Where’s the Proof? Initiation 101

Initiation, Where's the proof?

By Cathy Eck


How can you prove that? Why isn’t this taught or spoken of more?  Do you know people who have mastered their minds and no longer have health issues?


Occasionally, I get an email like the one above.  The questions are very reasonable.  I recognize that I don’t sound like everyone else.  Initiation is not like anything else out there, and it sounds crazy until you understand it.


Where’s the Proof?

I share freely nearly two decades of full-time research into ancient initiation.  I was drawn to the teachings of the mystery schools because they said the graduates healed the sick, manifested whatever was needed, and remained eternally youthful.  I wanted to see if it was true or if it was pure mythology.  I went into this project with skepticism but a very open mind.  I also committed that I was willing to risk everything, including my life, for the answer.

Initiates were said to be taught and then tested.  However, their tests weren’t for grades; they were do or die.  You had to embody what you learned, not just memorize information.  Today we memorize information.  We don’t embody it.

The initiate became the proof.  People didn’t go into initiation with a money back guarantee.  Passing the test was the proof.  The initiate knew that these tests were the natural consequences of their beliefs and an opportunity to prove their mastery.  Without beliefs, there would be no tests. By letting go, they gained the eyes to see and ears to hear.  They became like pure-minded children.

I took what I learned very serious, and tested it out.  I failed and failed, but I refused to give up.  My outer world didn’t change much for a long time, but my inner world was becoming quiet and clear.  Worry and fear were disappearing.  Problems were becoming less frequent.  When I looked at the Bible or mythological stories, I could stand in the shoes of the author; it looked nothing like what I was taught.  There were no contradictions; everything made sense.

My own proof came from my success, not the other way around.  People get rewards from initiation based on their own perseverance.  I can’t promise anything.  I’ve had results in every aspect of my life.  The short list of problems that I’ve healed includes migraine headaches, shoulder pain, persistent cough, heartburn, constipation, female problems, chronic fatigue, depression, joint pain, MS, allergies, asthma, skin problems, digestion problems, and lower back pain; all were healed without any medication, diet changes, or help.  I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten.  Once I found the causal belief, my True Self healed my problem.  The ancients were right.

Nevertheless, my old beliefs had lots of power; they didn’t go down without a fight.  So I understand why people don’t trust what I say; I’ve been in their shoes.

Most people look to a false outer God, an expert with knowledge, or an outer solution; the Jesus they worship said that God was within.  He also said we could do everything he did.  Why do I sound so crazy?


Why Doesn’t Anyone Else Say This?

My guess would be money and power.  There are people who know what I share, and they use it for their own self gain.  I thought about doing that, but I chose to attempt to even the score.  I felt that was the win-win thing to do.

I now understand why people use this wisdom for self gain because people who believe religion, a guru, or their doctor over their own True Self don’t appreciate the information.  Instead of trying it, they make it wrong.  I’ve tried to help people who acted like they were possessed as they defended their limitations and problems.  It makes you want to say, “Screw you.”  Thus people in the know become jaded and quit sharing the information.  Others fear that those who benefit from the wisdom will harm them.  Some take vows of silence.

I don’t fix other people and I don’t care to; but I do help them find their inner power because I know where to look.  I expose beliefs as untrue because they are harmful, and people who benefit from those beliefs don’t like their winning formula being exposed or laughed at.  But you come to see beliefs as just plain stupid, funny, and worthless.  We want them to lose power.

I never ask anyone to accept beliefs except for the belief that they can let go.  You need that belief until your True Self kicks back into power.  The end goal is a free mind with no beliefs.


Why Do I Do This?

Most, if not all, suffering is avoidable if we know how to let go.  I know that when I heal something in my body or let go of a belief, it is far better than sex, drugs, or meditation.  It is the best gift that I can possibly give away.

Today initiation happens within the world at work, home, and in our communities.  If we understand initiation, we can sail through life’s challenges.  Throughout all of history, initiation has been viewed as the way to freedom — the short cut to heaven on earth.

Initiation is different because it is universal.  Christians need saving.  Jews follow the laws.  Muslims follow Mohammed.  Easterners undo karma and seek enlightenment.  If people want to follow those routes, I suggest they do them to the letter.  When they do that, as I once did, they will see the holes.



When we have no more doubt, we see proof.  I hope to become the proof  of what I’ve learned from initiation because it is a universal perspective.  Initiates lived with unconditional love; I’d like to be just like them.  

I don’t expect anyone to believe me because that would be asking them to accept beliefs.  If they let go, they will see the same things I’ve seen because the truth is within everyone.


I’m always very happy to answer questions.  

