially when they are religious and live firmly from good and evil.  Liberals will say that they are for peace, but they hold the opposite of war in their minds.  Or they say that they are spiritual, and they hold religious as an inferior opposite.  A light worker believes in a dark worker. Someone who is ascending sees others as descending. I could write thousands of examples; and I do in the Gold Circle.

I will expose both groups on any triangle bottom, but I’m only exposing the beliefs of those groups. Clones will get upset when exposed, however, because they identify with a label that they view as superior to the opposite. I’m only saying that particular belief is false and here is why. When I get to rock bottom on a topic, there will be a win-win point of view. But the people on the triangle bottom are so busy looking at the opposite point of view and fighting with it that they remain stuck in the illusion. I don’t love politics…never have. But there is no better testing ground to see if you can be pulled into the illusion at this time in history.

We eliminate all second-cause thinking in initiation.  It’s a lot of work to clean out all the second-cause thoughts from our minds.  But in the end, our mind has to return to first cause.  Then our True Self will be leading our mind. We will have no judgment of others, no mental competition with others, and we will not be comparing ourselves to others.  There is no inferior and superior with others when we get to Step Three, the top of the triangle.  That’s when we can have extraordinary relationships.  That’s when we can be calm and have a quiet mind all the time.

Most relationships are nothing but triangle-bottom power struggles today. Each person blames the other; and no one lets go. When you get to Step Three, you are the true leader in that relationship on that topic. A true leader is always coming from win win for all. If you keep letting go on topic after topic, you get so that you live as a true leader even if you don’t hold a position of authority. So you give others a ride on the freedom train when they hang out with you. That being said, here is how stupid clones are: They won’t board that train and enjoy the ride. They would rather be right, or have false power, than enjoy life and love others. What can I say?

So back to this trick that I discovered when my websites were going up and down.  I have written about this a little in the Gold Circle, but perhaps not enough for people to really get it. So the issue popped up again. People seem to think that they have to clean up their past.  It’s not a false statement, but you don’t have to do it like they do in psychology.  That’s tedious and expensive. It generally requires another person to help you. You can’t do psychological techniques while you’re living your life. On the other hand, you can let go all day every day. That’s why it is so effective.

People often tell me that they are cleaning up their past, and I think they are letting go.  But they have a self-help or psychology clone in their mind; and they are doing something other than letting go…something they learned from another. Then they tell me that letting go is hard work. I know that it’s not. But to tell them that doesn’t help them. I don’t want to put ice cream on their manure. That’s why I had to become feminine to people with all kinds of clones in their minds. I wanted to expose what was false and learn how to bring down these clone characters in a gentle and safe way. Now I know what they are doing without becoming feminine most of the time; I’ve simply gotten a whole lot of experience with all kinds of clones.

The first error they make is they look at their past as real and true.  But their past was actually real and false.  Their past was manifested from beliefs.  That is true for our collective history too. It was manifested from beliefs, so it is an illusion. Today we are seeing some pretty crazy-ass leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau (Canada), and good old crazy-hair Boris (UK). They are playing roles to help people see that everything that the globalists were pushing was an illusion. I think those are all actors; the real people have been carted away to GITMO. But for our purposes, we just need to see that their beliefs and ideas are second cause and false.

The illusion of the globalists goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. We trace that entire mental history up to the present in the Gold Circle. Once you see the history, you look at those clowns (clones) and you know that they say nothing that’s true. When people stop believing them, they lose power. It’s very simple in theory. It’s harder to do in practice because people believe that those with authority have power, and then they fear them. False leaders of any kind, including parents, have no power unless we give it to them. You see that clearly as you let go. Letting go is about seeing clearly within the illusion. It’s also about living a free life without waiting for everyone else to free their minds.

Another belief that came up during this downtime was the Bodhisattva Vow of the east. If you’ve taken that vow, you must let it go if you want freedom. Otherwise, you’ve got one foot on the gas and one on the brake. You’ll will go nowhere and letting go will not work. That vow is saying that you will wait for everyone to get free. So you will be stuck in the illusion for a very long time. Let me assure you that you can help more people in one hour of exposing false on social media than you can in a lifetime or more than one lifetime of being a Bodhisattva. That vow is a trick (all vows are tricks); but that one tends to dupe good-hearted people who have a lot of love to give.

