Who Am I? I’m A Creator, A Free Thinker…

 Who am I?

By Cathy Eck


Who Am I?

This is my last post for awhile.  I assure you that everything you need to get freedom is on this site and Gateway to Gold.  Reread old posts; what you perceive changes as you let go.  Challenge your thoughts/beliefs, even if your mind is telling you with absolute certainty that what you’re experiencing or thinking is true.  As you let go, you’ll answer life’s biggest question, “Who Am I?”

You didn’t arrive on earth wondering who you were.  You were curious and alive…a True Self.  You saw someone walking, you watched them, you took the risk, and you walked.  You heard people talk, and you learned to speak and matched words to objects, people, and experiences.  Learning and life were fun.

Recently, I heard on television that children’s brains are completely fired up until they start answering the question “I am…?”  They start creating a false identity, labeling themselves; and their brain appears to shut down.  Of course, we’re reversing that.



People taught you to see what they saw.  You learned there was danger, suffering, problems, and disease.  You could get hurt, or you could hurt someone.  You learned to judge and compare.  This didn’t make sense, but you figured that those who came before you must know the truth.

You were given the knowledge of good and evil (the shit that caused us to fall).  Good now had an opposite…EVIL.  You learned to hate and fear other humans.

We see what we hold in mind…what we believe.  How do we get back to who we once were?   It seems impossible.  Their beliefs appeared to get stuck in our minds.  How did that happen?  We asked, and they answered.

“You were born sinful.  Your memories of perfection are imaginary…visions of heaven.  Go to church to make sure you get to heaven when you die.”  What a crock of shit!

Your character was slowly constructed.  You learned to be good and worthy so you could get a good-paying role in society and work hard.  “Life isn’t meant to be easy,” they say.

Knowledge consumed your mind.  Those who memorized the most knowledge got the best roles.  They’re called experts.  Creative thinkers sound strange.  Philosophers look lazy.  Artists starve.  Inventors can’t afford to create their inventions unless they please “The Man.”

Your pure thinking and true goodness was replaced by an illusion built of beliefs in which you were judged on your ability to blindly follow.  When you got to the point where you feared judgment enough, you turned away from your True Self.

A True Self is labeled evil by false selves.  The false self believes that creativity is for people with nothing else to do.  No one can see your thoughts anyway; it’s what you do that counts.  You conformed, but then you wondered, “Who Am I?”


Had Enough?

Maybe you attended workshops, saw therapists, and did processes and practices; yet you didn’t find the answer.  One day, you learned how to let go.  You let go of your beliefs regarding social protocol, religion, disease, problems, culture, and sin.  You released society’s rules from your mind.  You realized that others, even experts, had nothing to offer.  Slowly…you started to remember,  “I’m a creator.  What I think is what I become.”  

Your problems came from accepting beliefs and then fixing the effects of those beliefs.  You finally knew which way to go.



The illusion runs on good/evil, right/wrong, or win/lose.  The illusion is false…powerless.  It’s believed by nearly everyone…but it isn’t real.  It’s projected from our collective beliefs.  You arrived with the truth, and you didn’t lose it.  You can’t screw up letting go.  You can’t let go of truth.



Any thought/belief that has an emotional component is false, even if the whole world believes it’s true.  Your mind desperately wants you to believe that thoughts that feel bad are true, but you fight that temptation.  You let those thoughts go.



Holy Shit!  You aren’t a fucking sinner.  The more you let go, the more you despise competition, oppression, and domination.  You’d never harm another.  You won’t even judge another anymore.  You realize that a true thought is win-win for everyone.  No belief system can be true.  Belief systems separate us.



You realize that those who have masculine (authority) roles make the rules.  The judging God was actually a human being…a false, power-tripping leader who imposed his illusion, where he wins and we lose, on everyone else in the name of God.  You don’t want to even play good roles in the illusion — they always harm someone.



Leaders in false masculine roles often look like True Selves because they project their judgments and the unwanted half of their beliefs on to people in feminine roles.  You now see and hear the false masculine’s incongruence.  The leaders see enemies, evil, suffering, poverty, and disease because it’s inside of them.  It’s not true; it’s their illusion…their reality.  Underneath their mask is a powerless human who’s lost.  They’re pawns of the illusion fixing their own projections.  We should ignore them, not follow them.



We were programmed to see a physically-focused perspective of reality which blinds and confuses us. We look at the quality of people’s doing and ignore their thinking.  Sadly, false thinking looks normal.  True good comes from a pure mind.  When our mind is impure, we can look good by doing the right things; but we aren’t truly good.



The illusion told us that it could give us what we already were.  The illusion only lies.

When we can no longer stand the illusion, we let it go.  As we let go of the judgments, labels, beliefs, and knowledge/expertise, we’re left with the truth.  We remember who we are.  We’re creators who bring our ideas to life for the benefit of everyone.  Keep letting go; don’t stop until you get to freedom.  It’s your birthright.