12 thoughts on “Where’s the Proof? Initiation 101

  1. Tia/Thia/Gidget says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Yesterday, I had some severe “digestion problems”. Today I tried to look up what the problem was because some of my symptoms were involuntary (Bad idea I know, Google always either tells me I’m dying or I have a disease LOL!) Then it dawned on me. Fortunately I can only count on one hand how many severe body problems I’ve had, but the ones I do have all seem to involve my stomach. I was wondering if you know of common beliefs linked to stomach problems. I’ve been trying to witness the beliefs in my body, it feels stranger to witness body symptoms compared to emotions.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Thia,
      The best way to find this stuff is to put your attention lightly on the discomfort. Don’t label it. Then whatever arises from that discomfort is false. Just listen and let go of whatever arises in your mind. Eventually, most people get down to religious beliefs.

      I always find that in the end you can see the words that might go along with this condition. We can certainly guess. To not be able to stomach something means you can’t stand something…your family, your job, religion? That makes sense. You can let go of the lie that you can’t stomach them but it will feel like you are faking until you get all the small beliefs out. It’s too big of a leap.

      The stomach is also about digestion so another metaphor would be not being able to digest what is coming into your mind. The body ideally mirrors what is in our mind. So if you look at what is coming into your mind or what you are doing with it, you will see the body is mirroring that. As we get rid of the false self, we end up with the True Self and the body mirroring that. So we get healthy. Love, CAthy

    • lum says:

      I actually experienced excruciating stomach pain a couple of days, too. I was working on some beliefs and one in particular hit me hard when it surfaced: “I have to honor and obey my parents or else things won’t go well with me.”

      The pain was instant and brutal. In fact, writing the belief still brings emotion, but nowhere near as much as what I felt for about 30 minutes when it came up.

      • Cathy says:

        Yep that’s the kind of belief that often surfaces when we follow pain. It is like a literal punch in the stomach. Love Cathy

  2. Lum says:

    Thank you for all your writings. In just a short time, I am already healing.

  3. gidget says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    What kind of skin problems did you have and what beliefs were linked to them? I ask because I had eczema as a child. My mother told me that once I hade it on my head as an infant causing my hair to fall out. It came back again when I was a toddler, this time on my stomach. It went away as I got older, but I still deal with a few persisten dry patches every now and then and my head gets a little dry and flaky. I’m trying to figure out what beliefs are causing these outbreaks.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Gidget,
      Thank you for your comment. You know I really don’t know what belief it was or don’t remember. Once you let the belief go, you don’t remember even having it unless you write it down.
      Also often you let the belief go and the change doesn’t come that day so since I’m always letting go, I don’t always see the correlation.

      I have some articles on both of my sites about how I let go of beliefs; it is very different from other methods. If you are persistence with letting go, you’ll find it and then your body can heal anything.


  4. Thea says:

    Wow, out of all the websites I’ve gone to, that claimed to have “The Truth”, the information you give here has been the only kind that actually felt as if it resonated with me. You say so many things in your posts that I’ve had thoughts on for so long but didn’t know what to do with or how to put them in perspective like you do. I am very grateful that you didn’t let the opposition you faced stop your choice to share what you have discovered.

    On another note, you said that you were able to heal physical problems. Being a female myself, “Female problems” piqued my curiosity the most. May I ask what beliefs you had to let go of to heal those problems and how? Do you think there are common beliefs that many women share that cause these same problems, and if so, what do you think they are? Mentally healing myself by letting go comes a little more easy to me, but when it comes to physical healing of any kind, I feel like I don’t even know where to begin with my beliefs or what to let go.

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your very kind comment. I’m glad my blog has been helpful to you.

      Your question is very good. All female problems are caused because of two major issues. One is that you actually feel emotions and have been punished for that or you end up feeling all the emotions for everyone around you while they look all calm and good. So you know that someone isn’t telling the whole truth or that something someone is saying isn’t win-win for everyone involved and you show the emotion and then they say something is wrong with you. Often after doing that for a long time, people move to suppressing the emotion so they don’t look bad and that causes the body problems. There was nothing wrong with the emotions, but whoever was lying didn’t want to be caught.

      Or, it relates back to the lie of Adam and Eve…
      That was a story created in order to blame the feminine role for everything wrong so that the patriarchy (who always play a masculine role) could project guilt and shame out. I don’t know if you’ve seen the posts on masculine and feminine roles, but that should help you understand how those were created and how they keep us stuck. If you do a search for that topic, you’ll find them. I write about that a lot. It is sad because if we cleared up these two issues, there would no longer be any feminine problems including breast and other feminine cancers.

      If you look at specific beliefs that arise in you that are something like: “I’m being emotional for no reason.” “I can’t control my emotions.” Often we develop soothing types of words to keep the emotions suppressed instead of acknowledging that our emotions are valid and reasonable even if they don’t make sense in relation to the other people involved.

      Hope that is helpful. Thank you for writing to me. Cathy

  5. Helle says:

    What a beautiful post! I feel it at the deepest level. I know it is True. Thanks for speaking out so freely – and for showing me the way. My commitment is only getting deeper.

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