If you let go of the causal beliefs that created your past, then your past becomes an illusion.  I know it sounds like magic, but that’s what happens. Your past becomes like a dream that never really happened. You remember it, but you don’t get emotional when you think about it. You don’t dream about your past or have panic attacks (PTSD) about it. Here’s the cool thing about what I share with all of you. You don’t have to remember the actual details of the incident from the past to let the whole thing go.  So you don’t need past-life regressions or rebirthing. If you do remember an inciting incident from your past, that’s fine. You can let go as you review the memory. But if you don’t remember the past, it doesn’t mean you won’t get free.

As you work in the present and you let go, you automatically clean up your past.  But you have to use the illusion around you as your feedback. When you find yourself judging another or blaming another, you have to stop and let go. When you are afraid of another, you stop and let go. When you are annoyed by another, you stop and let go. When you feel emotions, you are thinking false. Your emotions are not lie detectors. They are simply saying that you are dividing your mind with what you are thinking in that moment. You are becoming magnetic; and we are meant to be electrical beings. As a reminder, the occultists divide emotions into positive and negative. Today there are many who channel occult beings; they are not channeling the truth. There is no such thing as positive and negative emotions. Emotions means that you are thinking false.

There is no time in letting go.  However, beliefs that we hold in mind as true do put us in time.  A belief will often trigger a past memory; and that memory will look true because the beliefs that caused the memory still seem true. Floating above our beliefs (in eastern meditation or out-of-body traveling) or putting ice cream on our manure doesn’t take us outside of the illusion, i.e., outside of time.  When we get to Step Three and let go of a causal belief as false, we let it go for all time…even when we believe that it came from a past lifetime.  This is why letting go is not only helpful to us; it also helps others. In fact, we are freeing our ancestral lineage when we let go of beliefs that we share with our families. In addition, when less people believe the collective illusion, it loses power for everyone.

At a minimum, most people in the illusion view time as past, present, and future. They have beliefs about all three aspects of time.  Gurus will say to stay in the present moment. What a load of bullshit.  They give people techniques or practices to do that.  That’s fixing the effects; that’s not letting go. If you let go, you end up in the present.  You aren’t pulled to the past, and you aren’t concerned about the future. You don’t have to do something to get there or stay there.  Do you see the difference?

People will say, “You can’t change the past.”  That’s factual at the physical level, i.e., in the illusion; but every time you let go, you change the past at the mental level of perception.  You clean up the false mental level until you are living from the true mental level…the True Self. Your undesirable past goes from real and true to real and false in your individual mental container as you let go.  Think of it this way. If you have a drawer of socks, and you throw away one pair of socks, are those socks in your drawer? Can you wear those socks anymore? No…that’s a metaphor for letting go.  You can’t manifest a belief if you don’t have it in your mind anymore.

People complicate letting go if they have a belief that God is creating their life or authority figures are creating their life.  If they have a guru, he or she will be manifesting their life.  If someone is Catholic, the Pope is manifesting their life. Or New Agers will say that the Universe is manifesting their life.  WTF?  Who is the Universe? It’s another word for God…it’s relabeling, which makes it harder to let go.

For us to live from mental cause producing physical effect from our own mental container (as a creator), we have to know that others aren’t manifesting our lives.  We don’t want false connections with the collective or ANY others.  So we can’t be supporting group think.  There is no group think in initiation; people don’t come to think like me who do the Gold Circle. They come to think like themselves, which is so cool. I love watching people become more themselves. The transformation that I see over time with people is the reason I do this.

On the other side of this triangle bottom of having to fix our past, we have the eastern philosophies.  They speak of something that I call the red-line philosophy.  You draw a red-line in the sand regarding your past, and you start changing your diet, doing practices, meditating, and believing that you are ”raising your frequency.”  You load true-sounding thoughts into your mind.  None of that is true. When you identify with high frequency; you project out low frequency. You are still on the triangle bottom. You don’t want to have any energy beliefs in your mind; otherwise, you can’t have an individual mental container. You have no border to your mind; so you lose all TRUE creative power. These beliefs are being pushed right now by the occult globalists who want to be able to control people’s minds with ease. It’s a trap.