12 thoughts on “Who Am I? I’m A Creator, A Free Thinker…

  1. Blaze says:

    You just wrote “I’m a creator. What I think is what I become.” In another post you said that thinking positive thoughts isn’t needed. So, which one is it?

    Also, if poverty is an illusion. Then, how do I make wealth come to me? Most of my stress is centered around money because without it you cant do anything great on this earth. It keeps me stuck and it pisses me off.

    • Cathy says:

      Your True Self us the creator aspect of you. The false self creates poverty. It’s all explained clearly on the blogs. When this is right for someone, they just know it. Do what works for you. Cathy

  2. Tina says:

    Hi Cathy. I’ve finished (for the first time only) the lessons and I would like to clarify something if you don’t mind.

    My daughter is depressed and feels she doesn’t have a life worth living. Am I correct in what I am now trying to feel about this, which is:

    a) not supporting her false self, ie not confirming her negative thoughts and beliefs b) not believing in depression for her or anybody else, and c) not feeling it is necessary that she be any other way than she is (while speaking MY Truth, which doesn’t support it).

    Your work reminds me a little of Seth, who I used to read voraciously. I do believe thought creates, but sometimes emotions have made it too easy to forget that, rather than keep reminding me what is happening inside needs looking at.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Tina,
      Yes what you said would be accurate literally, but what is missing is realizing that this isn’t about her. It is about the part of YOUR mind that is depressed. You see when we did things like Seth or any of the other “your mind creates” teachings out there, and there are zillions, we put only positive thoughts into our mind. We tried to avoid anything negative, but we weren’t letting those thoughts go. So they got buried in our mind, stuck. They became why therapists would label unconscious.

      All of the people who did that started to see others as more negative. And that was because they were participating in duality at the highest level, the way that the people who rule the world did it and still do it. And we are their negative projections. Those change-your-mind teachings were all developed by occult groups for the purpose of winning. The people who taught them didn’t realize they were just discovering something within the illusion — they thought it was the truth. We, on the other hand, are using our mind for win-win, which means that we don’t try to produce things that don’t really belong to us or we don’t really need. And we don’t try to win over others. We try to just be ourselves, which is pretty amazing in my opinion. And if our mind has a negative thought, we notice it, realize that it feels bad to think that thought, and therefore that thought isn’t the truth. And if you do that slowly and consciously over and over and over again, just witnessing that thought, it will disappear. This isn’t always quick. If a thought has a lot of fear attached, you might have to witness it for awhile. I’ve had a few last hours. Most only last ten minutes or so. But it isn’t as simple of saying a mantra like”that’s not true.”

      That’s a new version of positive thinking, which is creating a new issue in the illusion. People are telling everyone else to just let it go, but they aren’t staying in their own lane and cleaning up their own minds. So many got into the habit of fixing their thoughts, and all of those old thoughts that they didn’t want to think or face, got buried and projected out. When we do this work, those thoughts have to come up to the surface, and we have to let them go. In short, we are getting our projections back when we stop positive or deliberate thinking. And that is why no one sticks with this work. They want to pretend those projections are gone. They like bitching about the other.

      So when we do this, we recognize that our thoughts create, but it is unkind and uncaring to put positive thoughts into your mind because you project on others, and that makes it difficult for others. And if our mind is thinking it, then there is a reason, often we’ve accepted a belief from another because they wanted to impose it on us, or they were taking the positive side of an issue and casting us in the negative. We all got entwined with this wrong way of thinking. As one of us gets free, we force others to let go by the fact that we don’t take their beliefs on.

      So yes, there is no such thing as depression. Depression, the label, means that the mind is thinking the same false thoughts again and again; they feel horrible, but we are psychologically reversed and don’t realize that the emotion means that thought is false. So we never let that thought go. We can’t see that it is false. There is so much depression today because of the earlier surge of the positive thinking movement.

      If your daughter comes into your mind, notice what you are thinking about her, and notice that it feels emotional. So it isn’t true. I have children, grown children. And I never stop doing this. If I see something I don’t like, I notice the emotion that relates to that thought (that I just thought), and I let it go. I keep my mind clear about them, and usually I notice that they didn’t end up doing what I feared or the problem seemed to go away.

      I hope that is helpful. I just want to make sure that your mind doesn’t turn this into Seth because it will try to do that. It is the biggest problem I have in communicating this. The parts of our mind that were trained to be clones of the True Self (self help and New Age movements) pretend to understand and pretend to let go. So I’m extra cautious in making sure I’m clear. Love, CAthy

      • Tina says:

        Thank you. That is very helpful and I will be re-reading it until this goes in. You know, I thought I had this while doing the lessons, but it is *such* an ingrained habit to look at the other instead of staying in ourselves. Think I hurried through it in a little too much excitement, which is a habit of mine. It seems simple but it’s subtle and not easy, as you’ve said.