There is one aspect of letting go where I often will ask someone to think about their past, and that is with clone characters. Clones are those voices that pretend to be your True Self.  They are tricksters of the worst kind. I will say to the person, “Did someone say that to you in the past?”  “Where did you get that thought or belief?”  I am not trying to figure out their mind or come up with reasons for why they feel the way they do. I’m not taking them on a trip down memory lane.  I’m saying that they put a clone voice, which holds on to that belief, into their mind for a reason.  If they can remember the clone who gave them that belief, and they can remember why they put that clone character into their mind, they’ve found a shortcut to freedom.  If they let go of the desire to keep that clone voice in their mind, that clone will disappear.  But often, it isn’t quite that easy. Often those clone voices are pretty damn strong and seem pretty damn true. So you take out one belief at a time (the character game is good for this) until the clone weakens. Then you can let the rest of the clone go with relative ease.

Your True Self is your truth, your healer, your freedom, your joy, your purpose, etc.  Everything you truly desire in life is in your True Self; it’s like a blueprint.  Clones only promise those things; they never truly deliver.  If you get something via a clone, you project the opposite on to another. That’s not spiritual or good; so you didn’t deserve what you got. That’s why people often lose what they acquired as clones; they didn’t mentally earn what they got. In initiation, if you get something, you’ve earned it. You will never lose it again. That’s the security that people in the illusion desire but never feel.

Someone who is in the Golden Gateway program just said to me that their clone voice was telling them that what I describe is hard work.  That was a clone who wanted to keep its throne.  They said I write too much…my articles are too long.  Oh that’s a fact; my articles are very long in the Golden Gateway. But that is a leadership program. I don’t want any stone left unturned. I said, “Do you know why I have to write so damn much?”  Your clones made everything complex so life would be hard work. I have to expose them from every angle until you see them as false and take them out of your mind.  So I don’t believe in hard work, your clone does. You need to expose and let go of that belief in the clone character that is holding on to it.

The clones in our mind are like the globalists. They do not go away just because you want them to. You have to expose them as false until they lose all of their power. You have to see that they are unnecessary or even harmful to yourself and others. Then you will kick them out of your mind without any reservations.

I don’t write for me. I write for you because I know that everyone deserves freedom.  If I’m not very precise in my words, clones take what I say into their illusion and make it their own. When you decide you want freedom (initiation), you enter the most difficult battle there is. You are fighting the clones in your mind so that your True Self gets to lead again. The clones don’t want you to be free and creative. I’m here to make sure you win that war.

Outside of the illusion, time exists as a convenience.  It doesn’t have meaning.  It’s first cause.  It’s handy for showing up for dinner or getting to the movies at the right time. Earlier in this article, I talked about the triangle bottom of fixing the past versus manifesting a better future with practices and words.  Here is what happens when you let go.  This is so good! 

You realize that the past was an illusion as you let go of belief after belief, so you don’t have to go back into your past and relive it or work on it.  You don’t have to fix what happened in the past because the beliefs that caused the effects that you didn’t like or wish you didn’t experience were false beliefs.  You are letting those beliefs go for all time in the present. You can’t manifest such an effect again when the mental cause is removed from your container.  Therefore, your future is obviously going to be much better or even perfect.  So you don’t need the red-line eastern point of view, eastern meditation, or eastern practices.  You don’t need special diets or exercise programs.  You don’t live in the illusion of suffering and hard work anymore.  You stay in the present moment without effort simply because you aren’t being pulled back into the past; and you aren’t afraid of your future.

I can only point you to freedom and remind you to let go so that you get to the desired destination. But I can’t let go for you. When you truly let go, you’ll see that I’ve never lied to you, and I never gave you any beliefs that were second cause. I never even falsely connected with you. I exposed a lot, and I gave you a few first-cause techniques and games that you won’t need after you get free; so you’ll drop them with ease.