        It’s a funny thing. It’s like watching a sci-fi story where some info the alien doesn’t want to get out is passed on and understood, but as soon as life continues it gets scrambled and the person forgets and carries on the same way. Hmm, someone is carrying out some evil magic here, lol!

        Cathy: “All of the people who did that [thought positively] started to see others as more negative.”

        … “So when we do this, we recognize that our thoughts create, but it is unkind and uncaring to put positive thoughts into your mind because you project on others, and that makes it difficult for others.”

        Ah, yes. I see that I am trying to ‘magic’ HER into not being depressed, by being a bit ‘positive’ about it, and using my methods on her. I am TRYING not to believe in depression but I see that instead I need to stop ‘projecting’ depression, which is a belief which has some strength in MY mind. I was still focusing on her, which is the wrong end of the stick! Even while trying not to believe in depression, when actually I still did, I wanted to stop her being depressed! Physician, heal thyself!

        Thank you for your time and love to you.

        • Cathy says:

          Yes, yes, you got it. That is exactly correct. When we stop trying to magic people, we give their True Self room to do what needs to be done. They heal themselves, and then they are richer for the experience because they see their own power. That’s awesome. I’m smiling 🙂 Love to you too, Cathy

  3. Letting go is all one needs. The only reason some don’t is if they are successful in the illusion they don’t want out. Or don’t believe they
    can get out. I am sure we can all get free. I will stay in my own mind
    and remember. Hope all will join…………

    i want out even if winning……………….


    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your comment Brian…it’s true. When we are willing to give up winning to get out, we do. Cathy

  4. Rachel says:

    Dear Cathy,

    I just wanted to add my thanks for your blog. I’ve now read all of it! I’ve been consciously, deliberately on the path of letting go of beliefs for about 18 months now, although I only discovered your blogsites a few weeks ago; and your answer as to why you won’t be posting for a while makes perfect sense.
    For me, the more I let go, the less i can even put myself into the mindset of someone who’s still firmly entrenched in the illusion cos practically nothing they say makes any sense anymore. So I’m not surprised that you’re running out of things to say, as it were.
    At the moment, everyone I seem to interact with, on any level, seems to be an automaton, slavishly obeying their beliefs and fears – no wonder no politician seems to be genuine!
    I’m currently feeling my way towards what I Truly want to do, and starting my own blog describing my own journey seems to be one of them, if only because it will help me let go even more.
    I shall look forward to your books, and thank you again for being a companion for part of my journey, your words have been clarifying and reassuring – even though I knew I had to do what I had to do (i.e. let go of all the crap I’d believed in) it’s still nice to get external confirmation that you’re not crazy!
    With love,

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Rachel,
      I appreciate the kind words. I urge everyone to write, do their art, perform and express who they are. For me doing this blog forced me to let go of my fear of other human beings. It has been a great experience. I’ve found like minded people all over the world. And many have said something like what you said, “I was thinking this way but wondered why no one else was.” Well lots of people do think this way, but we’re trained to think the winners of the illusion will hunt us down if we speak out. Let me tell you, they don’t even know I exist; but that is because I let go before I speak up. I’m not battling with them; I’m speaking up for the True Selves of the world. It is a huge difference. So I wanted to prove that speaking out in the way I do is safe and creates a new sort of connection with others who do want to be themselves. I hope others follow the lead. The more of us that speak our truth, the faster we will all get to live it. Love, Cathy

  5. Sharon says:

    Hi Cathy, just wondering why this will be your last post for a while? I keep reading older stuff as you can’t take it all in straight away. Will miss your posting now;-(

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Sharon,
      I’m glad you like the blog, and it is helpful. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll explain my future plans more in a post on my other blog, Gateway to Gold. I’m going to focusing on a some books that I started but haven’t finished that take the topics of the blog and go much deeper in to the history and mythology. I’m also going to be weaving that into my personal story because people always wonder how I found this information. And I’ll publish a book eventually of some more advanced material for those who are very serious. But I did want to get all the important stuff on the blog for anyone who wants it. These things have been written but need lots of clean up and editing.

      But more important, as you let go, it becomes harder and harder to think about the illusion. It just doesn’t enter your mind. I have to turn my attention to it to find things to write about. It just seems kind of stupid to do that. Unless I’m focused on something, my mind is really quiet. There is less and less to say, and the posts are taking me longer and longer to write. So it time to move on. I’ve felt this for some time, but I committed to myself that I’d get enough out of the web so that anyone could get to freedom. I feel I’ve achieved that. I’ve written what I was looking for but could not find. And those who want it can now shorten their exit considerably. It took me over twenty years to find the way out. Now someone can do it in much less time if they just follow what I wrote and apply it in their life.

      Thanks for writing. Love, Cathy

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